Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Less taxes, or we go" Twitter threat San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO - "No taxation on income or we go." It 'did deliver the message from Twitter to the City Council of San Francisco. As the world welcomes the return of founder Jack Dorsey at the helm, the rebellion of Twitter as a bomb explodes in Silicon Vallery California. A pretty tough nuts to crack for Frisco, and surrounding cities (San Mateo, Burlingame, Foster City, Redwood City) is already rubbing their hands.

Optoma ES521 and EX521 projectors to avoid scratching the pocket much

Optoma further expands its range of projectors for all its new two models ES521 and EX521. These teams do not stand out particularly in any field because it is precisely intended to cover a broad spectrum of functionalities. With BrilliantColor technology, brightness of 2,600 and 2,700 lumens and contrast of 4.500:1, the two Optoma projectors are Ready for the digital home and serve the same for a movie to play big.

Sony offers you wake up in another era

Although the phone giant steps away from our throne to wake at night, if I regaláis one of the new Sony radio alarm clocks, I will gladly a place at my side. The flagship model is the Sony XDR-called retro S16DBP. Things you should know about him: not battery powered, has four alarms, compatible with DAB + (higher quality reception and less interference) and real wood casing.

If you want to enjoy the night without disturbing radio, we can put some headphones and so quiet. The other model clock radio has announced that Sony has a more modern and adds as much difference with the previous model, an LCD screen where you see right time of day that inevitably we have to get out of bed (or luck, "pajamas and potty nap").

The soil with the Internet, image of the week

I think nobody doubts that sooner or later, Internet is an essential service as it is now light and water. Cities have much to say about it, but we have to invest in facilities. How about WiFi connectivity that is integrated into the ground beneath our feet? From Via Smart is what we propose, and we like the idea that has gained both be our Picture of the Week.

With you, land of the Internet. That pavement just presented can provide Internet access for tasks such as ticketing, environmental checks, monitor traffic ... all we can expect from a smart floor and we talk at Tech News Buzzndroid.

HTC will update Honeycomb Flyer

Latest information relating to a tablet appeared Nexus were accompanied by rumors that spoke about the updates tablets originally arrived with Gingerbread. Everyone interpreted Samsung and HTC Galaxy Tab Flyer ran out of Honeycomb. Given that HTC Flyer is about to appear on the market, the Taiwanese firm will not want negative information about the device, so it took little to announce that its Tablet Honeycomb come as an upgrade.

New Logitech mouse

Having an ergonomic mouse, comfortable and easily manipulated is essential for all those who work or spend long periods of time at the computer, Logitech is very clear and therefore emphasizes the comfort factor in its new Logitech model M325. The M325 Logitech is a USB wireless mouse with a stylish classic design and comfortable especially when using your computer.

Among the classic scroll functions now we can add a new navigation function with a simple click will allow us to move forward or backward on web pages. It also has a battery life of six months using a single AAA battery. On the other hand has the micro-receiver Logitech technology that operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz by getting rid of any interference.