Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The U.S. could respond militarily to a potential cyber attack

The Pentagon would consider "all options" if the U.S. were victims of a cyber attack has declared Tuesday, May 31, a spokesman for the Obama administration, saying the Pentagon was trying to develop military rules of conduct for this purpose. May 16, the White House announced new rules stating that the U.S.

"will respond to hostile action in cyber-space in the same manner as any other threat to the country." We reserve the right to use all necessary means - diplomatic, information relating to military and economic - as needed and in compliance with international law, to defend our country, our allies, our partners and interests, "added the text.

Samsung introduces an all-in-one with 3D

What we see in the picture is the new beauty presented by Samsung, the company has chosen to market hard tablets and smartphones has not forgotten the desktop and so has the new Samsung AF315. The Samsung AF315 is an all-in-one excellent technical features and exquisite design. Of its features we emphasize the excellent screen 23-inch LED backlit.

It is capable of displaying 2D and 3D with HD resolution (1080p), it can also transform 2D images into 3D automatically. Besides the new 3D technology Samsung has excellent hardware AF315, is powered by an Intel quad-core Core i5 and has endless configurations to suit the consumer. We do not know the cost will this beauty here in Spain but it looks like it will be a few dollars.

Bitcoin the currency of the CIA and hacker scare banks

BERLIN - Even the call of the Wikileaks currencies is critical for a project that can destabilize markets and the global economy and overthrow governments, but his fans will see a decisive step towards the independence of consumers and ordinary citizens of the world by banks and authorities. It 's a new digital currency, created by groups of hackers and is already being used to buy mobile phones on online auctions or DVD, or gambling on the net.

Nokia alert each of its benefits

Nokia has given another warning signal. Since the arrival of its first American executive, former Microsoft's Stephen Elop, not only did not hide the difficulties they threw them, either by official statements, either by itself indiscreet messages Elop. Today Nokia has warned that second quarter sales of its phones will fall substantially, even to touch the balance between losses and gains.

In an official communique, cautions that the reason is the falling prices and lower sales of equipment and services. Operating margin, according to his notes, this quarter will be between 6% and 9%, while in Elera one more point, and the previous 1, 3 points higher, around 11.3%. That is, the deteriorating economic situation of the company has grown to more, coinciding with the arrival of Elop.

Apple replaced the MacBook: the fund is dissected

Apple has initiated a recall program for the MacBook product from October 2009 to April 2011, who are afflicted by the detachment of the rubber that protects the fund. The problem from what you said in a statement released by Apple on the site, seems to appear "in some circumstances" not well set out the rubber on the bottom of some MacBook can detach from the base.

The replacement may be required by those who experience the issue even though it is no longer under warranty and can be carried out in two ways, the classic driving her MacBook into a service center or at an Apple Store, or using a kit called DIY "Do It Yourself Kit" that includes a new bottom of the base to be mounted in place of the defective, the eight screws, a screwdriver and instructions for disassembly and reassembly.

Sony PlayStation Network fully reopens Sunday

Sony has announced that its net PlayStation Network (PSN), which was attacked last April, will be fully restored on Sunday in all regions of the world except Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. The total restoration of the interactive network of Sony for the PS3 and PSP will allow users to return to European or American to purchase and download games online.

The service, suspended following an intrusion that involved the theft of data from about 77 million users already resumed partial in North America, Europe and other regions on 15 May and, since last Saturday, also partly in Japan and other Asian countries. Japan's giant electronics said that by Sunday Qriocity also partially restored, another of his service attacked in April.

Google opens a flight search

"The summer is approaching, you may be thinking of taking a vacation," so begins the blog of Google to announce a new service: the flight search. For now offer it in eleven languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Catalan). This new offering is related to the purchase by Google of a company, ITA Software, dedicated to the acquisition comparative flight competition mobilized to try to stop it on the ground that represent a modification of the advantageous market for Google.

Mac, iPhone and the world of "cloud" Jobs will unveil new software

Apple is about to roar again. And to release the new operating system "Lion" of the cage will be the same Steve Jobs. There will be him on stage, surprisingly, as announced today the same house in Cupertino, "Apple CEO Steve Jobs and a team of managers will kick off the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address is scheduled for Monday June 6 at 10:00.

At that time Apple will present its next-generation software: Lion, the eighth major release of Mac OS X in online at the company, already has a preview; iOS 5, the new version dell'evoluto mobile operating system at the base of the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and icloud, the provision of services cloud coming from Apple.

European patent: Appeal of Italy to the Court of Justice of the EU

Italy attacked, Tuesday, May 31, the decision of 25 member states of the European Union to create a European patent, without his consent or that of Spain, by filing an action in Luxembourg, said the ministry Foreign in a statement. Faced with opposition from Rome and Madrid to the terms of translating the patent, the other 25 member states decided to go through "enhanced cooperation" procedure of last resort introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon which a group of countries go forward on an issue where agreement is impossible to 27.

PlayStation Network: Sony about to restore services

The Japanese electronics giant Sony announced on Tuesday, May 31, it would reactivate its online services in all regions by the end of the week, except in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, when the restart occurs gradually since Saturday. Sony had to stop mid-April its gaming platforms PlayStation Network (PSN) and music Qriocity after undergoing an illegal intrusion and theft of customer data.

Twitter will launch the photo-sharing

TWITTER would launch its own photo-sharing service, thereby competing with Flickr, and Twitpic Instagram. The news website Techcrunch technology, but the news is making the rounds of the web. The service may be available via the web platform twimg. com, that Twitter has acquired last July. The proceeds should go to the association for the advertising photo-sharing.

There are currently no other details, the announcement could come Wednesday, the day the conference will be held D9 in California, an important event for the technology, where he will speak on the company's chief executive, Dick Ribs. Until now, the social network was characterized by its brevity: 140 characters per post and upload photos delegated to external services such as Yfrog or TwitPic.

The United Kingdom is developing a force of cyber

The United Kingdom is working to develop its military capabilities in cyber attack, not only defensively but also offensively. For the first time, the Department of Defense has acknowledged the existence of specialized units in the creation and use of cyber weapons. For the British army, the Internet is part of the battlefield of the future "and should be considered like any other theater.

