Friday, July 22, 2011

Alibaba is launching a smartphone and an operating system

Chinese Alibaba Group, which specializes in online commerce, announced its entry, Friday, July 22, the smartphone market, with a model equipped with its own operating system. Alibaba is expected to unveil its first smartphone next week in Beijing, according to a spokesman for the group, Florence Shih, interviewed by Agence France-Presse.

The device will cost between 2,000 and 3,000 yuan (215 to 322 euros). An article in the Wall Street Journal (paid access), the terminal will provide an important part in the "cloud computing" or "cloud computing" and have a chat. Alibaba said its smartphones will be produced by the Chinese Beijing TianyuTelecommunications Equipment, with the American Nvidia chips.

Anonymous claims to have hacked NATO databases

The collective hacktivists Anonymous says he introduced Thursday, July 21, in the databases of the Treaty Organization (NATO). On the site of micromessagerie Twitter, the group says have a gigabyte of data, but said it would be "irresponsible" to publish most of them. Anonymous refers to a document but a dozen pages in PDF format, with the header "NATO Confidential".

The group said they used a simple "SQL injection" to achieve its piracy. This technique is to exploit a flaw, such as forms of a Web site to inject malicious code directly into a database, and get access to protected parts of the site. ANONYMOUS, considered threatened in a report published in June, NATO described the growing threat of collective Anonymous.

Microsoft releases an annual profit up sharply

U.S. computer group was able to identify, Thursday, July 21, up 23% of its annual net profit to 23.15 billion dollars (16.04 billion euros). The fourth quarter of fiscal shifted from Microsoft, completed June 30, also exceeded expectations, with a 30% increase in net income to 5.87 billion dollars.

The turnover has meanwhile increased by 12% during the year to 69.94 billion dollars. Adam Holt, analyst at Morgan Stanley, "The strong fourth quarter set the scene for a fiscal year 2011-12 full of positive factors." For his part Walter Pritchard, Citi, was looking forward to a "professional market very strong." Only the Windows, which equips the majority of personal computers in Tech Buzz News, suffered a setback: the quarterly revenue yielded 1%, and annual revenues were down 2% to 19.02 billion dollars.

The Minitel French, sentenced to death

Minitel, the French pioneer telematics service anticipated the popular use of the Internet's days are numbered. France Telecom, which launched in 1982, has decided to close down the service on June 30, 2012. This is the third such announcement since the company initially planned in 2010 and subsequently disconnect a decision postponed to 2011.

Now, the time seems short, Minitel's heyday dates back to 1990 when he was nine million users and 25,000 services. On Facebook there is a small group of a hundred members claiming its salvation. In 2010, 950,000 French Minitel consulting services and 810,000 still possessed the device. The simplicity of its management and the absence of viruses have been two factors that have always distinguished those who persist in using it.

Apple interested in the Hulu video service?

The computer group Apple could make a bid to video service Hulu, reports Bloomberg, Friday, July 22. The information site, citing two unnamed sources, said however that the discussions have only just begun. With this acquisition, Apple, which has more than $ 76 billion in cash and securities, may consolidate its position in the field of online video service and compete with Netflix.

Google deletes its toolbar for Firefox

Google is cleaning. Last Wednesday Labs announced the closing of its product testing area. The next day, in a post on the blog dedicated to the service itself explain the reason that close. Google does not update the toolbar for Firefox. In the farewell message are committed to continue providing support for version 4 of Firefox, but not 5.

Google believes that the network has sufficient bonusstars evolved not to need this type of navigation accessories. However, at no time mention is made one change since 2009 has shaken the world of browsers: the arrival of Chrome, made by Google.