Thursday, May 5, 2011

Canon launches an application to print from iPhone, and Android iPad

Canon has updated its catalog Pixma by focusing on three areas: ease of use, fun and printing from mobile phones. In a world increasingly concerned with reducing paper use home printers are forced to reinvent, to seek an incentive for the user decides to buy more than one device to print critical documents, receipts or tickets, for example .

Improved cameras in phones and have become the preferred method for capturing impromptu moments and then share memories. However, the process for removal from the unit and pass the computer will not print after paper invites. This problem is resolved with the application for iPhone and iPad Canon iePP, free in the AppStore, and PPE to devices with Android.

"Playbook" 10 "?

The BlackBerry World held in the United States is coming to an end and left us a lot of news about future projects of Research in Motion (RIM). I already talked of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Bold 9930, is now the turn for the BlackBerry Playbook. BlackBerry has announced that this year will reach a new playbook with 10-inch screen, news that will surely delight many.

Many tablets today offer very small screens, some even border on a smartphone line, which is why the news may be welcome in the geek community. Playbook is a fact that was not the response expected by RIM, at least for lovers of technology a bad rap on several websites and blogs dedicated to gadget.

Facebook and Google interested in Skype

Facebook and Google are planning both to reach an agreement with the telephony service Skype, Reuters reveals that while Skype has postponed its IPO. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, has initiated direct talks for a takeover of Skype, according to sources with the agency, the agreement could also take the form of a joint venture.

Google would also lead to the creation of a joint venture with the phone service. An agreement of this magnitude with Skype would be between 3 and 4 billion (between 2 and 3.7 million euros), according to inside sources, the IPO of Skype would have aimed to raise $ 1 billion . The latter assumption is not entirely ruled out and could take place in second half of 2011.

Came iOS 4.3.3

Apple has officially launched in the last hours the new update of its mobile operating system. The new IOS 4.3.3 is now available through iTunes and comes with several interesting developments. To start Apple has solved the famous problem of file "consolidated. db ", the controversial file that supported the position of the mobile antenna or hot spots on our device was connected.

Surely this decision has raised more than anything to calm the waters and silence the media that have been feasting on this issue. Now the "consolidated. db "is not supported on your computer when you connect the device so that information is available only in our terminal. You have solved the problem that existed to disable this function, now the file is completely eliminated when we blocked the option of positioning.

Free Software & Applications

How many times have we spent hours and hours to get to download a program or game? Personally many and so today I want to present a website that will be the solution to all your software problems, it is ProgramasOK. com, a site where you'll find the program you are looking for. In ProgramasOK. com find all kinds of programs you can download completely free, without receipts or text messages.

Attack on Playstation Network: Sony accuses web guerrilla Anonymous

Who was it? Criminals were able to copy data of 100 million Sony-customers, the company now publishes a transcript of the defensive struggle. The Group makes the Web Guerilla Anonymous complicity in the theft. Sony remains the only indication of this: a file called "Anonymous". It sounds so good: The loosely organized guerrilla Anonymous web has repeatedly shot down the websites of film and music associations.

France adopts a single price of digital books

France will be the first European country to adopt a law of seven articles on the price of digital books. This will be enacted before the summer, according to government commitments. It will provide publishers the control of prices of digital files meet distributors (Amazon, Google, Apple), that they are present on national territory or abroad.

For their part, the authors obtained that they be paid "a fair and equitable" in case of digital exploitation of their works, with accountability "explicit and transparent" by the publisher. Tuesday, May 3, the joint commission (CMP), comprising seven deputies and seven senators reached an agreement, approved unanimously.

Skype is tempting to web giants Google and Facebook deal

BACK the intersection between big business and the world of social networking. On the day when the social network arrives in China Renren Wall Street picking up nearly $ 750 million from investors, they share a surprise negotiations for the sale of Skype. The news was reported from across the Atlantic and is twofold: to contend for control of the company popular with Web users because it allows the possibility of free phone calls are actually the two giants of the Internet world: Google and Facebook.

Electronic Arts cut its loss in its fiscal offset

The American publisher of video games Electronic Arts (EA) announced Wednesday, May 4, a greater reduction than-expected net loss, 276 million (EUR 186 million) on its overall performance offbeat 2010-2011. In 2009-2010, the net loss was $ 677 million (457 million dollars. The turnover for its share declined 1.8% to 3.6 billion dollars (2.4 billion euros ), below analysts' expectations, which stood at 3.76 billion dollars (2.54 billion euros).

Intel Announces Transistor 3D

World number one microprocessor Intel announced Wednesday, May 4, a new breakthrough in the history of microprocessors, saying for the first time able to include a transistor chips in three dimensions, for more efficient appliances. "Scientists and engineers at Intel have once again reinvented the transistor, this time using the third dimension," said Intel CEO Paul Otellini said in a statement.

"We're undergoing a revolution"

When she called Brendan Cahill, a young manager, to launch a startup in the digital book, he did not hesitate. "Everything is new. We must constantly invent, decide quickly. That risk, lots of adrenaline, but a lot of confidence when we see how it progresses." Brendan is now vice-president of the Open Road, a publisher of books exclusively digital.

She is Jane Friedman, her boss, who has released a management position at the leading publisher HarperCollins in spring 2009 at the peak of the economic crisis, to start this business. The fund financier-producer-director Jim Kohlberg (director of The MusicNever Stopped) has invested $ 7 million.

The wave of e-book engulfs New York

New York Correspondent - December 27, Amazon has sold in a day of digital books (e-books) that during the previous three months, indicating that its portable reader Kindle was a hit at Christmas. And, after the teenagers, the American online bookseller attacks the "segment" of the parents. In major newspapers in the country flourishes an advertisement reads: "Kindle, the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Anonymous to the origin of the piracy game platforms from Sony?

The hackers who attacked the gaming platform Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) have claimed the group hacktivists Anonymous says, Wednesday, May 4, the Japanese group. "When Sony Online Entertainment was discovered last Sunday in the afternoon that the company's data servers were stolen, he also discovered that intruders had set up a folder on one of these servers under 'Anonymous' with words' We are legion ", said the head of a subsidiary of Japan, Kazuo Hirai, in a letter to U.S.

Apple reduced the tracking data recorded by iPhone

Apple on Thursday launched an update of its operating system IOS for iPhone and iPad tablet, one of the main developments is to reduce the number of location information recorded by these devices. The company hopes to put an end to criticism that she was subjected in recent days after the publication of a study showing that many Apple devices recorded location information, and for a period of one year.

Intel reinvents the transistor is the future of the 3D structure

ROME - A new three-dimensional structure for semiconductors, to increase the performance of microprocessors, optimizing energy consumption. This announcement from Intel, which will shortly put into production the new transistors per chip to 22 nanometers. The new Intel technologies are therefore the first transistor to the 3D world, called Tri-gate, a radical departure from the two-dimensional planar structure on which they are based, for several decades, not only all the computers, mobile phones and consumer electronic devices.