"Cyberspace is a new battlefield, but the rules and norms, logic and standards that apply in other areas have their equivalent in cyberspace," said Nick Harvey, the Defence Minister, The Guardian. The nature of these offensive capabilities and cases in which they could be used, however, remain secret.

The EU is concerned about the concentration in the sector of hard disks

The European Commission will investigate the concentration in the hard drives because it is concerned about the competitive effects of the projects of two Asian groups to sell their work in this field to American competitors. Specifically, the Commission, guardian of competition in Europe, announced Monday, May 30, the opening of thorough investigations on two acquisition projects.

The U.S. Seagate Technology has announced its intention to repurchase $ 1.4 billion (971 million euros) the activities of South Korea's Samsung Electronics in the hard drives while Western Digital intends to do the same with those of Japanese Hitachi for $ 4.3 billion (2.98 billion euros).

Monday, May 30, 2011

ViewSonic will ViewPad 10Pro Windows 7 and Android applications

ViewSonic is prepared to present all their new devices at the upcoming Computex technology to be held this year in Taiwan. Among its highlights are the new 10-inch tablet, the ViewPad 10Pro, that this time gives us a great news. The ViewPad 10Pro be able to run Android applications, and Windows 7. While the manufacturer is touted as the first tablet dual-boot this is not true.

ViewSonic will 10Pro Windows 7 Professional but this will incorporate an effective Android emulator that will allow the gadget to run applications on this platform. While there is a dual-boot the new ViewPad 10Pro continues to be an interesting option with excellent features. Regarding the tablet technology comes equipped with an Intel Z670 Oak Trail speed to 1.5 GHz with 32 GB of internal storage memory expandable via MicroSD.

Kenwood mp3 player throws the most striking

In the world of design technology has become more and more important when different from the rest of the products, the universal components have made the difference between the brands and the second is virtually nonexistent. Kenwood is very clear and it has introduced its new line of mp3 players that come with a really striking design.

This is the new Kenwood MG-G608 which comes in three different designs and make us feel the music in full color. In terms of technology the Kenwood MG-G608 has an internal memory of 8 GB which can be expanded using MicroSD memory, 2 "display, Bluetooth connectivity, Class W and battery technology with 9 hours of battery life.

Asus plans to launch a tablet-smartphone

It is a fact that technological gadgets manufacturers have saturated the market for tablets, so now the only differentiating factor is important when launching a new product. Asus is working to surprise us and maybe do that with their new PadFone. The PadFone be a sort of hybrid between a tablet and smartphone will seek a midpoint between the tablet 7 "4-smartphones." It is possible that the device is a kind of tablet 7 "with a phone built but it is early to speculate since the announcement has only shared the name of the model.

The secret to an unforgettable? Persons or objects, and a few landscapes

Dozens and dozens of shots to capture the falls of Niagara, the Yellowstone Park or the views of the Dolomites, to secure the holiday of hearts forever? Wasted effort, it seems, if there are half finished or friends with you too. Because what makes a memorable image is the presence of a human subject, and natural landscapes and views are forgotten more easily.

Scientific approach to deal with a subject so elusive and highly personal, given that the visual memory is very subjective, is a study - the first of its kind - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to be presented in June at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern recognition, in Colorado Springs.

Iran create its own Internet

According to The Wall Street Journal Iran's government is planning to create its own network in order to close the cyberspace to external influences beyond the national censorship. According to the American newspaper, the Iranian authorities to sell the project as a savings for the population as well as an effective way to safeguard the Islamic principles of the revolution of bad influences.

GeForce GTX 560M, to play on notebook

Nvidia has introduced its new GeForce GTX 560M video card for notebooks of the medium-high, which will take the place of the GeForce GTX 460m. The new card will be substantially improved GTX 460m, in fact the only difference is the frequency of the GPU and the number of Shared. Here are the features: Nvidia stated that this video card is capable of running Crysis 2 at a resolution of 1920x1080 with frames ranging from 30 to 40.

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Bounty hunters track down hackers on the Web

United States, the war against illegal downloading of copyrighted movies is changing in nature. For years, the Hollywood majors conduct their proceedings according to a strictly punitive: everyone caught can be dragged to court and sentenced to a heavy fine. These procedures are expensive, but no matter, because the goal is to make examples.

However, in recent months, there appears a new breed of pirate hunters, who tend to be bounty hunters. One of the pioneers of this new business is the U.S. Copyright Group (USCG), which despite its name associative connotation, is the commercial arm of the law firm of Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver, based in Washington.

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PayPal blasts Google Wallet

They have not spent even 24 hours Release of Google Wallet service companies have already begun strategic attacks. It is now up for PayPal has launched a lawsuit against Google and two of its employees. The famous franchise of eBay's online payment has initiated a criminal case against Google, Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius, both former employees of PayPal, for breaking the confidentiality clause in employment contract.

Live between smartphones and laptops? Calculate your diet digital

NEW YORK - Have you ever wondered how e-weighted? No, not really weigh what: kilo kilo less than what we all know. But what weighed on the internet instead. The use of gadgets. Use of electronics. It is not farfetched an idea of these - sorry the game Beta ETA - e-times. And indeed it is essential to respond positively if they fall into at least two of the five questions that e-America's most famous critic, Daniel Sieberg - the Tecnofirma who has split in recent years between CNN and CBS, ABC and Washington Post - puts out a book now.

The PBS site hacked by supporters of Wikileaks

The website of American public television network PBS was hacked on Sunday, allowing one or more persons to access the full content of the site. After taking control of the site, hackers have published several accounts and passwords on the Web and on-site, an article explaining that Tupac Shakur, the rapper famous shot in 1996, was still alive and had been found alive in New Zealand.

Piracy has been claimed by the group LulzSec, who had already claimed responsibility for attacks against sites of Fox News, Sony or MasterCard. While denying any affiliation with the informal group Anonymous, LulzSec claims to have participated in several operations launched at the initiative of it, including attacks against the official websites of Tunisian and Egyptian.

