Monday, March 28, 2011

Microsoft has a "small screen"

During the last CeBIT, the technology fair in Germany tubing, Microsoft introduced a new 243-inch touch screen ideal for business presentations or technical. The monstrous device allows us to interact in a very simple and flexible with all of the screen where you can drag or hide objects in a single or multi.

The project was in the hands of Microsoft Europe and had the support of Sterolize, a company renowned expert in interactive presentations. The project clearly not aimed at domestic audience but it is an excellent choice for large companies or convention centers. It goes without saying that the device requires a huge space, in fact practically need a room for yourself and you need to projectors and other peripherals to function.

Intel unveils its third generation of SSDs with cheaper and higher capacity

Intel takes another generation leap in solid state drives with the launch of the Intel SSD 320 Series, which will replace the existing units Intel X25-M SATA SSD. The main novelty of these new discs is that they are based on NAND flash memory chips of 25 nanometers. According to Intel, this new reduction of the reports can significantly increase the capacity of the units, which now reaching 600GB, and reduce the price by around 30% on the X-25M.

SmartBird almost a seagull

The Technology Development Institute of Japan Festo has launched a new project in their area of robotics that will leave more than a gaping; SmartBird is a bird flying robot capable of mechanically like the real birds. Robotics is advancing by leaps and bounds and every month new devices are produced by Japanese institutions, mainly.

This time we are surprised with SmartBird Festo unlike other droid is capable of mounting flight, landing and plan simply by using their wings. It is the first robot capable of flying but so far they did using a light gas and not mechanically. The SmartBird comes as part of the Bionic Learning Network and as you can see in the picture design is based on a gull at sea.

Mountain GTM 2000, analysis (and VI): final conclusions and opinion of the computer

Sixth and final part of our analysis of Mountain GTM 2000, we published today, and as planned we will draw the final conclusions. We do not forget to make a comparison with our main test team, the GTM 900 also of Mountain. It's been five innings where we have placed special emphasis on the graphics, providing the results of tests of Mountain GTM 2000 with graphics cards the most modern among which were the NVidia GTX 580 or 560 Ti or AMD 6950 and 6970, among others.

Sennheiser MM 30i help you connect

Not all mobile phone users want or what sports headphones more comfortable. sometimes communication takes precedence over other factors. The new Sennheiser MM 30i are precisely for the latter. Discussing these handsfree headset in these terms does not mean that no care for the sound (they do) or be comfortable (who are).

But the strong point of the Sennheiser MM 30i is that they are very small and light, as well as incorporating a control on the cable that allows a direct answer calls and control the functions of Apple hardware. The microphone included to the voice feature is omnidirectional, it stops the music when you receive a call and returns to the same place to hang.

LG believes in 3D also on their laptops

Has taken longer than other brands focusing entirely on computer science, but finally we have news of the renewal of LG laptops, which receive a good way to chip past LG. Among the new LG notebook models with screens are 12.2, 14 and 15.6 inches. The lowest range is the LG P210 diagonal, while the 14 inch model handles the P420 and the top model is the A5 series, with a model that surpasses all others: LG A520 and 3D display.

An Iranian claims piracy security certificates

A man posing as a hacker Iran 21 years has claimed the diversion of SSL security certificates for services as important as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, discovered last week. These certificates are used by Internet browsers to verify that a site is the original version and not diverted. Nine false certificates had been issued through an Italian subsidiary of the company Comodo, which publishes certificates.

Special gadgets and energy. Save energy at home

Now that the government has been sparing in the road, not a bad time to give a turn to the issue of domestic savings, particularly in regard to cutting the electricity bill. A low-tech that we, our home is inhabited by dozens of electrical devices that consume their daily ration of watts. In this special we do a little review with tips to prevent that diet is more than is strictly necessary.

Blog - No, the Apocalypse is not digital for 2015

AMD Catalyst for Linux, the only place with the HD 8000 series

Catalyst drivers for the Linux operating system, have made great strides in recent years, thanks to the interest of the world's OpenSourse AMD, which has led the company issuing the driver a monthly basis as for Windows, but in fact these Drivers are still behind those cloused Sours. The problem may have a few developers have the most significant "Deucher Alex and John Bridgman of AMD, Red Hat's David Airlie and the community," made available for the creation of these drivers, in fact even for the latest Radeon HD 6000 These drivers are still under development.

Microsoft seeks to punish manufacturers with suppliers who use "software pirate"

Microsoft is giving a legal battle in several U.S. states to get approval of a law that punishes and fines on manufacturers that country whose foreign suppliers using "pirated software in their production processes." Arguing it is unfair competition, Microsoft would seek sanctions to companies that take no action.

The initiative has alarmed domestic manufacturers who believe that Microsoft wants to save the prosecution of offenders in their field and prosecute American companies should exert an enormous amount of resources to monitor whether their suppliers use legally licensed software. Some do not rule out that the measure also has as its objective the fight against free software.

Intel ready to launch the Atom Z670 Oak Trail Netbook and tablet

Intel has announced the imminent commercialization of the new Atom Z670, which will equip most of the new netbook and tablet by mid-2011. The new Intel CPU is built at 45 micon and is a solution with a core system on chip based on x86 architecture, Hyper-Threading Technology and a frequency of 1.5 GHz with 512 KB onboard L2 cache and a controller LPDDR1 / DDR2, this CPU also integrates an Intel GMA 600 graphics core clocked at 400 MHz is compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL 2.1 and OpenVG 1.1, all around you with a consumption of 5 watts.

