Friday, July 22, 2011

Microsoft releases an annual profit up sharply

U.S. computer group was able to identify, Thursday, July 21, up 23% of its annual net profit to 23.15 billion dollars (16.04 billion euros). The fourth quarter of fiscal shifted from Microsoft, completed June 30, also exceeded expectations, with a 30% increase in net income to 5.87 billion dollars.

The turnover has meanwhile increased by 12% during the year to 69.94 billion dollars. Adam Holt, analyst at Morgan Stanley, "The strong fourth quarter set the scene for a fiscal year 2011-12 full of positive factors." For his part Walter Pritchard, Citi, was looking forward to a "professional market very strong." Only the Windows, which equips the majority of personal computers in Tech Buzz News, suffered a setback: the quarterly revenue yielded 1%, and annual revenues were down 2% to 19.02 billion dollars.

This erosion has been attributed in part to difficult comparisons, one year after the release of the operating system Windows 7, great commercial success, and partly to the softness of the market. "Excluding the impact of the Windows 7 launch last year, we believe that annual growth in sales was consistent with that of the computer market, from + 2% + 4%", argued Group Redmond.

The most spectacular growth results were recorded by the phones and gaming sector, which benefited from the popularity of the game system without a controller Kinect: the annual sales jumped 45 % to 8.91 billion dollars and operating income more than doubled to 1.32 billion dollars.

Other activities, such as professional programs such as "Office", recorded a 15% increase in turnover for the year to 22.19 billion dollars. Online products, such as Bing, who routinely nibble market share, saw its turnover increase of 15% for the year and 17% for the quarter, but they have widened their losses , up to now $ 2.56 billion for the year.

The action Microsoft has fluctuated in after-hours trading following the release of these figures, eventually stabilizing at a level close to the closing price on Nasdaq, or 27.09 dollars.

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