Mubarak condemned for having suspended the Internet in January

Former President Hosni Mubarak and two other former Egyptian officials have been convicted, Saturday, May 28, a fine of 540 million Egyptian pounds (63.5 million euros) for having suspended the Internet and the mobile phone during demonstrations in January. The administrative court in Cairo sentenced Mr.

Mubarak to a fine of 200 million pounds, the former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif to 40 million pounds and former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly to 300 million pounds for injury to the national economy, a judicial source said. The three men can appeal. This is the first ruling against Mr.

Download: Germany is considering a graduated response system

Bernd Neumann, German Minister of Culture, announced consider putting in place a system of graduated response, similar to that established by the Hadopi in France, to fight against illegal downloading. Speaking at a convention of the CDU (conservatives), the Minister said that Internet providers should "take responsibility" and he expressed support for the establishment of a system warning prior to legal sanction.

Match.com is about to launch a takeover bid for Meetic

USA site internet dating match. com (IAC) will launch a takeover bid for its French counterpart Meetic, the price of 15 euros per share, with the support of the founder, who will bring the majority of its shares. The proposed price values the French group in its entirety to 345 million euros and represents a premium of 11.6% over the closing price of the share Meetic Friday at the Paris Bourse.

LA Noire, in the shadow of GTA

Sex cases, murder or drug trafficking in the City of Angels in the late 1940's ... Console XBox 360 and Playstation 3, LA Noire waives all the tricks of the thriller. With the history of Cole Phelps, a former soldier turned police detective in Los Angeles, Rockstar Games, best known for his series Grand Theft Auto (GTA), intends to revisit the novel black and offer a unique game mechanics.

Team Bondi, the Australian studio that designed the game to Rockstar, did not want to emulate the proven mechanical set of famous gangsters. Opting for greater screenwriting adventure, LA Noire was first removed from the completely open world of GTA. And while Grand Theft Auto places a high priority for action, the new title from Rockstar concentrates most of its game mechanics on the investigation and interrogation.

Television stations will no longer include their Facebook pages

Refer viewers to the Facebook page of France 2 and TF1 smacks of surreptitious advertising for social networking. The High Council of Audiovisual (CSA) held on Saturday that "the return of viewers and listeners to the show's page on social networking without mentioning this is informative, while the reference to these pages by naming the relevant social networks is an advertising character.

" These references are surreptitious advertising for Facebook, Twitter, slice the audiovisual watchdog. Seized by a chain which does not reveal the name, the CSA does not prohibit chains about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The decision is limited to references to the pages or channels or accounts of their broadcasts on social networks.

If the power does not listen to the people of the Internet

You can organize a "historic event" on the Internet without the "people" of the Internet? You can enhance the role of the Internet to make possible the democratic changes and then be silent or reticent on effective protection of fundamental rights on the network? You can define the Internet a "common good" and then say the opposite, his submission to the logic of private property? Yes you can, as it may seem paradoxical or contradictory.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lockheed Martin suffered a virus attack

The defense group Lockheed Martin announced Saturday it had been a "significant" attacks against its computer system on May 21, he claims to have rejected. "With the measures taken timely and appropriate to protect the network and to improve computer security, our systems remain secure," said Lockheed Martin in a statement, which states that "no personal information of customers or staff were affected ".

"Google has processed more than three billion"

LONDON - That the web of company Google is obscure, we know even in Italy. The search engine sells advertising space in our country and bill in Ireland. Now the case broke out in Britain. According to the Sunday Times, the company has managed to pay no more than 3 billion (circa3, € 5 billion) of pounds of charges in England and other countries over the past 5 years, thanks to an elaborate corporate network that uses different jurisdictions including Ireland, Netherlands and United Kingdom, to end the income to Bermuda.

Cyber attack against Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is one of the largest defense firms in the world and prime contractor for the U.S. military - now the computer network of the group appears to have become an attack target by cyber criminals. Other military companies could be affected. Washington - It was the nightmare scenario for many large companies: In March, hackers had attacked the well-known U.S. security company RSA. Their goal was a common authentication system "SecurID" was used worldwide by many large companies - including from arms companies such as Lockheed Martin. The users who have a kind of key supporters - a so-called token - around with them, indicating a constantly changing code.

HTML5: the standard is very close

The new HTML5 is almost ready to become a standard, so it seems to understand the last statement issued by the World Wide Web Consortium, where he wrote that the next W3C HTML Working Group scheduled for August 3, invite new voices to determine whether the suited to meet the specifications. Philippe Le Hégaret, W3C manager responsible for HTML5, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics eWOFF (Web Open Font Format) commented: "We note interest in HTML5 everywhere, and I am very happy that HTML5 has reached the last call, HTML Working Group is the largest W3C group with more than 50 states and more than 200 invited experts.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A major download site closed, its leaders arrested

Liberty Land, one of the most visited websites in France, which gave access to tens of thousands of links to pirated content, has been closed and its three directors arrested, officials said Saturday at the gendarmerie. The three men, aged 25-30 years, were arrested Tuesday in Marseille (southeast), near Le Havre (northwest) and Montreuil (near Paris), and indicted (charged) for "counterfeit organized gang, "according to the gendarmerie in Rennes (west) which has been the investigation.

The e-G8 summit to the limited impact

While the G8 summit ended Friday night in Deauville, the findings of the e-G8 summit preparatory spent on the Internet that took place Tuesday and Wednesday in Paris are not yet known - a sign of trouble to build consensus among participants. What was the impact of these two days of talks, attended by 1500 persons, mostly heads of web companies and fully funded by private funds? Despite the presence in Deauville a "delegation" of e-G8, the final declaration of the G8 seems to have finally taken little account of the summit preparatory discussions.

When the friend is a treasure the network makes your projects

Once upon a time who had a great idea, the dream of a life, a project that also would have bet mom, but no means available to achieve it. Today there are the Internet and social networking. And a thing called crowdfunding or financing from below ground, which focuses on the enormous potential of friends and contacts in the network and uses the Internet as a reservoir for the collection of funds.

A new rumor about NGP

It had been a few weeks the project was diverted from the general internet user but with the latest rumors Sony NGP returns to the staging. According to several websites Sony may be preparing to launch an "economic NGP. Presumably, this strategy comes motivated by the recent blows he has received the image of the company, including problems with the PlayStation Network and has been widely accepted that the new handheld console Nintendo (Nintendo 3DS).