'Duke Nukem Forever' arrives with a delay of 14 years

The producer of the video game Duke Nukem Forever has announced that the disposal shall be delayed. May to 14 June. And he's done with humor in a video. No wonder. The game began development in 1997 as a sequel to Duke Nukem 3D which ended with the announcement of the emergence of a new game "soon." The game has suffered setbacks in the production company, 3D Realms, who ended up leaving.

I took Gearbox. Have been so many times it has awaited the imminent appearance of the game that is considered one of the great vaporware in the history (programs that are announced but never reach the market). This is a subjective shooter in which the protagonist is a talkative selfish and rude.

The iPhone alarm fails again with the time change

He missed last year with the time change. Failed with the New Year. And has done it again this week. The iPhone alarm clock does not recognize the time change. In multiply Twitter posts commenting on this episode. "How difficult is to correct this bug?" Asks a surfer and one admits that the iPhone, with the time change, it gets a little crazy.

In the previous occasion, when it came to pass after three in the morning at two o'clock, an unknown number of employees in different countries arrived late for work. Now would come too soon. The following failure of the alarm occurred at the turn of the year.

3D TV glasses confusion

LG and Philips have decided to launch 3D television technology that lets you view images in three dimensions with glasses lighter and cheaper than active polarization used so far, why not take batteries or switch the image to each eye. Are the same glasses used in cinemas and the effect is very similar.

Because the TV is somewhat cheaper, and above all the glasses, the two companies are confident that this technology will help to popularize passive 3D. Sony, Panasonic and Samsung continue to bet clearly only for active 3D technology because, in his opinion, offers better image quality and visual comfort.

Death of Paul Baran, a founder of the Arpanet

Paul Baran, an engineer who helped create the U.S. government's Arpanet, the precursor to the Internet, has died at the age of 84 years, died of cancer of the lung. In a series of technical papers published in the 1960s, it was suggested to build a communications network that would be less vulnerable to attacks or disruption than conventional networks.

His invention, the mid-1960s, was so far ahead of its time when it was presented to AT & T, the American telephone company rejected it. "Paul was not afraid to follow directions contrary to what others viewed as all good or right thing to do," he told the New York TimesVinton Cerf, a Google vice president and longtime friend of Paul Baran.

Facebook would Depressive

Western Digital raises the capacity of its My Book network drive Live up to 3TB

The guys from Western Digital have not much brains reeling when updating your external hard drive for networking, the Western Digital My Book Live. The main novelty of the new version is going up the storage capacity of two to 3TB. As with previous versions of 1TB and 2TB My Book Live offers a 100Mbps Ethernet connection to integrate disk into home networks with focus placed on the distribution of video content to the TV via DLNA.

Warren Buffett advises to invest in social networks

The billionaire U.S. investor Warren Buffett has warned investors to bet on social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Quora, holding that their valuation is excessive. "Most [of companies] are overvalued," said Mr. Buffett. "It is extremely difficult to properly assess the social networks. Some will be big winners, which will compensate for the failure of others." Many of these companies are not yet publicly traded and shares traded on the secondary market, poorly regulated, where investors buy the securities of OTC.

Between Silicon Valley and Washington, Dangerous Liaisons

White House to ... Facebook: according to information from the New York Times, Robert Gibbs, the former spokesman for Barack Obama, is in discussion with the social network Facebook, which seeks to recruit him. Responsible for relations with the press during the 2008 campaign, Mr. Gibbs was naturally became the chief of White House press after the victory of Barack Obama.

A post he left, two months ago to work on the 2012 campaign of President of the United States. But Facebook also provides for a charge year 2012: the company should go public, and his communication is vital because the social network is increasingly criticized for its policy of respect for privacy or business model.

Microsoft Cinema, 234-inch touchscreen for the best presentations

The dream of anyone who wants to make the best of the submissions may be close to what Microsoft is proposing Cinema, a 243-inch screen that allows us to interact by touch on it. The first time we saw at CeBIT, held in Germany, and has been developed by the division of Microsoft in the European country with the help of Stereoliza, specialists in the performance of interactive presentations.

Let's see how it works: Logically thinking about this kind of development to a domestic destination does not make sense, however, may represent an ideal tool for presentations for large companies or convention centers. As you can see in the video, the technology allows it to perform displacement and multitouch gestures on the screen.

Google is preparing a tablet Nexus, will be manufactured by LG

Despite the promise of Honeycomb, the tablet version of the operating system from Google is taking some criticism in regard to completion and user experience, at least they are the first impressions that come from tests carried out in sites recognized by Motorola Xoom. Xoom is the first tablet to make use of the system, and other alternatives are still weeks to go before its presentation to the market, but also have a much more mature than we've seen it, it seems that it is necessary a reference tablet by Google itself.

ASUS Eee Transformer Pad appears this week in Europe, expect a competitive price

ASUS on Friday officially announced the release of ASUS Eee Taiwanese Transformer Pad, the Honeycomb tablet that takes the form of laptop by adding a keyboard designed for the occasion. We knew of their specifications, and waited with interest to know the price and date of release. For now we can not be very precise with the appearance in Spain, but if you anticipate that the UK will next Tuesday, March 30.