Monday, March 14, 2011

Play Xperia arrives in April

No doubt the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is one of the most anticipated phones of the year is the first smartphone that incorporates a handheld. Play the new Xperia and Android use by mounted a special platform where stakeholders PlayStation will be available for a myriad of classic PSOne games. The phone will be available in the lists will be available to Vodafone and Spain from April 1 and will cost 649 euros.

Vodafone makes Nexus S

Vodafone has begun marketing in today's second generation of Google Mobile, the Samsung Nexus S. The Mountain View have bet on wireless technology and after the failure of the first edition comes the second generation of Google's smartphone. The new Nexus has a Cortex A8 processor speed of 1 GHz, 5-megapixel camera and video recording with a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels.

It will also have 16 GB of memory, 4-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 800, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, among others. The new Google Mobile has been released in this day and its price ranges between 0 and 299 euros depending on the tariff Vodafone contracts. If we do well to acquire a contract with the mobile terminal will be free and can be used with any SIM, this is a specific condition imposed by Google such as occurred with the first delivery.

White iPhone: Apple confirms its launch in spring

The white version of the popular Apple iPhone has been left wanting. Long rumored if you would or not and when. Finally, we have removed any doubt. The manager has been Philip Schiller, vice president of marketing at the house on the block in their Twitter has commented (nothing formal, but confirmation after all) that spring will come the "precious" white version iPhone.

What's "beautiful" was the epithet that Mr. Schiller has been included in your message. One added that of course will create rivers of comments (since you are) from here to eventually be able to find in stores. Although it has not wanted to be more precise, and no exact date has been set and should be available in all countries.

Another Xbox 360 custom design based on R2-D2

Mark Bongo is the creator of the fantastic custom designed for Xbox 360 that we see in the picture based on the famous character from the Star Wars saga Arturito (R2-D2). The model was introduced by eBay has a special case based on the famous droid copilot repaired by Anakin and used later by his son Luke Skywalker.

The model also incorporates the Xbox 360 HDMI connection and a projector that will allow us to display the video output of the console wherever we are. The design is perfectly recreated using LED lights and even a music box that mimics the sounds of the famous droid, we remind you that this is a unique and not available for purchase.

Acer updates its netbook range with the new Acer Aspire One D257

The ultraportable market does not go through a good time. Harassed on several fronts for tablets, tablet-convertible ultra-thin laptops and even smartphones, these small teams quietly updated its benefits to waiting to see how the market evolves. The Acer Aspire One D257 is proof of this approach conservative.

The Taiwanese have entered a handful of improvements over the Acer Aspire One D255, but there is nothing revolutionary, which does not mean it is a good choice for anyone looking netbook. Physically, the Acer Aspire One D257 is almost canonical. Their dimensions are in accordance with the format 10.1-inch screen (1024 × 600), with 24 mm thick and weighing 1.2 kilos very content (1.3 to six-cell battery).

The founder of 4chan defends his vision of anonymity on the Internet

Christopher Poole, 23, creator of 4chan. Mark Zuckerberg, 26, founder of Facebook. Three years apart, but also a vision of a radically different identity on the Internet. If Mark Zuckerberg defended the use of the real surname of the Internet to enhance the authenticity, Christopher Poole tackled this assertion at a conference at the SXSW Festival in Austin, USA.

"Zuckerberg is wrong when he says that anonymity leads to cowardice. Anonymity is the authenticity. It allows you to share in a totally raw and whole," said the creator of 4chan, a image board (platform to post images) based on total anonymity to its users: no account creation necessary to participate, and absence of nicks.

The world of robot lands in the Capital

ROME - Robot at the start. Today begins the fifth edition of RomeCup 2011 - Trophy City of Rome International Robotics, the event dedicated to the intelligent machines that, until Wednesday, will transform the capital into the realm of robots, androids and robotic pet. This year's theme is "Robotics for Social Innovation." VIDEO of the 2010 Organized by the Digital World Foundation, chaired by professor emeritus at the University La Sapienza Tullio de Mauro, the three days of robotics is an event full of events open to all, a meeting point for fans of robotics, school, research and business, which winds through educational workshops, workshops, presentations of prototypes, a conference and a number of important races.

Opal HP: HP also put a 7-inch tablet WebOS

HP TouchPad have a little brother. Already saw it coming and slowly being confirmed, although the wait to have it in stores still points to be long. HP Opal is the name of development, but is expected to change before the device hits the market. Are known to be 7 inches and will have dimensions of around 180 × 144 × 13 mm, maybe a bit wide on the great competitor that stays in the 0.86 cm.

The display can be one of the strengths, it will have a larger tablet resolution but in those 7 inch commented: 1,024 x 768 pixels. Of course it will be capacitive and hopefully turned. Can you imagine a tablet with a resistive? Would dig his own grave, at least. Few details are known of HP Opal besides those discussed here.

