Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blu-ray disc of 200 GB

The technology of information storage systems is certainly one of the points of the modern computer that has progressed in recent years. The storage capacity of more compact devices come in a continuous growth where it is common to the memory of mobile phones is rarely less than 8 GB. The technology of the storage disks are no exception and with the launch of the Blu-ray over a few years ago was huge, but growth continues and Panasonic has introduced a new Blu-ray disc can store up to 200 GB of information .

Google removes a musical application store Android

Google has withdrawn its application Grooveshark Android store. Google's move comes months after Apple did the same in his shop and hours before the company representatives to appear before a subcommittee of the U.S. Congress to testify about piracy and digital market. Google has justified the measure, arguing that the application violated their conditions of service, reports Cnet.

The company has not specified what kind of violations in question. The recording industry has maintained for months, a long legal dispute over the site COTENA, a digital radio, which allows Internet users to upload their songs and share them. The service is home to some six million songs and the record label EMI filed a lawsuit against the site for violation of copyright which ended in an agreement between the parties.

Fring has achieved multiple video call on Smartphones

There are various applications for video calls over the Internet, programs like Skype, FaceTime or Tango are just some examples. Like most things on the web the quality of the programs becomes a matter of taste or manners, however Fring has taken a major step to position itself as the best program to make video calls.

The new version of Fring available for smartphones has managed to incorporate four simultaneous video calls to contacts, ie you and three others. Skype, in its desktop version, had already incorporated this technology, however was only available to paying users. The new beta of Fring will allow all users, both as free payments, make video calls in groups of up to four members from mobile devices.

Intel introduces its new range of processors

This morning the developer of tecnologíainformática Intel has unveiled its new range of processors belonging to the Xeon line, it is the new Intel Xeon E3-1200. As is usual in the Xeon range the new E3-1200 is intended for use purely professional but at a basic level, small single servers or special projects are some examples of applications for this range of high performance processors.

To put it simply are a new line of processors that share several basic features of high-end processors. Such features include support for ECC memory, some systems of their own security and virtualization optimization tasks. All Intel Xeon range E3-1200 have an integrated GPU (Intel C026) and has a total of eleven models available.

Fans of Berlusconi without their knowledge

Users who imbufaliti scrivonoalla our editorial inquiries homemade video posted on YouTube, appeals on blogs and social networks. It is the object of the tam-tam on the Internet at this time: the mystery of thenext Facebook Silvio Berlusconi, to which thousands of social network users, had been entered against their will.

The page appears in all the official everything eto the premier. There are the personal info ("Current Position: Founder and Chairman of the Political Movement The People of Freedom"), studies at the University of Milan "and links to official sites of the party. There are members of course: almost three hundred thousand, but point out the people, in steady decline (yesterday afternoon declined at a rate of one hundred per hour).

Garmin puts an interpreter in your browser GPS

GPS navigators are still struggling with all his strength and resources to defend against the attack of advanced mobile phones. One of the points at which losing is in the associated services. We saw with the recent TomTom Go Live 1000 that facilitated permanent Internet connection to obtain services.

Garmin offers us bring an interpreter on our trips abroad including Oxford Guide Language Guide on their browsers, but be careful as to charges and cost us 36 euros to have it in your browser compatible. With this guide can be accessed from the browser to a bank of words and phrases in five languages, and serve as a translator.

RFID: agreement in the European Union to protect consumers

The European Commission announced on Wednesday, April 6, signed an agreement with industry to protect consumer privacy in the use within the EU of electronic tags called "RFID." These chips, which can be read remotely and could one day replace bar codes are increasingly used: the passes for the subway, on cars - to identify them when they pass a toll and avoid stopping - on products for tracking the chain of shipment, or under the skin of customers that are happening nightclubs and identity cards and payment.

Lantic Technology announces the new GeForce GTX550 1GB GDDR5 Ti

Lantic Technology presents a press release to the public his new video card GeForce GTX550 1GB GDDR5con Ti 40nm process, based on NVIDIA's GTX550 graphics card reference, but with higher operating frequencies. The proposal differs Lantic operating frequencies that are respectively 1040MHz core, 1800MHz for the shaders and 4400MHz for the 1GB GDDR5 memory, against the standard 900/1800/4100MHz frequencies.

