Wednesday, April 27, 2011

S 4G Nexus launches in May

The U.S. mobile telephone operator Sprint has officially announced that it reached an agreement with Samsung technology manufacturer to exclusively market the new smartphone Nexus S 4G. The Nexus S 4G is basically a new version of the Samsung Nexus S, exclusively from T-Mobile, but with 4G connectivity.

Super AMOLED display has 4 inch, 1 GHz processor speed, 16 GB of storage, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash, camera for video calls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. The phone will come equipped with the latest version of Android smartphones (Android Gingerbread 2.3.3). The new Samsung Nexus S 4G reach the U.S.

Casio has a new smartphone SUV

Casio has introduced a new smartphone all-terrain capable of withstanding the harshest environments, it is the new G'zOne Commando and has a long list of MIL-STD. The new Casio G'zOne can withstand Commando virtually everything falls, moisture, dust, immersion, pressure, heat and cold, among others. The device is evaluated by standard military rules of U.S.

military (MIL-STD). Unlike other off-road the new Casio G'zOne Commando has excellent technology. Gorilla has a glass screen 3.6 inch, 512 RAM, 1 GB of ROM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microSD slot for up to 32 GB and 5 megapixel camera. As if all this were not enough phone with Android operating system 2.2 with some proprietary applications.

Nero changes the DVD by the multimedia edition

Nero is associated with CDs and DVDs. The German company created the popular software to 'burn' the contents of computer disks quickly and easily. Tablets or netbooks or less bring reader and writer of this format. The same happens with mobile phones, more and more advanced multimedia capabilities. However, according to the German company, the user still wants to carry their content in different formats.

Nokia cut its workforce by 7,000 people by 2012

The recent agreement between Nokia and Microsoft has led to the largest mobile phone maker in the world has to outsource the production and development of the Symbian operating system, now run by Accenture. This decision will affect about 3,000 people currently on staff at Nokia, also has confirmed 4,000 redundancies from here until the end of 2012 within its restructuring plan to face the future hand in hand with Bill Gates.

The U.S. Congress is investigating the capture of data from mobile telephone

U.S. Congressmen have invited executives from Google and Apple at a hearing devoted to the preservation of privacy. The subpoena comes after revelations that the mobile phone store, and in some cases, the manufacturer transmits geolocation data. At the same time, the Energy and Commerce Committee has sent subpoenas to Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Research in Motion and Hewlett-Packard to ask their managers about whether these companies get or share information on the movements of their mobile customers.

Sony admits that the PlayStation network may have suffered a massive data theft

The closure since last Wednesday of the PlayStation Network that allows online play to its 70 million members already have an explanation from Sony. The company has admitted that an "unauthorized person" may have obtained sensitive information from its users. In a note posted on the company blog does not rule out that the intruder has obtained names, addresses, passwords, purchase history.

Test Portal 2, PC

More than three years after his arrival as a bonus gift in the inevitable Orange Box from Valve Software, Portal coming back for a second episode now emancipated and ready to stand on its own. On paper, the program and the cast have not changed much since 2007, although this second episode is not without a few surprises.

The goals have not changed since the first episode: we are always asked to go from point A to point B by exploiting the capabilities of the famous gun interdimensional portals, allowing you to open an interdimensional entry left click, and an output of a right click. Portal 2 still far away from the infancy narrative architecture of its predecessor.

Hadopi: Nicolas Sarkozy makes his self-criticism

The president Nicolas Sarkozy said Wednesday, April 27, ready for an overhaul of the web laws on Internet piracy, recognizing a part of government's error in the genesis of this device has generated strong opposition from professionals. "We said, 'Are you ready for a Hadopi 3?" Of course I'm ready, "said Sarkozy during a speech on the occasion of the inauguration of the Council's national digital forum for dialogue between industry players and government.

Nokia announces 4000 job cuts and outsourcing 3000

The Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia announced on Wednesday, April 27, plans to cut four thousand jobs and outsource other three miles to the consulting group Accenture by the end of 2012. Nokia intends to outsource its work on the Symbian operating system of its smartphones. Three thousand employees of Nokia that are associated with this activity in Finland, China, India, Britain and the United States will become employees of U.S.

