Monday, July 4, 2011

Microsoft collaborates with Chinese search engine Baidu

The major Chinese search engine, Baidu, has reached an agreement with Microsoft to provide search for English to Chinese Internet users from its own service, according to The New York Times. Baidu has reinforced its leadership in the local market after Google abandoned him after a conflict in fact motivated by censorship and insecurity.

Google opened a Chinese version of its search engine in Hong Kong where Chinese can come as the domestic version of the same is subject to censorship by the authorities. The agreement with Microsoft will also benefit your search engine visibility Bing in that country. The agreement, according to local analysts, the more difficult the business of Google search engine in China.

Hacked Twitter account a Fox News announces the death of Obama

Twitter channel by Fox News devoted to politics, @ foxnewspolitics, was hacked, this Monday, July 4, Indipendent Day. For two hours, this account owned by conservative Rupert Murdoch tv  channel announced the death of President Barack Obama. "President Barack Obama was assassinated, two bullet wounds have prevailed. July 4th is a sad for America," announces one of the messages. Other tweets announcing that the president was shot by an unknown gunman in a restaurant in Iowa. Piracy has not been claimed.

Mac OS X Lion in the hands of developers

Facebook integrate a VCR with Skype service

Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook, has promised that this week will make an important announcement without disclosing what it is. Techcrunch bet it will be to integrate a Skype video call service. Skype is now owned by Microsoft, which in turn has 1.6% of the social network. This agreement would facilitate the operation to respond to the proposal of a new social network launched by Google last week and said in his news service through video conversation.

Sony PlayStation 4: technology similar to Kinect and output in 2012

'Hacker' assault to Apple

Apple is the new target of attacks by Anti-Sec campaign launched by Anonymous and the dissolved group Lulzsec. Anonymous has warned in a message to Twitter and published the 26 user passwords hosted on a server that have accessed. This action comes just days after a group YGN Ethical Hacker Group, informed of the weaknesses identified in the Apple Developer site.

The group, which gave information on June 25 warned that he would publish the data if Apple did not respond... A similar warning a few weeks ago gave him to Java site. Oracle responded by thanking the warning.