Friday, May 27, 2011

Google unveiled its mobile payment system Google Wallet

As many of you will remember Google was preparing a new mobile payment system using Android applications, because the system has already been released to the range of MasterCard cards by using NFC technology. While Google is the first to use this technology, the system is applied at various points in Japan, is the first time a multinational commitment to this system weight.

The news has long been doing a lot of noise, which has even led to the development of a pilot project in the city of Madrid. The new Google has reached promptly let the financial Master Card and American telephone operator Sprint will provide this system direct debit Citi MasterCard accounts throughout the United States.

The system is available at first exclusively for the Nexus S 4G mobile markets the telephone operator but would extend to other systems. At the moment Google is focused on the search for agreements with other companies.

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