Friday, May 20, 2011

Acer and Asus will fulfill your promises

The North American manufacturers Acer and Asus has announced that both the new Acer Iconia Tab as the Asus Eee Android Pad will be upgraded to 3.1 as promised. The announcement reassures many users who have opted for both brands and their new tablets. The news was announced through the official blog of Acer and was met with much encouragement by the buyers of the brand.

What was not announced officially yet but we have found out is that the new update will take place next June. We also found that news in regard to both gadgets accessories. Beginning with the Eee Pad aware that we will soon be on sale tablet physical keyboard that makes it a kind of notebook.

Marketing attention

The convergence of technologies and tools does it lead to the convergence of content where their divergence? That may be so that we could summarize the issue that underlies the question of transmedia, about the heart of Transmedia International Masterclass, held at Marseille last week. After observing what transmedia, let's look at these issues.

MEDIA: complementarity or competition? Susana Ruiz is an artist who teaches at the Interactive Media Division School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. She is also the founder of Take Action, a studio of game development seriously. In this profile is different from that of many of these stakeholders masterclass.

Video - Retro & Magic: The 7th Guest

The success of LinkedIn encouraging Facebook to go public

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's operational responsibility, has said the IPO of the network is "inevitable" but provided no further details on the plans of the company, told Reuters. Sandberg has taken this comment to emphasize that Facebook is not for sale. "They used to ask if someone would buy. Now no one does." The successful flotation of another social network, LinkedIn, could accelerate plans Facebook.

Microsoft in the Xbox to buy a Windows PC

To encourage the sale of computers with operating system Windows 7, Microsoft has launched a campaign in the United States which gives an Xbox to buy a computer whose price is higher than the $ 699. Although the customer can buy any brand as the model above this price, in the explanation of the campaign, the company recommends HP, Dell or Samsung.

If you have an e-mail. education can make the purchase directly online at sites assigned to the campaign. In case of lack and it must be presented to the seller's letter student. Microsoft announces it will extend this offer to other countries. 

The Mac virus discovered the "Coming Wave of Malware"

ROME - It was only a matter of time, basically. The Mac OS operating system, so far remained relatively unscathed from the most widespread threats, pay the increasing popularity (worldwide market share of 5.4% in the United States is close to 10%) with a growing interest from the programmers viruses and malware.

Indeed, according to the U.S. site specializing ZDNet, we would be close to one of the first large waves of attacks by malicious software to the world of Mac since April 30 last year - says the site - any request for assistance to a malware attack against Apple that takes names 'Mac Defender' or 'Mac Security' in the United States have grown substantially, from a few dozen to several hundred per day.

The tag to conquer the world while the patented Facebook

"I do not tag that came evil," "If you tag me not true" and yet "I would like to tag" to indicate a degree of the other, or "I was tagged the police", that I received a fine. Voice of the verb - not yet recognized by the Italian dictionary - tag it absolutely in vogue in the language of young and old members of Facebook, now also becomes a patent granted by the U.S.

Patent and Trademark Office. While the days of social networking is also a bit let 'strike off - many people are touched at least once to remove the tag from the picture with the former girlfriend or her friend is no longer too expensive - it is also true that the recognition USPTO formalizes a system become more of a fad.

The books will be the future of advertising?

In the excitement generated by new technologies, it is little talk of a phenomenon that could become nascent and pervasive advertising in books. Something unimaginable in the world of paper could become "normal" with the transition to ebooks. Here's why. Amazon recently announced the inclusion of advertising in their reading devices.

For the moment it is just background images that can be disabled by the user. Accepting advertising the customer gets a discount on the ebook reader. Putting the question in these terms is fairly trivial and beneficial to the consumer. In fact this is the tip of the iceberg. The submerged part of advertising applied to the books is much more interesting: we are talking about the relationship between advertising and the written word and how it is mediated by technology.

Spectacular IPO for LinkedIn

The IPO of the professional social network LinkedIn, one of the most important since the financial crisis, was triumphantly welcomed by investors Thursday in New York. For about half an hour after opening on Wall Street, brokers remained suspended at the first scoring title on the floor of the NYSE. They were not disappointed: the title LinkedIn soared since the first trading on the New York Stock Exchange, finishing at 94.25 dollars, more than twice its value of introduction (+ 109.44%) .