Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HP Veer arrive in May

When HP was made of mobile technology maker Palm is clear that he did not by their numbers (very red by the way) but WebOS saw a great future for the growing market for smartphones and tablets. Palm late nineties used to be pioneer in mobile technology was gradually losing its prestige to be overcome by systems such as Android or IOS.

Much has been speculated about HP / Palm and Hewlett Packard plans to purchase the company but we can finally talk about something concrete, HP has unveiled the first smartphone with WebOS. This is the new HP Veer which have technical characteristics quite respectable. The new HP Veer is powered by a 800 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 2.6-inch screen with a resolution of 320 x 400, 8 GB of internal storage, sliding QWERTY keyboard and 5-megapixel camera.

Samsung has introduced "The Mole" of laptops

Samsung has submitted late on a new laptop with very high durability, this is the new Samsung Series 6 and is capable of supporting up to a ton of weight. Samsung is well aware that laptops are not only used to upload photos to Facebook or comment on Twitter, there are many who every day must use their laptops in their work.

Machine shops, industrial plants and other places are full of style "dangers" to our computer, so Samsung has introduced its new Series 6 that the Korean company says it supports up to a ton of weight. The new Series 6 is made of magnesium alloy has a 14.5 inch screen, USB 3.0 connectivity, Wi-Fi and 3G module (optional).

Fang-Chun, a nifty storage idea

Storage has always been and will be one of the greatest barriers to computing today, every time we use every day more of information both at work and at leisure. Fang-Chun Tsai is a flash drive that offers a truly ingenious solution. What's so special Fang-Chun Tsai compared to other flash drives? Nothing, because it is not exactly a flash drive.

Fang-Chun Tsai is a kind of portable MicroSD memory reader to connect to your computer via USB to a case similar to typical USB sticks. The interesting new Fang-Chun Tsai is that we can connect up to a total of three microSD memory with a capacity of 16 GB for a total of 48 GB. Obviously the transfer rate must be lower than the USB standard, theoretically speaking since we have not had a chance to try.

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The EU is investigating whether the operators blocking Internet traffic

Clarion call of the EU telecom operators on net neutrality: "It is good to slow down Skype or similar services. It is contrary to competition. It is not right to defraud consumers with Internet speed" . The vice president of the EU today announced that for the time and investigate these practices, if companies behave badly, at the end of the year the Commission published the list with the names of the companies that made these "questionable practices." The Commission has asked the European Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications an investigation to verify whether operators unduly block or reduce the speed of voice over IP (VoIP), Skype.

Attack on the ESA: Hacker Server crack at space agency

Now everything is on the web: passwords for different databases, the European Space Agency ESA, logins for access to the private area and details of data transfer accounts for the FTP protocol and the e-mail addresses and passwords of many employees in the ESA itself, but also in suppliers and research institutions.

Has published the details of a hacker who calls himself TinKode and claims to live in Romania ("a beautiful country in Eastern Europe"). TinKode ESA has made parallel with the release of the data send a note to security vulnerabilities. An ESA spokesman confirmed the British expert service "The Register" the incident.

The 'Hubble' in the iPad

See the stars as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope in the iPad is possible through an application developed by Victor Ruiz, a canary than 35 years he has been since he was 20 and working with the Internet through Lino Type, his consulting firm specializing in information technology. His professional relationship with space born just two years ago.

"I've always been interested in astronomy and popular science. In 2009 I had the opportunity to get involved with the project Portal of the Universe (www. portaltouniverse. Org), sponsored by the International Astronomical Union," says Ruiz. Since that time working with the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the European Space Agency (ESA).

The RIM playbook arrives in the U.S.

With a digital tablet called "Playbook", Research in Motion (RIM) launched on Tuesday April 19 in North America face its response to Apple iPad. The stakes are high for the Canadian manufacturer, whose BlackBerry has long been sovereign in the smartphone market before the iPhone and a host of devices running Android, the operating system from Google, make important market share.

The arrival in the United States and Canada's playbook, which has only Wi-Fi, has been accompanied by criticism about the lack of key applications from RIM in the management of email and calendar. Retailers such as Staples or Best Buy, however, are solid state pre-orders, suggesting that the playbook would be an acceptable alternative to the iPad.

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Slow network and block Skype in Brussels wand telecoms

BRUSSELS - Network Speed "hypothetical", arbitrary blocking of VoIP services like Skype to mobile operators, portability in 24 hours. In short, neutrality and transparency of the network should be guaranteed and inspired by the free market, says the European Union which brought these principles in a directive - the so-called telecoms package, from May 25 in the 27 countries of ' Union - presented today by European Commissioner for digitization, Neelie Kroes.

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First quarter: Sony Ericsson sees net profit fall by 48%

The Japanese-Swedish manufacturer of mobile phones from Sony Ericsson has published Tuesday, April 19, net income down 48% to 11 million euros in the first quarter, sales down 18.5%. A year earlier, the joint venture of Sweden's Ericsson and Japan's Sony, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2011, had net income of 21 million euros, according to a statement.

Between January and March 2011, turnover stood at 1.145 billion euros, the group has passed 8.1 million terminal, a figure down 23% year on year, reflecting a number of new products on the market less important. The group has however launched a new model, the XPERIA Play, a handheld computer (smartphone) with a joystick smartphones accounted for 60% of total sales during the quarter, it has been noted, while its market share on these products stood at about 5% in units sold and 3% in value.

Online Music: Grooveshark denies the withdrawal of its Android

In an open letter, the vice president of music streaming service Grooveshark, Paul Geller, denies the withdrawal of its application to the Android Market, the distribution system for mobile applications from Google and shelves. April 6, the application had been withdrawn by Grooveshark Google's catalog of applications, following a complaint by the Recording Industry Association of America, the U.S.

Twitter might buy TweetDeck

The micro site Twitter messages is in talks to buy TweetDeck, one of the companies providing services to facilitate its use, says the Wall Street Journal, Monday, April 18. According to business daily, the transaction could reach $ 50 million (35 million). TweetDeck has at least "fifteen employees and temporary", most of whom work in Britain, according to its website.

The company provides a customer to manage the flow of various social networks: Twitter, Facebook, but also the site of geolocation Foursquare. Twitter, which claims 200 million registered in Tech Buzz News, responded with a message posted on his own website: "We do not comment on rumors." A spokesman confirmed, however, foresaw that Twitter to open an office in London, as noted in the Wall Street Journal in its online edition.

Apple accuses Samsung of copying its iPhone and iPad

The computer maker Apple has filed a complaint against Samsung, claiming that cell phones and tablet computers of the giant South Korean electronics copied the iPhone and iPad, the American flagship products. The Wall Street Journal, which obtained a copy of the complaint of thirty-eight pages, Apple accuses Samsung of copying the look, design, packaging and user interface of its products.

Apple claims that Samsung infringed several patents and trademarks of Apple. "Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and style unique to Samsung's multi-function products and tablet computers, Samsung chose to copy Apple's technology, its user interface and innovative style in these products who do not respect "the patent, according to Apple's complaint cited by the Wall Street Journal.