Friday, May 27, 2011

PayPal blasts Google Wallet

They have not spent even 24 hours Release of Google Wallet service companies have already begun strategic attacks. It is now up for PayPal has launched a lawsuit against Google and two of its employees. The famous franchise of eBay's online payment has initiated a criminal case against Google, Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius, both former employees of PayPal, for breaking the confidentiality clause in employment contract.

Sony working on PlayStation 4

Today we have confirmed that all lovers of the game we had very clear, Sony is working on a new generation of PlayStation. Rumors of draft PlayStation 4 was different but for the first time the Japanese giant has made official the matter. The reasons for Sony to make the announcement at this time are many.

On one side is an excellent strategy to divert attention from the strong disadvantages for those who have gone through the PlayStation Network. The other is the obvious counterpart to the announcement of Microsoft and Nintendo already preparing their next generation consoles. PlayStation is currently the leader in console table, but the advantage is not absolute and can not give the company margins.

Tunisia orders blocking of pornographic websites

A Tunisian court ordered the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) to proceed to block all pornographic sites, filtered under Ben Ali, but freely available since January. This ruling follows a complaint filed a week ago by three lawyers, who say that these sites pose a danger to younger and are contrary to Islamic values.

According to the Tunisian site, Business News, September pornographic sites have appeared in recent months in the top 100 most visited sites in the country. If the ban is upheld, it would be the second case of censorship on the Internet since the fall of the regime of Ben Ali, January 14.

Skype publishes an update

Skype has released an update for its Windows program that solves the fault detected yesterday. The problem is worldwide but does not affect all service users. "yesterday some users had problems logging into Skype. To fix we give you some instructions, but we understand that for some could be too technical.

So we've worked hard to create a version for Skype Windows solves this problem automatically. If you use Skype for Windows, and have had problems going to Skype, please upgrade to the latest version of Skype. We plan to make an update to Skype for Mac tomorrow. " The complaints started in Twitter.

The film in all its dimensions

How better to tell the same story in two dimensions, three-dimensional computer graphics, or in a format for mobile phones? The project Once Upon a Time 5, created by the Media and Networks division of Lannion and Rennes, tried the experiment using the same scenario, four short films were made, each in its own format, plus a web-documentary recounting the genesis of the project.

From a feature film script written by Nicolas Hervoches and telling the story of wreckers Brittany in the eighteenth century, four films have been made: the movie format "classic" format, mobile, 3D and 3D images synthesis. But rather than filming the same scene with different tools, the Media and Networks division has reworked the script for each short film attempt to make the best of each technology, resulting in very different films from ' a common framework.

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Programming for non-programmers

Programming is difficult to think logically, step by step, without skipping any and all possibilities for its actions demand much attention, rigor. But in addition to these complications still learning a very difficult syntax, which does not bear the slightest mistake to the last comma. Besides syntax that takes us backward.

The simple statement A = A +1, which is found in almost all computer languages, including the old Basic supposed to go to novices yet, seems an insult to what we know of mathematics from primary school . We have already had trouble swallowing the math, should now throw out? Another obstacle, perhaps less obvious is the lack of results immediately rewarding for beginners.

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Amazon Launches Mac software store

The online commerce giant, Amazon, launched Thursday, March 26, a software download service, designed for Mac owners. With this service, which currently offers about 250 programs and games, Amazon hopes to compete directly with Apple, which opened in January, an online store application for its Mac computers, based on the App Store integrated with its iPhone.

The principle of the two platforms is roughly similar, although Amazon has some programs that are not available on the App Store. This is the case, for example, the famous Microsoft Office Suite, Office, which is sold by Amazon. Specialty sites, like Venture Beat, are little difference in price between the two services.

To the multiplication map lights

Google launches contactless payment

The Web giant Google, announced Thursday, May 26 in New York, he began to test a new mobile phone application, designed to transform the device into the payment system. The application "Google Wallet", which should first be available in New York and San Francisco this summer, based on contactless technology, "Near field communication" (or "NFC"), short waves to exchange data a slap on a drive installed in shops.

Obama changes his board digital security

The White House announced Thursday, the new composition of the Council of the Communications Security Establishment, which will host the leaders of Twitter now, McAfee and Intel. This body created by Ronald Reagan to advise the President of the United States on issues of network security. Until now, the Council was mainly composed of representatives of providers.

The appointments mark a Barack Obama leaving a major reorganization for publishers of consumer software, like Microsoft, one of whom now sit on the Council. The appointment of Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, comes as the U.S. court hired a showdown with the service around the provision of information on related Twitter accounts to Wikileaks.

Logitech commitment to physical keyboards

I've always felt that this is a bit silly of physical keyboards for the tablets, the user is interested in using a keyboard is clearly going to opt for a laptop and not a tablet when you invest your money. Despite this, in my taste, it seems obvious accessory manufacturers such as Logitech gadgets continue to announce new style accessories.

This time there are two new models of the manufacturer and referred baptized Tablet Logitech Keyboard Logitech Keyboard and Case. Both are short travel keyboards, very light and easy to put in the tablets. Although technically speaking are different models that are equal with respect to technology.

Google unveiled its mobile payment system Google Wallet

As many of you will remember Google was preparing a new mobile payment system using Android applications, because the system has already been released to the range of MasterCard cards by using NFC technology. While Google is the first to use this technology, the system is applied at various points in Japan, is the first time a multinational commitment to this system weight.

The news has long been doing a lot of noise, which has even led to the development of a pilot project in the city of Madrid. The new Google has reached promptly let the financial Master Card and American telephone operator Sprint will provide this system direct debit Citi MasterCard accounts throughout the United States.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Internet all'eG8 no agreement on the rules

It was concluded yesterday in Paris the first eG8, the summit on the network that preceded the opening session of the eight major land, which began today in Deauville, France. Two days of debate on the Internet and social networks in relation to riots in the Maghreb and the protection of personal data.

