Friday, May 20, 2011

Acer and Asus will fulfill your promises

The North American manufacturers Acer and Asus has announced that both the new Acer Iconia Tab as the Asus Eee Android Pad will be upgraded to 3.1 as promised. The announcement reassures many users who have opted for both brands and their new tablets. The news was announced through the official blog of Acer and was met with much encouragement by the buyers of the brand.

What was not announced officially yet but we have found out is that the new update will take place next June. We also found that news in regard to both gadgets accessories. Beginning with the Eee Pad aware that we will soon be on sale tablet physical keyboard that makes it a kind of notebook.

Moreover Acer will launch a new USB Host for Iconia line. Now only remains for us to wait until June and see what Google has to offer with its new operating system.

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