Monday, April 25, 2011

Acer will focus on the tablets

Acer has gone through many problems lately dirigencial level, almost lost its CEO a few weeks ago and their investments are not yielding the expected results. Apparently the company has decided to end this period of uncertainty and focus its efforts on the production of tablets and netbook not a smart idea at first glance.

Netbooks are disappearing, the tablets are absorbing the market so far seems most logical. In recent weeks, Acer made a total of half a million 10.1-inch touch screen to speed up production of its new A500 Acer Iconia Tab, despite the impressiveness of the figure is lower than the company expected .

ZTE ZTE and present Movistar Pro Light

This Thursday at an event to be held in the city of Madrid Movistar with ZTE will present the new tablet exclusive Spanish operator and technology provider in China. This is the new ZTE Light Pro, a tablet-end "media" with Android 2.2 will seek to find their niche among the Chinese tablets and $ 100 giants like Apple.

The new tablet comes with a relatively archaic processor (Qualcomm MSM7227 ARM6) but enough for the features of the gadget. It has a 7-inch resistive screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 512 RAM, 512 ROM, up to 32 GB of storage via SD / SDHC, Wi-Fi, 3G and 3 megapixel camera. The ZTE Light Pro is the first tablet of the company in China and will be funded by Movistar, it is clear that the subsidy will vary by plan selected.

Nintendo confirms Wii 2 "in 2012

The Japanese video game giant Nintendo has confirmed via a press release of the second generation of its home console Nintendo Wii. Wii console is the world's best selling table and since its launch has produced great benefits for the firm but it was time for renewal. The new project is low codenamed "Project Cafe" and will be officially presented at the next E3, the famous video game trade show to be held the first days of June.

Nintendo Wii 2 and it is up to 'the time of the super console

"Our next console? Maybe it will be very complex and powerful, in fact just the opposite of the Wii." Shigeru Miyamoto, father of Super Mario and Nintendo's mind two years ago so he joked about next-generation video game machine that his company was already developing. But apparently it was a joke only in appearance: Café Project, code name for the new console, it seems it will have nothing to envy in terms of computing power to both the Xbox 360 of Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 from Sony.

From the web to the media and return Storify "organizes" the news

The organization of information flows, but in the increasingly close relationship between non-coded "citizen journalism" (the information generated and disseminated by users on the web via social networks, blogs, etc.) and traditional media, is a new tool and ally . It's called Storify, a web startup that now opens to the public in order to help professional journalists, citizen journalists and users of information users to collect, organize, use and share information about individual events that would otherwise drown in the sea magnum of the network.

Online music, new battlefield between Apple and Google

The battle music will be played on Internet as the "cloud". According to Reuters, Apple, Google, but Amazon, in turn want to offer music services in the cloud, providing access to its music tracks from any Internet-connected device. Apple, creator of the iPod and iPhone, has signed new licenses with repertoire owners, before its online service was launched, specify the anonymous sources cited by Reuters.

Iran said the target of a new computer virus

Iran is currently the target of another attack of some of its computer systems by a virus called "Stars", said, Monday, April 25, a senior Iranian military official quoted by the Mehr news agency. This virus enters computers "under color of official records, and he originally produced only limited damage," said General Gholam Reza Jalali, commander of the Iranian civil defense.

Iranian experts are trying to evaluate its goals and its actual capacity for harm. General Jalali gave no other details about the targets of this virus nor its effects, or the terms or the date of its discovery. STUXNET ATTACK IN 2010 Iran was the victim in 2010 of another computer virus called "Stuxnet", apparently intended to disrupt some Iranian nuclear facilities.

Twitter is still in San Francisco

Twitter will finally keep its headquarters in the heart of San Francisco, one of the capitals of technology the U.S. west coast, the group announced on Friday 22 April. "The town where we grew up and started our next house will remain," said Sean Garrett, the head of communications, the official blog on Twitter.

Mr. Garrett said that moving the building's historic Market Square was scheduled for mid-2012. Earlier this year the company had threatened to "relocate" its employees and its headquarters in Brisbane, a few miles south. In his note to blog, Twitter thank several city officials, including Mayor Ed Lee, who has promised tax incentives to encourage the site to stay micromessages located in the city.

Nintendo profits decline, announces a new console

Nintendo has reported (. Pdf) Monday, April 25, a drop of more than half of its profits for the year 2010-2011. Operating earnings of Japanese video game giant has fallen from 52% to 171.1 billion yen (1.43 billion euros) during the year ended in March, against 356.8 billion yen (2.98 billion euros) last year.

Between April 2010 and March 2011, Nintendo has also accumulated on a turnover of 014.35 billion yen (8.47 billion euros), a plunge of 29.3% over the year, adding to a drop of 22% the previous year. During the past year, Nintendo has sold 21.13 million DS consoles, a figure below its expectations.

The "PlayStation Network" remains unavailable

The online service from Sony, PlayStation Network, is still inaccessible, Monday, April 25. When a player tries to connect to it from its console PlaySstation 3, a message "under maintenance" appears. According to the Japanese group, the problem has been going on Wednesday, April 20. The player can not access the games online, download games and content on Sony's online store.

The causes of failure remain uncertain. On its official blog, Sony talks about a "intrusion from outside, which affected the system." Then Saturday, the Japanese group said work to strengthen "the network infrastructure." ANONYMOUS DO NOT BE INSURED INVOLVED In early April, the online service from Sony and a number of company sites like playstation.

Happy Birthday, "Like" button that makes rich Facebook

COSI 'small, so easy, so powerful. The button "I like" Facebook does these days a year to live on the web. There are no official figures but it is reasonable to estimate that each day is clicked a billion times by more than 500 million members of the most popular social network in the world. A huge amount for a button that you tap the bottom of instinct but quietly outlines our tastes and keeps them in mind.

Sony manager Norio Ohga: Mr. Silver disc is dead

Ohga led the group in the years 1982 to 1995. In that time, the trained leader, the company for its commitment in the sectors of music, movies and electronic games. Ohga originally wanted to be an opera singer. In Tokyo, studied the Mozart fan music, singing in Germany. He also took courses in conducting, composition, harmony and counterpoint.

After he had complained in a letter about the poor quality of tape recorders from Sony, but was recruited by the founders Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. While he studied, he was adviser to Sony in 1953. Six years later he was hired. The music he did not give up completely: with Tokyo Philharmonic led the Sony head of Wagner works, supported by 170 singers from its workforce.