Friday, May 27, 2011

Google launches contactless payment

The Web giant Google, announced Thursday, May 26 in New York, he began to test a new mobile phone application, designed to transform the device into the payment system. The application "Google Wallet", which should first be available in New York and San Francisco this summer, based on contactless technology, "Near field communication" (or "NFC"), short waves to exchange data a slap on a drive installed in shops.

This system should enable mobile users to both pay for their purchases, by housing credit card information or by supplying a prepaid card, take advantage of specials offered by merchants and validate loyalty cards. These services already exist in some Asian countries where consumers use their smartphone as a credit card.

To launch its service, Google has partnered with MasterCard, the world number two systems of payment by credit card, banking group Citigroup, as well as the telecom operator Sprint and processing company First Data. The French Ingenico confirmed Friday to participate in this project. Google and its partners will pay also the changes in equipment necessary for merchants accepting payments via mobile.

"We believe that 2011 and beyond will be the era of the" Lo Mo ": local trade with the mobile Internet," said an official from Google, Stephanie Tilenius, head of Google's activities related to trade, to justify the launch during a presentation at New York headquarters of Google. HIGH POTENTIAL While experiments contactless payment increase, particularly in France, Google said that its application which is intended to be available on all mobile phones, they work or not with its Android operating system, was to attract consumers and merchants more quickly to this technology.

"This is a problem of the egg and the chicken. We plan to present convincing arguments that people are getting into," said another officer of Google, Osama Bedier. Google said also prepare a global launch in Europe and Asia. The area of contactless payment is becoming increasingly competitive, while mobile operators, banks and technology companies and networks of payment by credit card like Visa and MasterCard are trying to impose itself on the market yet limited but high potential.

Globally, contactless payments could reach $ 110 billion (81 billion euros) in 2014 against 30 billion dollars (21.5 billion euros) in 2012, according to figures from Juniper Research , which provides a telephone in six activity in Tech News Buzz will be equipped with a chip in 2014. To learn more: mobile payments, an alternative to credit cards?

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