Goodbye PC. The future of tablet

Your death, vita mea. The death of the PC, life for the iPad. When you read the data on sales of electronic products in the United States and elsewhere, it seems that personal computers are intended to sunset, while it seems to dawn light for the tablets of Apple (and other manufacturers, as we shall see).

In the first three months of 2011, worldwide PC sales were down by 1, 1% from last year. Industry experts had hoped instead to grow by 3%. In the U.S., the negative figure is even more pronounced reduction of the PC market was 6.1%. The phenomenon seems linked to the "fever for the tablet, the tablets increasingly common in metropolitan New York, where they are taking the place of newspapers, and offices in Manhattan, where they could replace computers, especially laptops.

News Corp. expects $ 100 million sale of MySpace

The News Corporation of Rupert Murdoch expects little more than $ 100 million (68 million euros) from the sale of Myspace, he bought $ 580 million (395 million euros) in 2005, says, Tuesday, April 26, the Wall Street Journal (paid access) clarifying that purchase proposals were expected in the week. The newspaper, citing people familiar with the case, "a half-dozen funds and companies should submit proposals," whose funds Criterion Capital, which bought the site similar to AOL Bebo in June 2010.

SMS boom is at risk of extinction IM

Sms at risk of extinction. Mobile phone users do not like most text messages which have dedicated mobile phones. The old SMS you prefer instant messaging, more free and easy. That's why over the next generation of text messages may become extinct forever. To predict the "death" is a study commissioned by broadband provider TalkTalk, from the British newspaper Daily Mail reported.

In particular, experts predict that the amount of texts sent in the next two years will decrease by 20 percent in countries like Britain - but also Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil - where instant messaging applications like BlackBerry Messenger are now more widespread. The study found that for 51 percent of Britons, 15 to 20 years of age, e-mail is the preferred tool.

The National Council of digital set Wednesday

The National Council of digital (CNN) must be installed on Wednesday 27 April by President Nicolas Sarkozy. This organization's stated objective to avoid future failures in the management of specific issues related to Internet by the government, through dialogue with the sector. Eighteen persons should sit on this advisory body, the daily La Tribune.

These are mainly representatives of telecom operators, e-commerce, software publishers and companies like Deezer, Yellow Pages or auFeminin. com. CNN, which should meet directly with the president three to four times a year, will meet for the first time on Wednesday, including its president elect.

1st quarter: profits fall but sales rise for Amazon

The American group of online distribution Amazon surprised the market, Tuesday, April 26, with a plunge of 33% of net income in first quarter to 201 million dollars (137 million), against $ 299 million (204 million euros) a year earlier. But Amazon, however, recorded a turnover better than expected, to 9.86 billion dollars (6.72 billion euros), up 38%.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's president, said the number of new launches have taken place over the past three months: Kindle electronic reading lights matching advertising to lower the purchase cost of new applications for Android and Windows 7 Phone, or Services computing cloud (cloud) of its subsidiary Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Personal data on pirated PlayStation Network

The Japanese group Sony said Tuesday that personal data, including passwords, were intercepted by hackers, which led him to suspend the April 20 PlayStation Network, which connects its gaming consoles to the Internet. Patrick Seybold, Sony spokesman, said the interactive portal connects the PlayStation 3 (PS3) games or movies in line had been targeted by pirates, who seized data belonging to users, including their dates of birth and password.

Sony Announces New VAIO ultraportables to its range

In the last hours the Japanese technology manufacturer Sony made a major announcement that caught the attention of the whole geek scene and shook many of its competitors, it is releasing two new VAIO family members, these new Ultimate Mobile PC Sony and Sony Free Hybrid PC. Both models were presented by the company during an exclusive press conference in which Sony said some of the trends for this year.

Incredible HTC S is available in free-form Spain

The Phone House has officially announced that it has posted a new HTC Incredible S, successor of the successful HTC Incredible. The Spanish company selling mobile is offering the new smartphone from HTC's completely free. We remind you that until now was only available by phone allowance of mobile telephone operators in our country.

From now on we can buy the phone on our own but it will not be cheap, the HTC Incredible Free S has a cost of 558 euros, certainly not everyone is willing to invest so much on a mobile. Along with the new HTC Incredible S arrived in Spain the new HTC Desire S, also part of the second generation of smartphones HTC HTC and successor of Desire, but unfortunately the latter do not have the costs available to facilitate you.