Monday, April 11, 2011

Mitsubishi launches new 3D projector

The Korean technology manufacturer Mitsubishi has officially launched late on its new 3D projector model homes, it is the new Mitsubishi HC9000D, our own home theater. Mitsubishi seems to have taken a step back into the world of screens, while other manufacturers have every day new 3D TV, the Korean company seems to be hard to bet projector market.

The new Mitsubishi HC9000D is a 3D projector that achieves a maximum definition of FullHD 1920 x 1080 pixels with a cup 150.000:1 contrast. In addition to projecting 3D is compatible with the traditional 2D technology and has an illumination of 1100 ANSI lumens reaching a life expectancy of 4,000 hours of use.

EraPalm, another hybrid to market

In recent years, hybrid devices that combine functions of different gadgets, have begun to emerge more frequently, as in the case of the new Iconia Acer or Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the new EraPalm is another of these cases . The new EraPalm is the perfect mix between a notebook and a handheld video game console.

EraPalm has been filed over the past China Consumer Electronic Fair and offers a full microescritorio to work, saving the course-scale facilities. While the idea is interesting to us, to reach a verdict today would still be hasty and not many details of the project. At the moment it confirmed the presence of a Z and an Atom processor 5-inch screen, the OS will be Windows 7.

YouTubeLive can deliver live vdeo

Cricket, documentaries and video game tournaments. These are the contents with which YouTube Live opens its channel to watch live content. Previously tested with a U2 concert and a speech by Barack Obama. This service is apparently the usual YouTube, at least that's the feeling for the user. What changes is that the videos are not hosted on a Google server, but are giving live.

This type of charging technology while viewing streaming content called. At the moment there are no pay channels, so you just walk into the announced time on / and watch the event live. For now only involved the 'partners' preferred travel companions chosen by Google. It is noteworthy that it opens with BBC Arabic channel.

Ubisoft claims that the game needs new consoles

Ubisoft celebrates 25 years in the games industry, where it occupies third place worldwide behind EA and Activision. Its founder and patron, Yves Guillemot, defended in an interview commemorating the 25 years that the manufacturing industry needs new console games to boost their creativity. According to Guillemot, "at this stage of the life cycle of consoles is possible to launch new licenses but would be more appropriate to do so with the arrival of new machines, so the players would be more inclined to try new games.

Wozniak ready to return to Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has shown its willingness to return to the address of the company if asked. Wozniak, however, maintains business strategy criteria that are not Apple currently prevailing. The pair of Steve Jobs at Apple's birth is hired by the company formally abandoned in 1985. In 1981, after a plane crash, suffered a memory loss that reconstructed with the help of his friends.

Crysis 2: The DirectX 11 patch is in development

History Patch To use the API DirectX 11 game Crysis 2 on, appears to be a joke, after many rumors and denials, it seems to have reached the truth about this mysterious patch, which according to Crytek seems to be in development. The title in question, even if developed in DirectX 9, it is certainly one of the most rewarding and treated graphically, but support for new API Microsoft certainly further improve the already excellent quality graphics.

Social networks kill the blog?

More and more often speak of the end of the blog, now supplanted by social networks among which Facebook, Twitter and FrienFeed. But who are these bloggers? The film will have them painted as well as figures without social life, nerds fat men who never go home and eat snacks for lunch and dinner, but today few believe in this stereotype, because you have reached the realization that in reality behind a blog you can hide anyone.

U.S. authorities allow the acquisition of ACI by Google

The U.S. Justice Department has approved, subject to conditions, the buyout of ATI's software for operators, a transaction of 700 million dollars which threatens to competing sites abuse of dominance. ITA, unknown to the general public, developing reservation systems used by almost all tour operators to sell tickets.

A coalition of travel agents and search engines, consisting in particular Bing Microsoft or Expedia Trtipadvisor seized the U.S. Justice Department, fearing that over time Google launched its own service and reservations put forward in its results research, creating them as a distortion of competition.

An interactive video games at the Tribeca arrives at the cinema

ROME - More than 400 actors, six years of work and an astronomical budget of over $ 100 million. Here are the numbers of LA Noire, the new videogame from Rockstar terrible boys, the same as Grand Theft Auto, out May 20. Set in Los Angeles after the war, that of the Black Dahlia, is a game that probably will go down in history.

Not much and not only because it is one of the most expensive ever produced, but also because it is the first to be admitted to a film festival, the Tribeca Film Festival Robert De Niro, on stage in New York from April 20 to May 1 . All thanks to a revolutionary new technology, the Motion Scan, developed for LA Noire is used to transfer digital facial expressions of actors, making it a real movie.