The opening session on Tuesday, President Nicholas Sarkozy, the event's promoter, discussed Web as a decisive step in the history of humanity after the discovery of America and the Industrial Revolution. Despite this, however, took care to emphasize the need for regulation shared by governments, real objective of the meeting.

Google Wallet comes the electronic wallet

An electronic wallet contained in our smart phone, to pay in the shops at once, use coupons and keep the receipt. All with one instrument and all in digital. E 'Google Wallet, a platform to which the web giant has lifted the veil today. Was a new expectation, but now they know the details. The service will debut in the U.S.

only for now, in summer, from New York City and St. Francisco. It takes advantage of partnerships Mastercard (but will work with all credit cards), and Citigroup will work in 120 thousand shops, including the Subway fast food chain, Macy's, American Eagle Outfitters, Wallgreen's, Toys R Us.

Assassin's Creed Revelations The last chapter of the blockbuster

To know the future of video games have to go back in time. Until the Ottoman Istanbul in 1511 to be exact. And 'here that will take place on Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Revelations, the last chapter of a series of games from 2007 to date has sold 28 million copies. Epic in its fourth episode waiting for November, now more and more like a Hollywood blockbuster.

No coincidence that for Revelations, which will show you the first preview images have been used about 500 people spread between Canada, France, Singapore and Romania. Productive effort in the world of video games has few precedents, including with regard to the costs in the mammoth projects of the kind of Rockstar's LA Noire or Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix.

Yahoo Mail integrates Facebook and Twitter

Starting next Saturday, gradually, this service customers will find some improvements in addition to unlimited space. In the case of Google, for instance, must pay to expand the capacity of the mailbox. Yahoo Mail integrates Twitter and Facebook account to reply to messages and update the status directly from a tab in your inbox.

Skype collapses, panic on the Net

No attack by hackers. For the moment this is the only certainty that Skype has provided about 800 million users worldwide using VoIP, (voice over Internet protocol) for their phone calls and chats. The announcement was made through the Twitter profile of the software a few hours after the collapse that occurred during the early morning hours.

"Some of you might not be able to access Skype and make calls: we are investigating and hope to have details to share as soon as possible," explained the engineers on the social network. After thanking you for your patience, within an hour's computer had already posted the first option, pending other more simple to remedy the problem, with many different and specific, depending on the operating system of computers.

Microsoft denies the name of the release date of Windows 8

After a day where the words of Steve Ballmer mentioned the name and release of the new operating system from Microsoft "Windows 8, Microsoft denied through a spokesman, explaining that our plans are not yet final and that there was a misunderstanding with the drafting of Business Insider. The spokesman added: "We are waiting with excitement the next generation of hardware based on Windows 7, which will be available during the next fiscal year, but now we have not yet an official announcement on the timing and the name of the new version of Windows"

That file that silences Skype has affected thousands of people

Ironically, one might say, Skype, instant messaging and telephony services worldwide via the Web just bought by Microsoft for a record $ 8 billion and half dollars, it stops working. Respecting the tradition, or the injury, if you prefer, dell'inaffidabilità Windows operating systems. But this time the damage is global, hence the alarm, even if not about the over 600 million registered users.

Sales of computers and software: HP convicted unfair practice

The Court of Appeal of Versailles ruled in favor of UFC-Que Choisir, who challenged the bundling software pre-installed computers by Hewlett Packard France, said, Thursday, May 26, the Consumers' Association in a statement. In a decision dated May 5, including Agence France-Presse has obtained a copy, the court believes that the sale not Hewlett Packard France 'computers preinstalled [...] constitutes an unfair trade practice prohibited under the directive of May 11, 2005 "on unfair trade practices.

Blog - Facebook, virtual school yard

As a good politician, founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, took advantage of e-G8 held in Paris to say he had no immediate intention to open its site to children under 13. The look of Martin Vidberg.

Facebook should launch a music service with Spotify

Facebook will soon launch an online music service in partnership with Spotify, reports Forbes, Wednesday, May 25, citing unnamed sources. This offer is currently being tested, according to the magazine, but could make its appearance in the pages of social networking within two weeks. Spotify an icon will be placed in the left column profiles of Facebook users, giving access to its playlist.

Another feature should allow users to listen to all their favorite tracks on Facebook, says another anonymous source, quoted by Forbes. According to the American magazine, this agreement has been no financial transactions. But the interest seems clear to the Swedish site who will benefit from an increased audience.

In China, prisoners forced to play World of Warcraft

Liu Dali spent five years in a Chinese labor camp. Besides the hard manual tasks imposed, he was also forced to play daily for hours at the online game World of Warcraft to fill the pockets of the leaders in prison.

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Known why the delay in Iconia Tab

As many of you will remember a few days ago we shared the news that the launch of Acer's tablet, the Tab Iconia A100 would be delayed until the last quarter of this year. Well today we have found out the official reason why the delay. According to the latest announcement from the maker's new A100 Iconia Tab will be delayed by problems of interface.

The model would be one of the first to equip the new Android 3.1 HoneyComb, an operating system designed primarily for gadgets of 9 inches or more. Herein lies the problem, it seems that Acer have just now have realized that the Tab Iconia A100 screen is only 7 inches and would be very small icons on the display.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EPSON Tablet "?

The tablet market is growing more and more and more names are in addition to competition for a piece of cake. The latest name to add to this list is Epson, the famous manufacturer of printers and office products may be planning to launch a new tablet. Several sources indicate that the company is working on a new tablet first line, the project was confirmed by the manufacturer has not yet revealed any information.

New tablet Pantech

The Asian technology manufacturer Pantech has officially announced the launch of a new art tablet that will hit stores in China and Korea over this year. This is the new Pantech Vega No. 5, a tablet with very interesting characteristics that have little to envy from the top brands in the market. The new Pantech Vega No.

5 is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8660 processor dual-core 1.5 GHz, has 1 GB of DDR2 RAM, 16 GB of internal memory and MicroSD memory slot. Yet at the moment is soon to be motivated by the announcement, at first the Pantech Vega No. 5 will be sold exclusively in the Asian market and has not yet confirmed its entry to Europe.