Tablet Sony will come out this summer

After inspired by the PlayStation phone, the Xperia, Sony plans to release its own tablet PlayStation. The project was informally known, but now the company has confirmed and announced the departure date. The technical details given match those anticipated. Have a 9.4 inch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 800.

The Android operating system will have two cameras ... one front and one rear. Unlike Apple models will offer USB connection. You can read the PS One games and integrated into the digital music offering from Sony and Qriocity. Is expected to go to the market this summer and the price of the basic model over 400 euros.

APU AMD Llano arriving on the shelves

AMD has announced that the new APU Llano, characterized by the integration of a CPU and GPU compatible DirecX 11 in the same day, the work done under the name of the Fusion project, are sold to OEMs, which means that soon we should see these processors on the shelves. The first units should be named as "A" series and probably will be five quad-core processor, you can see in the table below: In addition, AMD announced that it has revised its agreement with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to make sure that the chips produced are perfect for avoid the mistake made in the past with the first versions of the Phenom processors, which were plagued by a bug that penalized performance slightly and in rare cases caused the CPU block.

Even with the new MSI and ASRock ready CPU Bulldozer

In recent days some companies like Asus and Gigabyte were declared ready to support new AMD Bulldozer, by updating the bios on some models of motherboards, and MSI have done no less and who have revealed their ASRock motherboard compatible with the new CPU. As for ASRock boards are compatible: While the MSI cards are: As we said these cards will be compatible with the new CPU, with a simple BIOS update, even though it is equipped with the older 800 series chipset and the new 900 series.

Return of the Commodore 64

Everybody remembers the good old Commodore 64, who has not played at least once or at least heard about it from friends and relatives? Well Commodore 64 back with a new modern and high-performance hardware, but with the same appearance 29 years ago. The components that make the heart beat of the new Commodore 64 is a mini-ITX motherboard with Atom 525 Dual Core processor and Nvidia graphics chip ION2.

If music is an independent netlabel live without the SIAE

He had said in many, confirmed by the Court of Auditors of the United States: "The estimates of the damage of piracy are false." New studies have shown that the artists make money out of file sharing and the world are increasing efforts to open music libraries. In Brazil, following the public consultation for the reform of copyright law has made the proposal to legalize non-commercial filesharing paying a fixed fee as an incentive to broadband.

Seagate Slim hurry GoFlex thinness

After introducing the technology in the last GoFlex CES 2011, Seagate has already put on the market its first external hard drive with this system. And "Operation Bikini" has also come to them. The Seagate external drive GoFlex Slim, with a capacity of 320 GB which costs $ 100 is positioned as one of the most interesting external hard drives on the market.

The values of its design and very small thickness of only 9 mm plain to see, but inside we find for example a hard disk that runs at 7200 rpm and connectivity based on USB 3.0. The model is available and is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and remember that your system can be placed on a consistent basis to serve the content instantly, becoming one of the most compact NAS.

Apple patented a new generation of 30-pin connector that supports USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt

A connector for all and all for one. That seems almost Apple's philosophy that, as reported by our colleagues Applesfera, just patent a new version of its 30-pin universal connector. The patent keeps the same face of the current 30-pin connector, but adds support for the estandarUSB 3.0 and with the recent connection format that comes Thunderbolt sujstituir to DisplayPort and transfer speeds reaching 20 times superioers to USB 2.0.

New Intel Xeon processors for servers basic professional

Intel has filed this morning its new Intel Xeon microprocessors E3-1200, included in the Xeon product family that has traditionally been linked to the professional world in both servers and workstations. The CPU unveiled today are of a similar idea, maintaining its status as professional product but basic.

Its main purpose is, according to Intel, to be used in small business servers that do not have a huge workload endured. They are simple and have some characteristics of the elderly, such as ECC memory support, systems security and data redundancy and good performance in areas of virtualization.

Altec Lansing octive 650, speaker system connects to your TV

The Altec Lansing, one of the brands that best cares for Apple products, and touched him renew his sound equipment for players and phones apple company. The new Altec Lansing octive 650 is a good speaker system design and brings us attractive to connect the TV to play videos full screen from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

How could it be otherwise, this new product comes with an application under the arm, although this time there is a remote control but Mood Music, responsible for downloading videos relaxants. Despite being a compact sound system, Altec Lansing has taken care of details like the 3-inch drivers and integrated 4-inch subwoofer that projects the sound down to improve the listening experience with our music.