Apple Tablet sold out: iPad2 starts better than the Vorgnger

Half a million iPad2 Apple has sold within a few days, analysts estimate. Already the device is sold in many places, the delivery times in the online store several weeks. Some people waiting made a good business with the tablet computer.

If you want to know more about privacy, click on the i New York - The iPad2 seems to have sold better than the already successful predecessor at its premiere. According to some estimates, Apple 400000-600000 of flat computer got rid of the first weekend. A year ago, as the Ur-iPad came out, Apple had sold off 300,000 of the devices on the first day of sales after nine months and had a full 15 million shares.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play available on 1 April at 649 euros

One phone of the season, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, will appear in our market on April 1, both free and with operators. As the issue has not been clear since its introduction, the joint venture informs us about the offer we will have to choose your phone. First, as announced at the time, Vodafone will have it in their range of handsets.

The first fifteen days of placing on the market will have available the white version of the expected phone / Android console. But we also both free and with other operators, in this case the model will be available in black, also from the 1st of April. In the coming weeks we will learn the price at which they will get the rest of the operators concerned.

The Nexus S arrives in Spain with Vodafone, free and subsidized from zero euros

After a long wait, finally we get the Samsung Nexus Nexus S S or Google or Nexus S to dry, depending on who you name. The second terminal of the Mountain View comes to Spain Vodafone's hand, bringing it subject to a wide range of pricing plans. The handset goes on sale today. Individuals can be done with the new Nexus of almost every possible way, using new high, migration, portability, or through the catalog of items Vodafone.

Thousands of emails from Bank of America published on the Internet

Internet claiming the label of the informal group of activists Anonymous published on Monday, several thousands of confidential emails from Bank of America on a dedicated website. Quickly overwhelmed with requests, the site is currently unavailable, but copies of some emails circulating on file-sharing sites.

Some of the emails exchanged between employees of Bank of America and employees of a subsidiary that specializes in loan guarantees, Balboa, suggest that manipulation took place in the computer tool used by Bank of America to manage loans and insurance. According to Anonymous, e-mails contain evidence that Bank of America improperly seized houses in the heart of the economic crisis of 2008, an accusation by consumer associations in the United States.

The Competition Authority before the establishment of a social tariff for Internet

The Competition Authority announced on Monday, referral for opinion on the establishment of a social tariff for access to access to broadband Internet "for people on low incomes, the government is trying set up with operators. "The Competition Authority received March 8 by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry to give an opinion concerning the establishment of a social tariff access to broadband Internet, "she says in a statement.

Freedom of expression on the Internet: France placed "under surveillance" by RSF

France has made a grand entrance, Saturday, March 12, the list of countries placed "under surveillance" on freedom of expression on the Internet, Reporters Without Borders. "It is important for us to watch practices in repressive countries, but also what our democracies, and in this case there are a number of things that we were worried about France," summed up Monday in the Agence France Presse, Lucie Morillon, head of New Media Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Telecommunications are disrupted in Japan

Three days after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the north-eastern Japan, communications are disrupted in and around the archipelago, but Internet access was more resilient. Fixed telephony. Power outages and damage caused by the earthquake disrupted the operation of phone lines, but it is the gridlock that has created the biggest problems.

The main Korean telephone company reported that shortly after the earthquake, the number of calls between its network and Japan, which has a large minority of Koreans has increased by 91 compared to normal traffic. Mobile phones. In Japan, where mobile penetration rate reached 94% and where the mobile phone is more than anywhere else, a fact of life, access to networks is difficult outside of Tokyo, particularly in rural areas.

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New details on the Bulldozer CPU AMD FX

There's new details on the next FX CPU AMD Bulldozer which should make his debut with the launch of two eight-core CPU and FX-8130P FX 8110 a six-core CPU FX 6110 and a quad-core FX 4110. The news comes from X-bit Labs web site that refutes an earlier report where they announced the debut of four to eight processor cores, two six-core processors and two quad-core.

The CPU FX 8130P, FX 8110 will have 8 MB of cache L2, L3 cache should be between 4 and 8 MB memory controller and dual-channel DDR3-1866 MHz, Technology Turbo Core and multiplier unlocked CPUs are Soket AM3 + but do not yet know the frequency of the CPU. The difference between these 2 CPU should be the TDP for the 125 Watt and 95 Watt 8130P FX for FX 8110.

Apple introduces changes to the application fee to protect minors

The payment system in the Apple app store was convenient and simple. Too easy and simple ... for children. Following complaints from consumers, Apple has modified the system by taking advantage of the new operating system entry iOS 4.3. If before the initial introduction of the password in iTunes was the ability to purchase applications or services they offer for 15 minutes without reintroducing the password, will now be necessary to do so every time you made a payment.

Nuclear accident: why do we distribute the iodine tablets?