The e-G8 should send a message very liberal in Deauville

Fewer laws and a more favorable environment for investment: not surprisingly, e-G8, which ended Wednesday night May 25 in Paris, should transmit to the eight most industrialized countries a message asking for more guarantees Free Internet business and less restrictive laws. The exact message to be relayed at the top of Deauville is not yet known, but the concluding discussion of e-G8 should relay requests rather general and focusing on the needs of the business world.

Apple is around half a million of approved applications

Planet of the applications Apple is gaining population. According to unofficial information, Apple has already passed half a million of them are active but in different stores a little less. 356,000 are for the iPhone, are designed for 96,400 and 4,800 iPad Macs are for 37% of the applications are free.

The games are more prevalent. 15% of the applications are. They are followed by books (14%), other entertainment (11%) and educational applications. The average price application fee is $ 3.64 and $ 891,982.24 would be needed to buy them all. The phenomenon of applications has been a great asset to Apple to enhance the sale of their products.

Barnes and Noble has launched its new digital reader version

Barnes and Noble has launched its new digital reader version Nook monochrome touchscreen six inches, operating system and a range Android 2.1, according to the company two months. Sell it to $ 139. Has as its Amazon Kindle compete wifi connection. The storage capacity is 2G, but about half are reserved for content purchased from its online store, but a microSD card can extend this storage capacity.

The last Xbox creator leaves Microsoft

Otto Berkes one of the creators of the first Xbox, and last remaining of the four founders of the console, Microsoft has left these days, to take a new position with another company, but do not yet know what kind of role is going to do. The news comes from Seattle Times, which gives some comments Berkes: "No regrets, but it's time to go for me, I am very proud of what I was able to achieve here." Ted Hase, Seamus Blackley, Kevin Bachus and Otto Berkes were in fact the head of the Xbox project, and urged Microsoft to venture in the area of the console, risquotendo also a great success, despite the monopoly of the Sony PlayStation 2.

Atom Cedarview reach the first rumors price

Intel later this year plans to launch the next-generation 32-nanometer Atom Cedarview, code-named Cedar Trail, which will be announced in September and will arrive on the market with four models, two for two for netbook and nettop . The new CPUs are named Cedarview Cedarview-D and-M, the D-series dedicated to the Desktop platforms start with the CPU Atom Atom D2500 and D2700, the former has a frequency of 1.86 GHz, 1 MB of cache and is devoid of Hyper -Threading and has a TDP of 10 watts.

XBox 360 to support full 3D stereoscopic

The latest rumors about the Xbox 360, show that on June 6 at E3, Microsoft will officially declare its full support for stereoscopic 3D, which supports the rival PlayStation 3 for almost a year that was released a firmware update in June 2010. Stereoscopic 3D for the console should not be a problem, although some rumors indicate that CPU and GPU will be the bottleneck, and struggle to render the image twice.

Microsoft introduces its new operating system for mobile

The computer giant Microsoft announced on Tuesday 24 May, the next version of its operating system for mobile phones, Mango. This new version should be available on Tuesday for developers who want to produce tailored programs. However the public should wait until fall. Mango first provides a tight integration of messaging and social networks to "organize the information around the person with whom one wants to talk, not about applications." Mobile users will benefit from shortcuts between the browser and Web applications, allowing for example to go directly to the application of digital library Kindle in connection with research on a book title.

"Access to the Internet must become a fundamental right"

"[When I first proposed holding a summit Internet players] some told me, 'they'll believe you want to control them'. It makes no sense, but I think it's important for you to be heard. It is not necessary that everything be preordained, there should be a bit of life too. "In his speech opening the e-G8, Nicolas Sarkozy promised to listen to the message that the participants - mainly Web business representatives - would have to say.

Blog - Playtime Hits: study "K"

"The quality information travels over the paper and digital

PARIS - The fate of the press is an open game and play online as well, with different approaches and results. "The Network kill or raise the newspapers?" is the question posed to some of the leading publishers in the world eG8 Paris. The answers vary depending on the country and head, but there is a shared certainty: the value of quality information is still strong and the newspapers will not die.

Copyright, no clenching of the e-G8

"I am very surprised to hear that. I feel that I do not live on the same planet as the other participants in the debate." The remark by John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Foundation, is greeted by laughter and applause in the room, but if the atmosphere in the debate on intellectual property to e-G8, held at Paris on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday, May 25, is a good child, different points of view are profound.

Update on Mango

They have released a series of developments of the new Windows Update Phone 7 Mango, the system has already been revealed along with their specifications but can not install on our end until next September, when a big batch of Windows Mobile Phone on the market worldwide. Mango's new service offers more than 500 enhancements, according to Microsoft at least, its systems primarily focused on boating, social networking, multimedia communications and other activities.

HTC 3D EVO with a price that FLIP

Since its announcement in front of the new HTC EVO 3D became one of the most acclaimed mobile market. Thousands of people each month continue the development of what will be the first mobile 3D display without glasses in history, technology and fashion Nintendo introduced with the release of the wonderful portable game console Nintendo 3DS.

Well now we have not learned that the new HTC 3D EVO will cost very affordable in the United States. The U.S. telephone operator Sprint has been the victim of a leak RadioShack has revealed that the cost to provide the U.S. mobile. The telephone company will market the new HTC 3D EVO $ 199 subsidized by the contract, a cost that is news indeed, we all expected a figure considerably higher.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WindPad 110w MSI and bookable

The official website of MSI technology manufacturer in the United States has begun the process of booking for the new tablet that will end this year with Windows 7, it is the new MSI WindPad 110w, a gadget that could cause a sensation among lovers Microsoft. The new WindPad 110w MSI is a touchscreen tablet of 10.1 inches and a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels which has an excellent AMD C-50 and 2 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Brussels wants to fight "at source" Internet piracy

The European Commission wants to adapt copyright to the growth of the Internet and new technologies, tackle online piracy of cultural works "at source", according to a plan of action, aspects of which concern the industries concerned. "My intention, as regards the eradication of hacking sites, is to act more directly to the source, that is to say to and from the providers' (ISP), said , Tuesday, May 24, the Internal Market Commissioner, Michel Barnier, during the presentation of its plan of action for the coming years in terms of intellectual property.

