Thursday, April 28, 2011

The ML Designo Asus reach Spain

Asus has officially announced that next May will go on sale here in Spain of its new range of high-definition LED displays Designo Asus ML, which certainly have some freak prices. ML designate the new Asus has an excellent technology and enviable image quality. Its tasteful design called considerable attention, especially the lower base with two "rings" adjustable to adjust the position.

The new range come in sizes ML Designo 21.5 inches, 23 inches and 24 inches. As for its specifications have a cup 50.000.000:1 contrast, viewing angle of 178 degrees and full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the 24 "model has an IPS panel, while the other two with a VA type. The most interesting of these beauties is its price, as reported by the 23-inch Asus arrive in Spain for 253 euros, while the 24 will do it for 268 euros.

TomTom makes money on user information

As many know TomTom is one of the leading manufacturers of GPS technology and the world famous with Garmin a top seller in the world, at least so far. The Dutch newspaper AD published in the past few hours article unveiled as TomTom sold positional data recorded by its users to police in the Netherlands.

We all know that GPS sales are in free fall, more and more smart phones or other gadgets that offer this system and obviously are displacing traditional GPS. TomTom obviously saw an opportunity to make easy money, though no doubt it could cost you many customers. According to a press release in which the manufacturer apologizes to its user, clearly because they have been caught, TomTom says that the information will be used by the Dutch government to strategically place the radar speed.

Hacker steals data of 77 users online milionidi Sony

Names, birth dates, addresses, zip codes, passwords, e-mail, bill payment history and perhaps credit card numbers. These are the personal details of 77 million customers of the services of the Sony Playstation Network Qriocity and ended up in the hands of a hacker. 'S why the company has suspended all activities since 19 April, making it known, however, only yesterday the extent of the theft.

ZTE and Movistar launch a tablet for all audiences

The long wait for the first tablets Android 3.0, the version known as Honeycomb and the one that Google recommended as suitable for tablets, is alleviating tablets like the one just presented Movistar and Chinese manufacturer ZTE. The tablet Light Pro, seven inches, has everything you would expect from iPad competitors who want to reach a wider audience without having to go beyond the border of 300 euros.

Panasonic fir 40,000 workers in two years

The giant Japanese consumer electronics, Panasonic, lay off 40,000 workers in two years in an attempt to improve their competitiveness against Asian rivals, according to Reuters. The company employs 380,000 people and invest over a billion dollars in restructuring the company. Analysts believe that this is a great movement to modernize.

The information has not been confirmed by the company. The Japanese electronics industry, a pioneer in this sector, is facing increasing competition from Korean manufacturers (like Samsung or LG) and Chinese. Panasonic is trying to redirect the focus of its production by paying more attention to energy saving with, for example, rechargeable batteries, robotics, solar panels ...

AMD Catalyst 4.11 Drivers

AMD has released a new version of Catalyst driver, came to release 11.4, compatible with video cards from the Radeon HD 2000. The improvements this time are mainly concentrated on the AMD VISION Engine Control Center and ATI's Catalyst Control Center. As far as performance improvements are most obvious series cards Radeon HD 6800 and 6900, both with single card in CrossFire.

Here you will notice the issue: Highlights of the AMD Catalyst ™ 4.11 Windows release include: Enhancements to the AMD VISION Engine Control Center / AMD Catalyst Control Center enhancements GPU Compute: The OpenCL runtime (included in AMD Catalyst 11.4) includes performance enhancements supporting zero- copy on APUS and Increased performance for PCIe transfers Between a discrete GPU and CPU.

YouTube's founders bought Delicious

Yahoo has announced that the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, has acquired the service Delicious. The company has not specified the terms of the agreement and is limited to ensure that the new owners intend to continue and improve service. Delicious to share an Internet favorite with other members of the network.

The sale of Delicious by Yahoo! was announced since the company said it wanted to focus on the search business and away from other strategies. Delicious was created by Joshua Schachter in 2003, Yahoo bought it in 2005 with an investment of 20 million dollars, but the site just evolved since then.