In the event of major nuclear accident, the risk of being hit by the radiation emitted by radioactive particles are twofold. First, a radiation hazard near the source of radiation, which primarily concerns the staff of nuclear facilities or lifeguards. Second, a risk of contamination of nearby populations or more distant, if the winds are involved, by dust or radioactive gas.

This contamination is external when dust is deposited on the skin. It is internal when the radioactive elements enter the body through respiration, absorption of food or drink contaminated, or a wound. The consequences depend on the dose, which is itself a function of the intensity of the radioactive source, proximity, nature of radiation and exposure time.

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iPad 2 has a component cost of $ 325, according to iSuppli IHS

Last week we were presenting the same study by iSuppli IHS people with Xoom Motorola, one of the main competitors iPad 2, the cost of components was close to $ 360. Today we share with you the estimate on Apple's new product: $ 325. The estimated price we give is for the 32GB model with 3G connectivity, which out of 729 U.S.

dollars, more than double the estimated cost per component. Again I would comment that it is a more interesting than real, which serves to compare with other teams. It left out a lot of expenses: advertising, labor, design, development, distribution, etc. In the source we specify a couple of different values, depending on whether the computer is on the operator Verizon, 323.35 dollars, or AT & T, 326.60 dollars (using more expensive hardware connectivity.) For this reason we decided to round off the figure.

First data of 8-core AMD Bulldozer, AMD's new FX-Series

It seems that we begin to know and the first data on the new AMD chips, which so far have called Zambezi or Bulldozer, as these are the code names of the processor microarchitecture and throughout its development. Today we already know the names and characteristics of the first four models will go on sale over the coming weeks.

It is sold under the product family AMD FX-Series, traditionally its range of high-end products for the domestic sector, and as expected its new more powerful models. The main features speak of 8, 6 or 4-core, 32-nanometer dual channel DDR3 (Dual Channel) and under the new socket AM3 +.

Wikileaks: Twitter must give information to authorities

A U.S. federal judge decided Friday, March 11, that Twitter would provide information about people in contact with Wikileaks, as he had ordered the Obama administration. Theresa Carroll Buchanan, Virginia federal judge has refused to cancel the order for the administration, she herself had confirmed in December that Twitter furnish information on the accounts of an Icelandic parliamentary, Birgitta Jonsdottir, an American computer scientist, Jacob Appelbaum, and Rop Gonggrijp, a Dutch collaborator Wikileaks.

Microsoft criticized for using the Japanese situation for marketing purposes

Has Microsoft used the disaster that affects Japan for business purposes? A message signed by Bing, the Microsoft search engine, posted on Twitter, has angered many users. "How you can # AiderleJapon - http://binged. It/fEh7iT. For each re-tweet [taken by the message a Twitter user], @ Bing will donate $ 1 to victims of the earthquake, up to 100 000 $ ", said the message posted on March 12, and echoed by several hundred people.

Time travel through objects

World history told through 100 objects is a real journey in time in cross-media synergy achieved by combining radio, web and physical exhibits on site, but also represents a sublime example of public service. BBC Radio (supported by Canon) and the British Museum (through state funding) in 2010 have in fact created a huge cultural project "ambitious but by the incredible success of public: History of the World in 100 Objects.

1015B and 1215B Asus EeePC choose AMD Fusion

I guess I will not be the only one who has to take a look at the website to determine which model are we talking about when I meet an Asus EeePC netbook, develop many versions that change just one letter, it is good that we include in our ed one of the models. The newcomers are the Asus EeePC 1015B and 1215B, as we can deduce from his name the first model is 10.1 inches and 12.1 inches second.

Intel Atom Z670 to tablets, "three times more expensive than a Nvidia Tegra 2?

I do not think are serious doubts about the success of the tablets on the market, but still a lot of pie to be distributed and all relevant stakeholders, from hardware manufacturers to makers of operating systems, are aware of it. Bets on Google and Apple are clearly the winning horses, but we must not forget that Microsoft is preparing its way.

The Redmond, as is customary in operating systems, betting in the first instance by X86 architecture, Intel's hand. Intel readies its latest development within the Atom family, known as Oak Trail, with the internal name of Z670 for higher performance model. Regarding the chip, and as a source of this news has leaked that will cost $ 75, facing manufacturers.

The external drive LaCie Little Big Disk, the first with Thunderbolt, come in summer

Since we mentioned the other day that LaCie would be the first company to launch a new peripheral is compatible with docking Thunderbolt developed by Intel and Apple. This is a version of the LaCie Little Big Disk. Unfortunately, still have to wait until summer for owners of one of the new Apple computers can plug this Little Big Disk.

Aluminum shell and the usual design of the house, the LaCie Little Big Disk in Thunderbolt version weighs less than 500 grams and incorporates two Intel SSD 510 to 250GB. What looks like a beast in question boasts storage is a necessary based on the Thunderbolt transfer rates, with two-way channels for a bandwidth of 10Gbps.