14 year old boy recruited by Microsoft to have cracked MW2

Herald. ie online version of the famous Irish newspaper, published a report concerning a close collaboration with Microsoft to fourteen, who cracked the game Infinity Wards "Modern Warfare 2. The young boy from what he says is responsible for the daily alarm sent to millions of users after a hack for Modern Warfare 2.

Microsoft says the news through his spokesman Paul Rellis, general manager of Microsoft Ireland, has revealed that the collaboration with the boy and help him to improve his skills to use in legal activities.

3D Cinema LG turns any content in three dimensions

Last summer, taking the World Cup, reached the first TV market in three-dimensional technology. There were two types of screens: of which only reproduced with this technology the contents recorded and that any broadcast or film fit this bracket. Both had a downside: either there was little provision of 3D content or had to use, in the second case, known as active glasses, which cost around 60 euros, and lead batteries are heavy.

e-G8: the concerns of civil society

"Do no harm", or French, "First, do no harm": the American academic and journalist Jeff Jarvis, one of the few civil society representatives participating in panel discussions of e-G8, arrested Nicolas Sarkozy asked him to take the oath of Hippocrates to the Internet. For two days, 1,500 guests, mostly from the world of Web companies have been invited to participate in a series of debates on "Internet issue", in the words of Maurice Levy (Publicis), the organizer event desired by the President of the Republic.

Tweetdeck bought by Twitter to $ 40 million

The site Twitter has acquired micromessages TweetDeck, a management services of the most popular accounts for more than 40 million dollars (28.4 million), said, Tuesday, May 24, the American media. The tool TweetDeck enables users to manage the flow of various social networks: Twitter, Facebook, but also the site of geolocation Foursquare.

The television information continuously CNN quoted sources close to the case that the acquisition will be via Twitter bid denominated in cash and stock. The agreement has not yet been officially announced, but ensures that CNN was signed Monday. CNN says no official comment could be obtained from the two companies.

At the start in Paris on the first "eG8" Dialogue between governments and the web "

PARIS - "I will not try to control the Internet, but rather open a fruitful dialogue between governments and stakeholders of the Internet". Nicolas Sarkozy inaugurated this morning the summit eG8 "in front of over a thousand global players on the web together in a large marquee set up in the Tuileries Gardens, between Place de la Concorde and the Louvre.

The President stressed the need for a new global governance of the Net "There is an extraordinary contradiction in saying that the Internet eliminates borders - said - but then continue to act as if the rules could be only national." Sarkozy has also responded to those who accuse him of wanting to harness the Net France is the country that has introduced two laws against online piracy and copyright protection is at the forefront.

It 's all the fault of Pisapia

These days the Web in Italy is leading an interesting novelty in political communication. This is not a true innovation in language online, but a catchy adaptation of running a campaign on the Internet. And here is the main element of novelty, however, is not the only one. We enter into the matter. We are in Milan, where the comparison between Giuliano Pisapia and the outgoing mayor Letizia Moratti is a tight.

Nicolas Sarkozy called Web companies 'responsibility'

Internet is "a third globalization" but can not get rid of international rules and minimum: it is essentially the message that Nicolas Sarkozy has sent Tuesday, May 24, participants of the e-G8. As a prelude to the G8 in Deauville, the summit meeting in Paris for two days, 1,500 people, most from the new technology companies.

For President of the Republic, the advent of the Internet was a revolution comparable to the industrial revolution. "You have changed Tech News Buzz as well as Columbus and Galileo, Newton and Edison. This is irretrievably overall total revolution", launched Nicolas Sarkozy at the opening of the forum.

Sarkozy warns on dangers of Internet

After moving the Post Office wants to make a bid for Internet access

The Post is preparing to launch an offer Internet access in 2012, said Tuesday, May 24 The Tribune. The day before, the company announced it was becoming mobile operator branded Post Mobile and had presented its products. The business daily quoted the CEO of the merged entity, Thierry Zemmour, that the Internet offers so-called "quadruple play" will "for 2012." The paper says such a logical step given the competition in this market and the need to include fixed telephony in an offer.

Monday, May 23, 2011

New data on the tablet from Amazon

As summer gets closer and more rumors about Amazon's new tablet can be found through the web. To catch up with some of the highlights of the tablet you we will detail some of the data that have been released in recent days. Starting at the screen we have learned that Amazon has finally ruled out the use of new hybrid screens.

While the company was interested would be impossible to launch the product before 2012. Therefore we can almost confirm the presence of IPS LCD screens as we have seen in other devices 7 and 10 inches. As for the rest of the technology is still hearing the name for Tegra processors. According to the latest projections by the new tablets come with Tegra Amazon 2 for 7-inch model with Tegra 3 (four cores) for 10-inch version.

The new Dell XPS and priceless 15z

According to a paper presented at the U.S. business newspaper Wall Street Journal the new Dell XPS 15z be submitted to the U.S. public tomorrow and arrive in stores at a cost of U $ S 999. The new Dell XPS 15z is a very powerful laptop with a stylish design that we really reminds me of the line MacBook Pro from Apple.

In addition to taste the new design is really compact and once it hits the market will become the portable "world's thinnest." As for the new Dell XPS technology 15z processors will be powered by Intel Core line i5 and i7. It also has an LED display 15-inch FullHD come equipped with USB 3.0 ports.

"4 64 GB iPhone?

More and more rumors circulating on the web regarding the future version of iPhone, Apple's smartphone. In the last hours we have learned through the U.S. telephone operator Verizon iPhone 4 will come in a version with capacity of 64 GB. The marketing department at Verizon you could have played a trick on Steve Jobs and his family after he published information on the future version of iPhone.

e-G8: the "civilized Internet" Internet "growth factor"

"You can not imagine what it represented as a force of conviction to convince eight heads of state and government to discuss the issue of the Internet. There were those who were passionate about the Internet but asked, 'if we talk, they will think we want to regulate them ". When details, April 27, his project "G8 of the Internet" or "e-G8," Nicolas Sarkozy does not think so right.

