Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saving music in the cloud is legal

The record digested bad that Amazon opened its Music Store service in the cloud without a license pact with them. They still must have felt worse than a federal judge in New York believes that these services do not violate copyright because they are not obliged to review all content to tinker with their customers, ultimately responsible for the files that go to these stores virtual.

It is a bitter sweet victory for EMI labels in particular and in general, and the sentence that condemns partially MP3Tunes and its founder, Michael Robertson, legalize the cloud services of Amazon, Google and Apple if it is ratified. The case dates back to 2007, when EMI MP3Tunes sued for copyright infringement.

Facebook revises its privacy settings

The social network Facebook has since Tuesday, August 23, new tools to enable its 750 million registered to have more control over their personal data. "Our intention is to facilitate the publication and to offer you a more interesting and easier to use, promises Chris Cox, product manager at Facebook, the official blog of the social network.

These changes will take effect in the coming days ". The main change is to allow members to check the criteria to share their messages, photos or articles, not having to go to the privacy settings page, but directly with new icons placed in a drop-down menu next to the content to broadcast.

China, in the second quarter, is the world's largest market for PCs

China became the world's largest market for PCs in the second quarter 2011, surpassing the United States, according to data released Tuesday, August 23. The country could even pass the first permanent world power during the year 2012, according to IDC. "It was early or late in this sector, as was already the case for the automotive market.

China has a large population and average income rises," analysis for its part Toshihiro Nagahama, economist at Dai-ichi LifeResearch Institute deTokyo . While the market has contracted in the United States from 4.8% to 17.7 million units from April to June, China, a country with nearly 500 million Internet users, the market has increased 14 % to 18.5 million PCs, notes IDC.