Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Attack on the ESA: Hacker Server crack at space agency

Now everything is on the web: passwords for different databases, the European Space Agency ESA, logins for access to the private area and details of data transfer accounts for the FTP protocol and the e-mail addresses and passwords of many employees in the ESA itself, but also in suppliers and research institutions.

Has published the details of a hacker who calls himself TinKode and claims to live in Romania ("a beautiful country in Eastern Europe"). TinKode ESA has made parallel with the release of the data send a note to security vulnerabilities. An ESA spokesman confirmed the British expert service "The Register" the incident.

ESA spokesman played down the significance of the attack. The affected server if they were not particularly sensitive infrastructure, the computers were only used for exchanging data from research projects ". Our main site was not involved, the attack had no impact on our internal network" However, the ESA has taken in response all the FTP server from the network.

What security has enabled the hack gap revealed by the ESA nor TinKode. Last TinKode had caught with a hack of the website of the British Navy in November 2010 a stir. At that time, the IT security service provider Sophos commented in his blog that one could TinKode be grateful for his actions: "If someone had hacked with more malevolence the site, he could have the vulnerability to the spreading of trojans on the Navy side unused."

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