Thursday, June 2, 2011

Windows 8 gaining fans

These past days have brought great news for the Redmond, from Taiwan come more advertising support for the next version of Windows. First came the ARM processor and is now Qualcomm has been added. From Computex 2011, the largest technology fair of the year to be held in Taipei, we heard that all processors Qualcomm Snapdragon line will have native support for the Windows platform 8.

No doubt Bill Gates and his family must be very happy that in recent days have gained much support from the component manufacturers. Undoubtedly, this partnership aims to strengthen both companies. On the one hand Microsoft that seeks to placate the success of Google and other Qualcomm you want to stop the advance of nVidia in the market for microchips.

Groupon files its record IPO

The U.S. website Groupon specialist discount coupons on services and local businesses, filed Thursday, June 2, a record IPO, indicating that he intended to raise $ 750 million. The Internet Group launched in November 2008 in Chicago did not indicate on what date he plans to launch the operation, including his boss and founder Andrew Mason had suggested Wednesday that it was a natural evolution.

NPM renamed again

Since the announcement of the second generation PlayStation Portable has less noise than expected, probably placated by the demands faced by the company or the constant attacks on PlayStation Network. The truth is that after listing the strengths have been cutting hardware, the possibility of 3D without glasses and some name changes.

Well, this time history repeats itself, the PSP2 nicknamed started and then was named as NGP (Next Generation Portable) could have been renamed. An "error" the webmaster of the official PlayStation website would have revealed what will be the final name for the portable console that Sony presented at the next E3.

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 3

For several years the world of technology is accelerating in its release. May be due to slow progress of technology and research to create "new" on products that lack the same, but what is clear is that models are becoming less "life" for manufacturers. Samsung seems to join this online and although we know just the second generation of its tablet and we are announcing the "Galaxy Tab 3." Among the new ad we find that the new generation of Galaxy Tab 4G come with support, something that certainly looking forward to many countries like the United States but is irrelevant when it comes to sales.

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 unique environment for PCs and tablet

ROME - Windows 8 is no longer just a project. The new OS version is in development and already shows signs of life through screens and video. And, most important fact, the genetic code already has a clearly defined, will it work in different versions and devoted, both traditional and on tablet computers and smartphones.

A change of pace is certainly important for Microsoft, which until now has always stood out markedly versions of Windows for PCs and those dedicated to other technologies. This time under the banner of Windows 8 will gather specific versions for computers and smartphones and Tablet PCs for those with a common denominator: extended capabilities "touch, touch first.

Apple buys the domain

Apple has bought the domain which was held by a Swedish company, Xcerion. No one knows the price of it, but Cnet says the figure of $ 4.5 million. In April, Xcerion migrated its service in the Internet cloud (cloud) to and since then redirects visitors to this address.

The news coincides with the announcement on Monday, as part of the Apple developer conference, a presentation to the press whose content has not been revealed but it looks like it will focus on a new offer from Apple for audiovisual services from the Internet cloud. Steve Jobs himself, patron of the company, and temporarily retired for health reasons has announced its presence in it.

A fake article on the website of the PBS

Sunday, May 29, the website of the U.S. public television channel PBS publishes an amazing scoop: the rapper Tupac Shakur, gunned down in Las Vegas in 1996, has in fact survived his wounds and lived secretly in a small town in Nova Zealand. Soon, PBS announced that the article was false, published surreptitiously at night by pirates who took control of its servers.

Disappointment for the fans, Tupac is still dead. Note the quality of the work of hackers who were able to convincingly imitate the style of editorial and graphic PBS (a copy of the fake page is archived at:-Freze. It/5R) Shortly after, a group calling itself LulzSec claims action in an ambiguous way in a message on Twitter.

YouTube opens the creative commons

The video sharing site YouTube has started to introduce a feature Wednesday June 1, which allows users to publish their videos under a creative commons license, reports the specialized site Boing Boing. With this license, users are able to reuse a video, copy it, but also to select extracts. If a user makes a "remix", the sources will automatically appear in the final cut.

The U.S. cable television network C-Span, but also channel Al-Jazeera and the Voice of America are among the partners. Ten thousand videos "creative commons" should be available to launch the new service.

Jinan, the epicenter of the conflict between Google and Beijing

Shanghai, correspondence - In a new revolt against China, Google has terminated, Wednesday 1 June, on its official blog, attacks to access email content hundreds of users, including senior administration officials U.S., Chinese political activists, officials from various Asian countries, including South Korea, soldiers and journalists.

This campaign of "phishing" was, according to Eric Grosse, responsible for the security team of Google, enabling them to harvest passwords of users to forward their email addresses malicious. These attacks "appear to come from Jinan, China," said the U.S. firm, adding another layer to open conflict that opposes the government in Beijing.

Microsoft unveils' Windows 8 "

The Microsoft IT group gave, Wednesday, June 1, an overview of the operating system that will succeed the current Windows 7. The demonstration took place on a touch screen, illustrating the emphasis on the shelves that Microsoft hopes to equip the system. "Windows 8", code name for the emerging system shown at the conference organized by the D9 news website All Things Digital in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, is clearly designed in anticipation of a new era of computing where the shelves will an increasing role.

China refuses to take responsibility for the hijacking Google

China said it was "unacceptable" to take on "responsibility" of the operation of flights passwords of Gmail accounts, said Thursday, June 2, Hong Lei, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry. "The alleged statement saying that the Chinese government supports the cyber attacks is fabricated. It has ulterior motives," said Mr.

Hong at a press conference. The group's search engine was announced yesterday that Gmail email accounts of senior U.S. officials, Chinese dissidents, military officials and journalists had been pirated, indicating that the attack came from China. "We recently discovered a campaign to collect passwords, probably through the 'phishing'," said an official of Google, Eric Grosse, in a note on the official blog of the company.

Phones: Which phones emit the least air?

All eyes Asus

Asus is one of the manufacturers of technology that was showcased during the most recently concluded Computex 2011 in Taiwan. Among its high points are the newly announced PadFone panel or presentation MeeGo X101 Netbook Eee PC, but one of the highest points of the evening was undoubtedly when it was the turn of the new memo.

The Asus ME173, also known as Memo, will become one of the first tablets to reach the international market with a screen capable of projecting 3D images. Its 7-inch screen offers a resolution of 1280 x 600 pixels that will allow us to fully enjoy all sorts of multimedia content. The rest of the features of the gadget are consistent with the expected.