Thursday, June 30, 2011

+ Google restricts the dispatch of invitations

Google + blocked for several hours sending invitations to enter its social network. The avalanche of requests, explained in his blog, have been forced to take this step. If a surfer and a member of the new Google social network you can invite your friends and entering Google manages it. Some netizens have sent fifty guests in minutes.

Upon entering the user will see how to collect all the information from Google Profile: Flickr account, YouTube, blog, Quran, Twitter or Facebook. If desired, it will then be published to display in Google +1. The name comes precisely from the way they have contacts say something to your liking.

Samsung calls for iPhone and iPad import

The South Korean giant Samsung Electronics said Thursday it had filed a complaint against the United States to prevent Apple from importing several of its most famous products manufactured abroad: new episode in the war of patents contrasted with its rival. Samsung filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission United States (ITC) and called for a ban on imports of iPod (portable), iPad (tablets) and iPhone (mobile) in the U.S. market.