Monday, May 9, 2011

HTC Flyer will arrive in Spain with Stylus

HTC Flyer, one of the most anticipated tablets this year, come to our country with a luxurious accessory. As many already know the new HTC Flyer has christened digital pen stylus, a nifty device allows you to interact with our touch tablet with a capacitive touch screen gadget. In recent weeks much has been said of the high cost that this accessory but here in Spain so we can enjoy "free." HTC Spain has reported that both here and in Britain the new tablet will be accompanied by the HTC Stylus.

Before its IPO, LinkedIn is valued at 2 billion euros

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, announced it would offer 7.84 million shares for its IPO, in a range between 32 and 35 dollars per share. If the operation takes place in the high end, LinkedIn is valued at over $ 3 billion (2 billion euros). LinkedIn, which boasts nearly 100 million members in Buzz Tech News, would become the first social network to go public.

Facebook, the first social network in the world, consider an IPO within a few months, but in no hurry to open its capital. LinkedIn, which wants to gain a foothold on Wall Street under the symbol "LNKD", plans to raise about $ 146.6 million through the sale of securities held by certain of its shareholders.

A chat with Anonymous hacked

Anonops. net, one of the sites used by people claiming the community Anonymous, this informal group of activists and hackers who assemble from time to time around specific causes, was hacked in scope, affecting in particular chat. The site is currently inaccessible and address refers to a page where are published the IP (Internet Protocol) persons who participated in online discussions, information that would allow law enforcement to identify a part of them.

Infrared solar panels: nanoantenne so multiply the energy

Panels that capture the infrared light and convert it into energy. Other than nuclear, the future is increasingly in the Sun At least that's what we feel peeking in laboratories around the world. Rather than work on the potential artificial atom, scientists are trying to optimize the light that comes naturally on our planet, at all wavelengths.

And the first results are very promising: only a few years to move from the laboratory directly on the roofs of our homes. A group of researchers at Rice University in the journal Science has found his latest: Special nanoantenne able to capture infrared light and convert it into electricity.

The cloud of Amazon, compatible with Apple's operating system

Amazon has not published, but Techcrunch has proven to work. The storage facility in the Amazon cloud, Amazon's Cloud Player works on the Safari browser on a mobile operating system from Apple. Although a warning appears that the browser does not support this service, if it ignores the surfer can access the music stored in MP3 files from an iPod or iPhone.

Yes, you can not upload new files. Player Cloud service was launched a couple of months in the U.S. and allows Internet users to save files in this virtual warehouse of various types to access them from any device. When it was launched did not work with the Safari browser used by the devices with Apple's operating system.

Google testing a new page of results

Google is testing new tweaks to the presentation of search results. A year ago, added a sidebar and a larger window to enter the search term. Now TwitPic shows a test results page on which increases the spacing between the results, which are separated by a line and uses lighter colors. It also takes oral evidence search, a feature previously only available on mobile.

In addition, Google's Chrome browser with WebGL tool, graphically displays the 3D search by area and language: in Light Blue, English, Castilian, gold, French, Portuguese and light green in dark. In addition, Google Analytics, the company explains on his blog, shows the load times of web pages allowing the perpetrator shall make changes to improve them.

Telephone with flexible display

A team of researchers from Queen's University in Ontario (Canada) and the University of Arizona have demonstrated a prototype smartphone, the PaperPhone, with the characteristics of a sheet of paper, is flexible. For now, the prototype used to study the gestures necessary for the bending of the spreadsheet is associated with certain orders.

The touch screen is flexible and responds to a stylus. The E-ink display is similar to that of e-books you can read multimedia files and ensure the basic functionality of a device, such as incoming and outgoing calls and messaging management. Its creators say they will not be available until five or ten years.

Microsoft launches advertising campaign against Apple

Microsoft has opened a website from Canada which is dedicated to compare benefits and prices of Apple computers from other manufacturers machines equipped with Windows. Objective: to demonstrate that Apple is more expensive to equal benefits. The site is called Do The Math. Redmond maker theorizes that buying a Windows PC this summer, the customer will save for other expenses.

PlayStation Network still disabled

Despite assurances made last week, Sony was not able to reactivate the PlayStation Network, its online gaming system suffered a virus attack. Suspended since April 20, the network, which has 75 million subscribers in Tech News Buzz, was the target of hackers who managed to steal personal data on players.

The exact extent of data theft is not yet known, says Sony does not have evidence that bank data in particular have been affected. The Japanese publisher has yet confirmed this weekend that information on 2,500 people who participated in a contest were published Thursday on a company site, but that information did not contain bank details.