Friday, May 6, 2011

PaperPhone, is the future of gadgets?

Researchers at Queen's University in Canada have introduced a new invention that could revolutionize mobile technology is PaperPhone, a device that can be folded many times as we want and keep their shape. PaperPhone is a smartphone designed to be flexible and extremely thin, much like a sheet of paper.

The most interesting device is that their role is far from the current smartphones, but its design can not say the same. The PaperPhone still a research project and penalties has been presented an initial prototype, no doubt still be some years to see something in stores. We also have no doubt that if the project proceeds as expected by scientists from Queen's future gadgets would be marked by the invention.

Arcep requires mobile operators to reduce wholesale rates

The French telecoms regulator, Arcep, has made the decision Friday, May 6 (pdf) requiring operators of mobile telephony division by four, by 2013, tariffs so-called "termination" that is operators charge each other. When a subscriber uses a landline or mobile to call a mobile network of a competitor, called operator charges the operator calling a "mobile voice call termination (MT).

In practice, it is a zero sum game, or almost: Bouygues, SFR and Orange charge each other for call termination, and such flows "are both a burden and a source of income for operators. Ultimately, the charging of the call termination is a balanced sum of financial flows between operators in the sector as a whole, "notes Arcep.

The Wall Street Journal launches equivalent Wikileaks

The Wall Street Journal on Friday launched its "Safe House" ("safe"), a website intended to "whistleblowers", which allows them to file documents as confidential. The system is anonymous, although the Wall Street Journal says: "The ability to contact you if needed will greatly improve our ability to cover a topic quickly." The publication of numerous confidential documents by Wikileaks - whose mission reports from the U.S.

Belgium confirms the conviction of Google News

Google was once again dismissed Friday, May 6 by the Belgian court in a case the opponent to publishers of newspapers, which accused him of violating their copyrights by distributing unauthorized their articles on its Google News service. The Court of Appeal in Brussels confirmed the broad outlines of a trial at first instance in February 2007.

Copiepresse attacked by the association, which defends the interests of the Francophone Belgian press the European media was Google, at the time, was convicted of rape of copyright. He had been sentenced to withdraw from all its sites, and in particular its Google News portal, all articles, photographs and graphic representations of members of Copiepresse, such as daily Le Soir and La Libre Belgique.

DS Superclocked EVGA GTX 580 and GTX 560 Superclocked You DS

EVGA has introduced the new video card EVGA GTX 580 Superclocked DS and DS Superclocked GTX 560 Ti, which as the name suggests is a factory overclocked and equipped with a sink built specifically to improve cooling. The two PCB boards have a re-engineered to ensure maximum efficiency, the cooling system is equipped with two 80 mm fans and a cooler with aluminum fins and copper heatpipes.

Microsoft Patch Day May 2011

Microsoft will release the patch as every month that go to fix some bugs of its products. This time a few patches are "only two" and fall into a critical operating systems Windows Server 2003 and 2008, and one for the Office suite from version XP to 2007, including those for Mac As you can see from the screen below , for the most users will only download the patches from those related to Microsoft Office.

FujifilmX100: Retro-camera processor with heart

She looks like an old timer, but filmed in HD quality: Fujifilm has built a beautiful hybrid camera. For the X100 you have to set much by hand, the picture quality is outstanding. A test of the oldies with processor heart. Why not a car manufacturer builds something like that? A new car that looks like an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 1600, but is equipped with the latest technology.

If there are cameras and a small niche of fans beloved for such new vintage. Leica sold for years for four-figure sums such digital cameras, now makes the Fujifilm camera Solmser farmer with the X100 competition. The new camera from Fujifilm has some of the legendary Leica cameras are very similar: A large optical viewfinder on top of the silver magnesium chassis, including a black, roughened surface, so you can keep the camera well.

Against child pornography sites, policies groping

In February, French MPs finally passed the bill on internal security, Loppsi 2, Article 4 establishes a blocking child pornography sites. Despite much debate and numerous reviews of the effectiveness of the device, blocking illegal websites will be determined by an administrative authority, which will show service providers (ISP) which block addresses.

Before France, other governments have already compiled blacklists of sites, the Internet supposed to address such illegal content. But the filtering of certain places can prevent consultation of child pornography sites? Adopted voluntarily by the ISP, or imposed by governments, aware of the screening procedures varied spells in Europe and Tech News Buzz.

Data analysis has an effect on business productivity?

"Information overload is both a puzzle for individuals and a huge challenge for companies," said Steve Lohr of The New York Times. Like everyone else, corporations are swimming (when not drowned) in the waves of data: the most sophisticated computer tracking shipments, sales, suppliers, customers, e-mails, and Web traffic observation of social networks.

According to some estimates, the volume of corporate data doubling every 1.2 years ... "Yet the data explosion is also a huge opportunity." Because information is becoming "the main asset, the raw material for new products and services, such decisions." At the time of the information economy, they become the competitive advantage of companies.

Video - Retro & Magic "Seiken Densetsu"

Facebook, money for people who watch commercials

ROME - Ten cents (dollar) to watch a commercial. That 's what Facebook will begin to offer its users who agree to look to the bottom of the video advertising, while playing or surfing the social networks. This is the latest development Deals on Facebook, the platform that offers discounts and offers to users.

And it is a crucial step in the economy of scale of the social network, so that in fact has its own currency, the "Credits", expendable (for now) on the website and applications on this available. An issue supported by the fact that this summer, "Credits" will be the only form of payment accepted for the app on Facebook and third party games.

Samsung mobile number one in Europe

Samsung Electronics overtook Nokia's position as the leading manufacturer of mobile phones in Western Europe in the first quarter, overtaking for the first time the Finn in its regional market, according to an IDC study published Thursday, May 5 Sales in the South Korean group rose 5% in the region over the first three months of the year versus the first quarter of 2010, with a market share reaching 29%, while sales of Nokia fell 10 % with a market share slip to 28%, according to IDC.

Anonymous denies being the source of cyberattacks against Sony

The group has denied Anonymous, Thursday, May 5, be the source of attacks against multi-platform online game from Sony. "Let's be clear, we are legion, but it was not us. You are incompetent Sony Anonymous wrote on his blog. You do not win the public support by stealing information related to credit cards and personal identities ".

"We're trying to combat criminal activities committed by corporations and governments, not to steal credit cards," the collective hacktivists. A Sony spokesman declined to comment on the remarks of Anonymous, explaining that an investigation was underway. This denial came a day after the questioning of Anonymous by Sony, which held the group indirectly responsible for the attack against the platform massively multiplayer games with Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).

U.S. homeland security demand the withdrawal of a module Firefox

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the internal security service of the U.S., asked the Mozilla Foundation, which publishes such as Firefox, remove the add MafiaaFire its online catalog. Mafiaafire overcomes some of the seized domain names operated by U.S. authorities in automatically redirecting the user to the copies of the site hosted elsewhere on the Web.

Wikileaks, for example, has hosted many mirror versions around the Internet after the seizure of its domain name. In a blog post, Harvey Anderson, counsel for the Mozilla Foundation, said he declined for the moment the request of DHS. "We comply with all court orders, mandates and legal requirements, but in this case there has been no court decision," he says.