Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Tablets of seven inches affordable: in the second half of the year." Ignacio Román, director of Vodafone terminal area

We continue with the series of interviews with past findings MWC 2011. This time we wanted to have the vision of an operator, Vodafone, has also been the most aggressive mobile announced and terminals for the start of the year. We attend Ignacio Román, director of Vodafone terminal area, we leave you with his words: Tech News Buzz: One of the impressions of the MWC has been that we started to attend some adjustment in the number of mobile platforms, there is no room for so many have a user fee and a reasonable future for developers to invest in them.

Zalman presents his case for hard drives with USB 3.0, finally something you can teach

You'll be with me that the casings for hard drives typically have a nefarious design, and is often best to hide it so that our guests can not see it. Zalman has decided to change this view and has been on the market Zalman ZM-ZM-HE350U3 HE250U3 and a pair of models whose difference is in size. We talked about hard drive enclosures that provide USB 3.0, and will be sold in two flavors: hard drive 3.5 and 2.5 inches (HE350U3 and HE250U3, respectively).

A lion in my Service Pack 1 for Windows 7: Galaxy Tech Buzz News

Playing the PS3 from a iPad Every possible with

One of the features being developed in the IOS device (iPhone or IPAD, mainly) is the option of remote control of your computer. So far already achieved great things with Every, an application now available on the iTunes Store for 3.99 euros in addition to using the operating system also allows us to play games from your phone or tablet.

The boys now have EVERY Focus on getting an application to iOS with which you can play the PS3 from the iPad, based on the current application to the platform but expand Consoleros Sony. The tests have been conducted so far and empizan to bear fruit, and although the application has not yet been released to the public if they have managed to enjoy the first games from the IPAD PS3 games like Little Big Planet, God of War 3 or Gran Turismo 5.

Sony and Apple join efforts for the iPhone 5

Apple is a company that is constantly being updated and is one of its suppliers has its demands, victim of the same is Omnivision, current cameras supplier of mobile iPhone line. According to a rumor that has circulated on the web would Omnivision company experiencing difficulties to arrive in time to the sensor cameras that Steve Jobs company incorporated in the fifth generation of its smartphone.

An ideal phone for kids

The Japanese company AU by KDDI has introduced a new device developed especially for children, it is the Mamorino 2. The mobile Mamorino 2 is a feature anything outside normal except for its tracking system for children. The GPS device has a total of 10 pre-programmed numbers and security contacts. Besides the new design is water resistant and dust, making it more durable to the possible abuse received by the child.