The summit, held in Paris, Tuesday 24 and Wednesday, May 25, provoked an outcry. Among the thousand guests are expected including the CEOs of the largest Web companies: Facebook, Google, Capgemini, or the ministers Christine Lagarde, Eric Besson, Frédéric Mitterrand, and Nicolas Sarkozy himself.

DVD and CD-R production falls by 50%

Digitimes is reporting on the fall production of optical media, DVD and CD-R, the last year that touches the 50% less than in previous years, except for Blu-Ray. The problem seems to be mostly due to the increasing lack of optical readers and writers on laptop, which has prompted people to turn to other formats such as USB dongles and external hard drives to store their data.

The confirmation of this news comes directly from the home of Taiwan production of optical formats, and where production last year has seen a decline of 50%. Although larger companies such as CMC Magnetics and Ritek are moving on the production of Blu-Ray, the data are not as rosy and very different from those obtained in the past, as many small and medium-sized businesses prefer to quit rather than switch to the production the new format.

New low-end Intel CPU with Sandy Bridge architecture

Intel has added to list seven new low-end processors, four and three Cofre family Pentium family, all based on Sandy Bridge architecture. The Pentium processors have the technical characteristics of the CPU Core i3, with the exception of the lack of HyperThreading technology and with prices ranging from $ 64 up to $ 86 and maximum TDP of 65 watts, with the exception represented by 35 Watt Pentium G620T model.

Malware attacks Mac OS X

The Mac OS X operating system, begins to be affected by malware developers, in fact almost a month, the system from Apple is the victim of an attack type scareware, which essentially makes you believe to be a security risk and download is a fake antivirus called MACDefender or Mac Security. The fake anti-virus is running through a javascript code found in certain web pages, which in turn download a zip file and if the browser is set to extract the files, the infection begins and malicious program requires name and password for administration installed.

Google abandons the newspaper digitalizacin

Google has decided to abandon its plan to digitize the archive of newspapers. This is a project launched in 2008 and who were involved in some two thousand newspapers. In a statement to SearchEngineLand, the company explained that the consultation remains easily accessible archive of digitized headers but will not expand its content.

Google News Archive The program planned to make accessible online the content of newspapers and periodicals missing or newspapers in circulation. In your database, for example, publications such as London Advertiser, 1895. Google announces it will no longer accept or files to scan microfilm.

Three dead in an explosion at the factory Foxconn

Three days after an explosion at a Foxconn plant in Chengdu (China), the death of a third worker was confirmed, and the operator of the plant where the accident occurred has announced the closure of some shops for security checks. The workshop where the explosion occurred was used for polishing shells iPad tablet from Apple.

Foxconn, the largest subcontractor of electronics manufacturers, including working for Apple, Sony or Hewlett-Packard. On Friday, an explosion attributed to dust chemical had killed two people and injured sixteen others. A third victim died from his injuries over the weekend, and nine people remain hospitalized.

In the company of social networking revolution and 'the moment of Weconomy

LONDON - Facebook, Skype, Youtube: at work no time for distraction, but rather tools that are revolutionizing the positive relationships between colleagues and between companies, encouraging collaboration and transparency. E 'shown by a survey that will be presented May 24 in Milan, at the Weconomy Day, organized by Logotel and the Center of the Tertiary Education Management (CFMT).

According to the survey, carried out by CFMT, and involved a sample of over 1,000 services firms and trade, 20% of Italian companies in the service sector uses the social network platforms. The company is most widely used in Skype (48%), followed by Linkedin (36.8%), Facebook (29.8%), YouTube (26.4%), and finally by the wiki platforms (19%) and blogs (17.3%).

Sony expects 2.3 billion euros of losses

The Japanese electronics giant Sony announced on Monday that he now thought to have ended the financial year to April 2010 to March 2011 on a heavy net loss, revenue shortfalls and losses due to the earthquake in Japan 's adding a special charge for taxes. Sony claims to have suffered a net loss of 260 billion yen (2.3 billion euros) over the past year, whereas previously it expected a profit of 70 billion yen and a net deficit had complained of 40.8 billion a year earlier.

The Post became virtual mobile operator

Post opened to the public on Monday, its mobile phone service for individuals. Using the SFR network, leased, Post joins other mobile virtual operators (MVNOs), these companies do not have a license but who purchase wholesale bandwidth and airtime for other operators to offer their services. And to do this, Vodafone and the Post have created a joint venture owned 51% by La Poste.

The group hopes to gain from 1.5 to 2,000,000 subscribers in four years, building on its strong network throughout the country. To differentiate itself from other operators, the Post Office offers special rates slightly lower than the incumbents. Especially, the Post played on one of the weaknesses of traditional offerings, the renewal of mobile and fixed.

Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to open under 13

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said in an interview on CNN that locks prohibiting legal age of 13 to register on social networks should be removed, for educational purposes. "Because of these limitations, the learning process [the use of social networks for education] has not started," said he.

"If they were lifted, we could begin to learn what works. We would take every precaution to ensure that more young people are protected," said the CEO of Facebook. United States, the law prohibits the registration of personal data on children under 13 years. For children over 13 years, the consent of parents or legal guardian is required.

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Video surveillance, paranoia and futuristic dystopia: Help me with the game, you guide a mysterious prisoner in a labyrinth by interacting with surveillance cameras, in a world that Philip K. Dick would not disown.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Xperia Xperia Arc and renewing Play

Sony Ericsson has announced that updated software for its smartphones Xperia Xperia Arc and Play, both phones will be renewed with a new version of Android from next week. Although not yet confirmed when the new update release is known to take place sometime next week. Both the Arc and the Xperia Xperia Play will start using Android 2.3.4.

Among the novelties of the new operating system will prompt the inclusion of Google Talk that from this upgrade will enable users to make free VoIP calls. Initially the system will be installed in the UK but is presumed to spread to other countries soon.

AMD Bulldozer here are the first rumors about prices

There's new news to talk about AMD Bulldozer APU and Llano, with new rumors that this time the price tag, although still not fully aware of the specifications or performance that will have much less compared to the Intel CPU. The prices of these new CPU should start from $ 190 for a quad-core FX 4110 model until you have $ 320 for a model with eight core FX 8130P, going for $ 240 for models with six-core FX 6110.