Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apple buys the domain

Apple has bought the domain which was held by a Swedish company, Xcerion. No one knows the price of it, but Cnet says the figure of $ 4.5 million. In April, Xcerion migrated its service in the Internet cloud (cloud) to and since then redirects visitors to this address.

The news coincides with the announcement on Monday, as part of the Apple developer conference, a presentation to the press whose content has not been revealed but it looks like it will focus on a new offer from Apple for audiovisual services from the Internet cloud. Steve Jobs himself, patron of the company, and temporarily retired for health reasons has announced its presence in it.

Apple has been negotiating with record labels to launch music streaming (no download) organized from the Internet cloud. Three of the major record companies have reached agreements with Apple and is waiting for Warner to do so. Confirmed these agreements, Apple would present a more complete icloud service than its competitors Google and Amazon, which have done so without having negotiated licenses with record labels.

This leads, for example in the case of Amazon, to his service in the cloud can not offer securities of these companies but it is limited to storing on the Internet, and therefore available remotely from any computer connected, the songs that are already property of the Internet. In parallel, Apple has presented at the European trademark office's request for registration of the mark abracarĂ­a icloud that "the storage of data, text, images, audio and video, file storage and query data through a connection.

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