Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple is preparing a new iPhone by September

According to Bloomberg, Apple prepares a new phone for the month of September. The device will have a processor A5. According to the same source has an eight megapixel camera, significantly higher than five of the current terminal. The iPhone 4 was introduced in January 2010. The white version, presented at a time, hit stores in April this year. According to this cable, the company Steve Jobs also presented a version of the iPhone which will display a higher resolution multi-touch and improve the sensitivity.

Apple prepares its own TV?

Apple is preparing a TV would work with the IOS operating system in such a way that would allow the integration of AppleTV, AirPlay (wireless) and iTunes. According to DailyTech, the project, rumored for years, could be a reality this fall. The TV manufacturer would be outside and it is possible that Samsung is a company with which Apple maintains a complex relationship.

IPhone African Rhythms

Thumbs Rythmic appears intermittently in the top of the category "Music" in the Apple App Store. The application, which costs 79 cents, mixing African music with the game. Appears at the very beginning djembe and a basic background sounds. Then start dropping notes, the left, right and center.

Thumbs must be synchronized to the music not to make mistakes. Sounds simple but the increasingly requires more skill to discover new songs. The first two are unlocked from the start. Discovering the remaining eight are a matter of practice and talent with percussion.

Street View halted in India

The Google Street View cars, to collect images of streets in cities around the world, can no longer travel to Bangalore in southern India. This interruption occurs Wednesday, June 22, less than a month after the announcement of the mapping service in the country. Google has received a letter from the authorities of the city.

A new "official" search engine in China

People's Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party launched this Tuesday, June 21 its own search engine, with the technological support of Baidu, the number one industry in China. Jike, "Now" in Chinese and is pronounced like "geek" in English, was built by a team of hundreds of engineers, including a former employee of Google China, Jun Liu.

Google goes beyond the symbolic figure of one billion visitors

Google totaled for the first time more than 1 billion unique visitors, according to figures published Tuesday, June 21, by ComScore. With 1.009 billion visitors, search engine sites and YouTube (videos), Orkut (social network) and Gmail (email), among others, ahead of Microsoft Sites (905 million visitors), social network Facebook ( 713 million) and Yahoo (689 million).

Anonymous attacks Berlusconi's PDL sites

Anonymous Cyber activists, who have caused the blocking of other government sites in February, have returned to strike, and this time the attacks were directed towards the sites of PDL, Berlusconi's party.

Valencia technology to convert and view 3D images without glasses

Since he released his version of James Cameron 3D Avatar, the home viewer, you can enter from the dining room of his house in a universe where the characters seem to be within reach thanks to the famous glasses for viewing stereoscopic images. The Valencian company Mirage Technologies has now developed a technology capable of converting the 3D or stereoscopic images that display autostereoscopic three-dimensional images with the naked eye without using special glasses.

Crysis 2: DirectX 11 in action here

NVIDIA Forceware 275.50 beta drivers sli chipset AMD

Nvidia has released a new beta version of its release have now reached the Forceware 275.50 for GeForce video cards from GeForce 6 to the latest 500 series on the market, the most important news that there is support for SLI chipset AMD 990FX, 990X and 970.

Bebo and MySpace are social networking techniques to protect minors

The European Commission believes that Bebo and MySpace are the only social networks 'on line' default protecting private profiles of minors so that only authorized contacts to access their personal data, according to the examination to be conducted to fourteen networks social among which are also Facebook, Myspace.

The Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes said he was "disappointed" by the outcome of this review and has urged companies to "engage a firm to remedy" the situation. Kroes explained that, besides preventing default unknown to contact minors without prior approval is important that the networks "protect the reputation" of these children on the Internet.

Firefox 5 comes three months after the latest version

Firefox, the browser that ended the dominance of Internet Explorer, Microsoft's browser, launches a new version. Firefox 4 came in March. Firefox 5 opens today.
The improvements are reflected in 992 changes, some are details, some more relevant as facilities for developers to do CSS animations, fast browsing and more fluid passage between tabs.