Monday, May 23, 2011

Malware attacks Mac OS X

The Mac OS X operating system, begins to be affected by malware developers, in fact almost a month, the system from Apple is the victim of an attack type scareware, which essentially makes you believe to be a security risk and download is a fake antivirus called MACDefender or Mac Security. The fake anti-virus is running through a javascript code found in certain web pages, which in turn download a zip file and if the browser is set to extract the files, the infection begins and malicious program requires name and password for administration installed.

If the user is careless and enter the credentials, the malware is installed, and begin to appear on-screen pop-up porn and messages that warn the user that the computer is infected and suggest to download the full version of the program, course fee, to solve the problem. Of course we should not believe what they say these pop-up and to put an end to this infection can simply terminate the process related to Activity Monitor, after which the downloaded package and delete the folder where you extracted the files, no need to download the proposed anti-virus.

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