Microsoft warns of a problem of 'phishing' on Xbox

Bad Times for consoles. While survive the problems in the PlayStation Network, Microsoft has issued a warning of a problem in the Xbox platform. It is a conflict of much lower intensity than the Sony. According to Microsoft, the Modern Warfare 2 players can be the subject of a phishing campaign (e-mail that attempts to obtain information by deception).

The company says in his message that they are aware of the problem and working to resolve it, they regret the inconvenience and appreciate the patience of the players. The problem seems to be focused in that game during multiplayer sessions. Microsoft opened this weekend its platform multiplayer free on Xbox in the middle of the disaster of his colleague Sony.

Nicolas Sarkozy announced the beginning of the end of Hadopi

T he official website of Elysium held to deliver the correct interpretation of the remarks had kept Nicolas Sarkozy, Wednesday, April 27, during installation of the National Council of the digital (CNN). "The president wishes to reiterate its full support for Internet Piracy," as the mail Elysian. "Neither the merits of the action of Internet Piracy, or the need for a determined fight against piracy have been questioned by the president, who never reported, unlike terms used by some media, a questioning of this device, "she says.

Royal wedding: no "tweets" during the ceremony

The 1,900 guests at the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William will not send tweets from Westminster Abbey in London. A filtering device, called by the royal family, according to a blog specializing Yahoo! Will be set up by British police. An officer explained, Wednesday, April 27, the locking system of mobile communications will come into force as of Friday morning, will remain active until the end of the ceremony.

Blog - ICT, social networks and power: limitations and hazards

Besides the undeniable contributions of social networks Arab Spring, which does not fall into a soothing idealism must also take into account their limitations and even the risk that all this represents.

South Korea's LG on the road to recovery

Tokyo Correspondence - The takeover of the activities of LG Electronics by Koo Bon-joon, head appointed on 1 October 2010, seems to give its first results. Admittedly, according to data released April 27, the giant South Korean consumer electronics ended the first quarter 2011 net loss of 15.7 billion won (9.9 million), cons 674.6 billion won (425 million euros) net profit a year earlier, and sales have declined slightly from 0.4% to record the first three months of 2010, 13 160 000 000 000 won (8.3 billion euros).

eBay reported income up 20% in first quarter

The retail group posted online eBay (. Pdf) Wednesday, April 27, a net profit of 475.87 million dollars (320.64 million euros) for the first quarter, up 20% and just above expectations. Turnover, up 16% to $ 2.55 billion (1.72 billion dollars), also slightly above expectations. "In the first quarter, (a subsidiary of online payment) PayPal has continued to draw strong global growth, and eBay has significantly accelerated its growth in the U.S.," said CEO John Donahoe said in a statement.

Delicious sold to the founders of YouTube

The Web portal Yahoo announced Wednesday, April 27, he had sold the service to Delicious YouTube founders, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. "They plan to continue the service and even better," assured a spokesman Yahoo! in a statement. However, the transaction amount was not specified. The service Delicious, launched in 2003 and bought by Yahoo two years later, keeps its online favorite web pages and rank them with keywords.

Apple denies iPhone users track

The computer maker Apple has denied, Wednesday, April 27, the information that it would record the location of iPhone owners, while announcing it would broadcast a future software update reducing data storage. "In the coming weeks, Apple will launch a free upgrade of the operating system iOS," the manufacturer said in a statement.

This update should include reducing the storage location data and allow to disable the collection of this data. Eventually, Apple also plans to encrypt this database to prevent it from being intercepted by unscrupulous. The announcement comes a week after the publication of a study that reveals that Apple has included in the latest version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad a function that keeps a folder unprotected track the movements of its users.

iPhone, the defense of Jobs' We do not follow no one "

NEW YORK - Apple did not intend to keep the data on the movements of millions of iPhone users. Word of Steve Jobs. The number one company's Cupertino, absent for three months from illness, personal reply to the controversy sparked by news that the iPhone kept in memory all the movements of mobile phones.

"We do not follow anyone. The files found in phones, as we have explained, was essentially created through anonymous information that we collect from tens of millions of iPhone," Jobs said in a telephone interview to "Mobilized", the tech blog site All Things Digital news information. And the Wall Street Journal states that when collecting data on users of the iPhone to ensure a range of services such as the maps, Apple never transmits the precise location of the phone.