Monday, March 14, 2011

iPad 2 has a component cost of $ 325, according to iSuppli IHS

Last week we were presenting the same study by iSuppli IHS people with Xoom Motorola, one of the main competitors iPad 2, the cost of components was close to $ 360. Today we share with you the estimate on Apple's new product: $ 325. The estimated price we give is for the 32GB model with 3G connectivity, which out of 729 U.S.

dollars, more than double the estimated cost per component. Again I would comment that it is a more interesting than real, which serves to compare with other teams. It left out a lot of expenses: advertising, labor, design, development, distribution, etc. In the source we specify a couple of different values, depending on whether the computer is on the operator Verizon, 323.35 dollars, or AT & T, 326.60 dollars (using more expensive hardware connectivity.) For this reason we decided to round off the figure.

Values \u200b\u200bthat give us to think that Apple has a lot of leeway in profits, though they are not including the costs mentioned above. But not very different from what we see in competition, have a quick comparison to the equivalent Xoom Motorola sells for about $ 800. Between the two gadgets are very different forms of distribution, as Apple's expense and infrastructure of its own stores, and that influences the final price, their benefit is also having to pay fewer intermediaries.

Going into components, says the cost of the new A5 is 75% higher than the A4 Apple, according to iSuppli IHS will cost $ 14. This morning we presented you the higher price moves in the Nvidia Tegra 2 and the new Intel Atom. No mention is made of other elements of the SoC as the new PowerVR graphics processor, which have more information and an interesting comparison in Applesfera.

Always keeping in mind that the screen resolutions (higher Xoom) influence enough in the final results of the benchmarks. Obviously the most expensive component is still the touch screen, the IPS panel developed by LG Display will cost $ 127. Despite being virtually the same as in the first iPad, in that had a cost of $ 95 (April 2010), so that other aspects (refinement, improvements in design, materials ..) have raised the price of it.

Camera modules, discussed for its quality photographic work, as they are clearly focused on the use of Facetime, go for $ 4.80. IPad memory 2 also comes from Samsung, with total cost (NAND, DRAM ...) from 65.70 dollars. I leave you with a table that lists all components and the missing: To conclude I leave links to other gadgets that have passed through the hands of iSuppli, Samsung tablet as Galaxy Tab, with cost $ 205, a Nokia N8, with $ 188, the same as predicted for a iPhone 4.

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