Friday, May 27, 2011

PayPal blasts Google Wallet

They have not spent even 24 hours Release of Google Wallet service companies have already begun strategic attacks. It is now up for PayPal has launched a lawsuit against Google and two of its employees. The famous franchise of eBay's online payment has initiated a criminal case against Google, Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius, both former employees of PayPal, for breaking the confidentiality clause in employment contract.

Sony working on PlayStation 4

Today we have confirmed that all lovers of the game we had very clear, Sony is working on a new generation of PlayStation. Rumors of draft PlayStation 4 was different but for the first time the Japanese giant has made official the matter. The reasons for Sony to make the announcement at this time are many.

On one side is an excellent strategy to divert attention from the strong disadvantages for those who have gone through the PlayStation Network. The other is the obvious counterpart to the announcement of Microsoft and Nintendo already preparing their next generation consoles. PlayStation is currently the leader in console table, but the advantage is not absolute and can not give the company margins.

Tunisia orders blocking of pornographic websites

A Tunisian court ordered the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) to proceed to block all pornographic sites, filtered under Ben Ali, but freely available since January. This ruling follows a complaint filed a week ago by three lawyers, who say that these sites pose a danger to younger and are contrary to Islamic values.

According to the Tunisian site, Business News, September pornographic sites have appeared in recent months in the top 100 most visited sites in the country. If the ban is upheld, it would be the second case of censorship on the Internet since the fall of the regime of Ben Ali, January 14.

Skype publishes an update

Skype has released an update for its Windows program that solves the fault detected yesterday. The problem is worldwide but does not affect all service users. "yesterday some users had problems logging into Skype. To fix we give you some instructions, but we understand that for some could be too technical.

So we've worked hard to create a version for Skype Windows solves this problem automatically. If you use Skype for Windows, and have had problems going to Skype, please upgrade to the latest version of Skype. We plan to make an update to Skype for Mac tomorrow. " The complaints started in Twitter.

The film in all its dimensions

How better to tell the same story in two dimensions, three-dimensional computer graphics, or in a format for mobile phones? The project Once Upon a Time 5, created by the Media and Networks division of Lannion and Rennes, tried the experiment using the same scenario, four short films were made, each in its own format, plus a web-documentary recounting the genesis of the project.

From a feature film script written by Nicolas Hervoches and telling the story of wreckers Brittany in the eighteenth century, four films have been made: the movie format "classic" format, mobile, 3D and 3D images synthesis. But rather than filming the same scene with different tools, the Media and Networks division has reworked the script for each short film attempt to make the best of each technology, resulting in very different films from ' a common framework.

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Programming for non-programmers

Programming is difficult to think logically, step by step, without skipping any and all possibilities for its actions demand much attention, rigor. But in addition to these complications still learning a very difficult syntax, which does not bear the slightest mistake to the last comma. Besides syntax that takes us backward.

The simple statement A = A +1, which is found in almost all computer languages, including the old Basic supposed to go to novices yet, seems an insult to what we know of mathematics from primary school . We have already had trouble swallowing the math, should now throw out? Another obstacle, perhaps less obvious is the lack of results immediately rewarding for beginners.

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Amazon Launches Mac software store

The online commerce giant, Amazon, launched Thursday, March 26, a software download service, designed for Mac owners. With this service, which currently offers about 250 programs and games, Amazon hopes to compete directly with Apple, which opened in January, an online store application for its Mac computers, based on the App Store integrated with its iPhone.

The principle of the two platforms is roughly similar, although Amazon has some programs that are not available on the App Store. This is the case, for example, the famous Microsoft Office Suite, Office, which is sold by Amazon. Specialty sites, like Venture Beat, are little difference in price between the two services.

To the multiplication map lights

Google launches contactless payment

The Web giant Google, announced Thursday, May 26 in New York, he began to test a new mobile phone application, designed to transform the device into the payment system. The application "Google Wallet", which should first be available in New York and San Francisco this summer, based on contactless technology, "Near field communication" (or "NFC"), short waves to exchange data a slap on a drive installed in shops.

Obama changes his board digital security

The White House announced Thursday, the new composition of the Council of the Communications Security Establishment, which will host the leaders of Twitter now, McAfee and Intel. This body created by Ronald Reagan to advise the President of the United States on issues of network security. Until now, the Council was mainly composed of representatives of providers.

The appointments mark a Barack Obama leaving a major reorganization for publishers of consumer software, like Microsoft, one of whom now sit on the Council. The appointment of Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, comes as the U.S. court hired a showdown with the service around the provision of information on related Twitter accounts to Wikileaks.

Logitech commitment to physical keyboards

I've always felt that this is a bit silly of physical keyboards for the tablets, the user is interested in using a keyboard is clearly going to opt for a laptop and not a tablet when you invest your money. Despite this, in my taste, it seems obvious accessory manufacturers such as Logitech gadgets continue to announce new style accessories.

This time there are two new models of the manufacturer and referred baptized Tablet Logitech Keyboard Logitech Keyboard and Case. Both are short travel keyboards, very light and easy to put in the tablets. Although technically speaking are different models that are equal with respect to technology.

Google unveiled its mobile payment system Google Wallet

As many of you will remember Google was preparing a new mobile payment system using Android applications, because the system has already been released to the range of MasterCard cards by using NFC technology. While Google is the first to use this technology, the system is applied at various points in Japan, is the first time a multinational commitment to this system weight.

The news has long been doing a lot of noise, which has even led to the development of a pilot project in the city of Madrid. The new Google has reached promptly let the financial Master Card and American telephone operator Sprint will provide this system direct debit Citi MasterCard accounts throughout the United States.