Thursday, June 2, 2011

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 unique environment for PCs and tablet

ROME - Windows 8 is no longer just a project. The new OS version is in development and already shows signs of life through screens and video. And, most important fact, the genetic code already has a clearly defined, will it work in different versions and devoted, both traditional and on tablet computers and smartphones.

A change of pace is certainly important for Microsoft, which until now has always stood out markedly versions of Windows for PCs and those dedicated to other technologies. This time under the banner of Windows 8 will gather specific versions for computers and smartphones and Tablet PCs for those with a common denominator: extended capabilities "touch, touch first.

Of course you do not abandon the PC mouse and keyboard or other devices. Windows 8 will support everything, but the print is that of a modern operating system, if not futuristic. There will be compatibility between data, but native applications will be different depending on which tool you use.

We will have short, Office and Office for tablet PCs, two different things and optimized for the technology that will accommodate, but the data will obviously be transferable and manageable in all directions. Windows to touch. The first revelations about Windows 8 comes from Steve Sinofsky, in charge of Windows and Windows Live by Microsoft, which showed pictures and video of the new OS at the conference in field D9.

One way to anticipate Apple, which on Monday will unveil the new MacOs Lion and iO5, two products are very close but still distinct, while Microsoft aims the unification of fixed and mobile platforms. The inspiration clearly comes from 8 for Windows Phone Windows 7, the latest released mobile OS from Redmond.

The behavior patterns are very similar, with large colored cards "live" with the applications, screens inside issues. There will also be a store of applications integrated into the operating system, as is already in MacOS X. Redmond is not short on innovations, recovers ground fire and dust for the next battle of the platforms.

Have a Tablet PC to the "Windows experience" will be contiguous. Microsoft's idea is to maintain continuity between the different versions on different platforms, unlike it is today: Windows 7 and Windows 7 Phone products are significantly different. But to ensure scalability across processors and technologies so vast, the "engine" in the boot of Windows will be profoundly changed.

But what you perceive is a revolution in the use of the operating system. As shown in the video demonstration, Microsoft aims to touch and tablet computers, Windows 8 and although at first it will seem anything but the "good old" OS from Microsoft, most likely the user experience will be more immediate.

The important thing is to keep Windows as a bridge between today and tomorrow as one of the biggest challenges for Microsoft. The interface should be adaptable to any type of user and for everyone's needs. And it will be: one of the colored cards is already an application that brings to the screen a traditional desktop, as we know it.

All the old programs and applications will run in this mode. For new applications, development should be focused on HTML5 and Javascript, but Silverlight will be embedded in the browser. The application "serious" work like on Win 7, and the system requirements for version 8 will not be much more expensive than those required by the current version.

There is still a launch date, but the most likely hypothesis is in the second half of 2012. Control over the tablet. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft intends to closely monitor the development of tablet hardware on which to run Windows 8. The idea here seems to be similar to what Apple and its rule ios, maintain impeccable customer experience by ensuring a perfect fit between hardware and software.

Redmond would have asked the manufacturers of chips to enter into agreements for the next tablet with only two specific manufacturer of tablet, and would have imposed strict controls on the operation and performance of the chipset. A move that generated some controversy among the manufacturers of components, but that makes sense for Microsoft: If Windows on Intel and AMD is a consolidated environment, the new ARM architecture and Windows are a new combination, which is held in a harmonious union Redmond particular way.

In short, Microsoft does not want to bug and free interpretations. Again, the success of the protocol Apple "has its influences.

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