Google's auto-suggest pinned in Italy

The American group Google has lost, late March, a trial in Italy regarding the defamatory nature of some of the suggestions made by its automated search engine. When a visitor entered the name for an Italian entrepreneur, whose identity was not revealed in the American search engine, the terms "fraud" or "crook" was immediately associated by the "Google Suggest" .

In its decision dated Thursday, March 31, the Milan court confirms an initial ruling in late January, which estimated that reconciliation defamatory words for personality. Google will have to remove these "suggestions" from its search engine. According to the court document in Milan, the complainant pointed out that Google's service lacking "preventive filters" to avoid such outcomes in research.

"Tips defamatory" Google held responsible

The Suggest feature in the Google search is defamatory, if approached as a person in words which may undermine the professionalism and dignity. This was established by the Milan Court, upholding an appeal by a citizen who felt defamed by the words that Google Suggest automatically associated with his name.

The court dismissed the complaint and the company's California-based company has imposed to eliminate quell'accostamento, charging the costs of litigation. Remarkable story, because it feeds the notion that the algorithms are not neutral, and makes the search engines be liable to web content indexed.

Be Your Own Souvenir, creating 3D models of ourselves with the help of Kinect

It seems that we are not going to get tired of seeing the original application in which it is engaged Kinect, this time used to create three-dimensional figures on the Rambla. The project has been named Be Your Own Souvenir. As you read, making 3D miniature people passing by the famous Barcelona avenue, as you can see in the following video, made by system designers, the people of blablabLAB.

Toshiba televisions flurry of 2011 with the SL series, UL, VL and ZL1

Toshiba yesterday in Rome an event which has presented all its developments on television this year. The company has announced a veritable flurry of new models that incorporate from passive 3D glasses, to new Internet services through more areas of local LED backlight for improved picture quality. All the models already come with the new connected TV platform developed by Toshiba to deal with Smart TV Samsung or Philips.

Zediva, the DVD rental service that annoys Hollywood

Before you can rent a movie video on demand, it takes several weeks to several months after its release on DVD. United States, a startup has found a way around this difficulty, but is now the subject of a complaint from the Motion Picture Association of America, the union of film studios. The trick set up by Zediva is both simple and complex.

Posing as a classic DVD rental, the company has powerful servers connected to DVD players. When a user rents a release, the film is read by the DVD, and broadcast on the client screen. A device that requires significant resources, and therefore has limits: site registrations are currently suspended, until Zediva increases its capacity.

AMD Llano, APUs are confirmed for desktop very shortly

AMD Fusion we know that media is a platform performance, user-oriented environment and with models already available in laptops. But AMD's commitment to this technology is very strong, and of course there will be new models shortly. We speak of a period of a few months, for June but could be earlier if we look at the official confirmation of AMD: AMD Fusion A-Series and are being sent, with the A-Series models for desktop APU.

Patents: Apple exempt from 625 million in damages

A Texas judge has canceled Tuesday, the approximately $ 625 million (437 million euros) in damages imposed on computer group Apple in a patent infringement case related to a document management system and a system display. Judge Leonard Davis of the federal court in Tyler, Texas, has not validated the decision of jurors in a case brought by Apple against the company Mirror Worlds in March 2008.

Commodore 64 is updated on the inside for the XXI century

Commodore's name will bring good memories to many of you, some spent their first hours of electronic entertainment with them, and some even made their first steps in the programming world. The company has rights to retro it knows what works in the market and has prepared new models of Commodore 64. As you can see in the pictures, exterior design is retained, but obviously has made an update to hardware equipment, and speak in plural because there are five different configurations.

Nintendo 3DS, video we teach you

After mention to our first impressions of the Nintendo 3DS, touches a look on video. 3D sensation can feel live on your screen without glasses can not pass that of your computer, but I assure you it is the same as we noticed when we see a movie in three dimensions. The Japanese company has achieved a great product in that respect but it is true that the smallest house bothered after a while using it and the battery in 3D mode is a problem.

Why Facebook is strong in Italy?

Facebook has reached 18 million users in Italy. More than one Italian out of four has a profile on popular social media world (600 million subscribers in total). Dall'infografica, by Michele Caivano site www. fortunecat. it is possible to infer two important data: - the band is represented as aged between 35 and 54 years, falls so, I hope finally, the myth that he would like Facebook as a tool "for kids" - Men are more these women: 54% males, 46% of females.