Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IPhone African Rhythms

Thumbs Rythmic appears intermittently in the top of the category "Music" in the Apple App Store. The application, which costs 79 cents, mixing African music with the game. Appears at the very beginning djembe and a basic background sounds. Then start dropping notes, the left, right and center.

Thumbs must be synchronized to the music not to make mistakes. Sounds simple but the increasingly requires more skill to discover new songs. The first two are unlocked from the start. Discovering the remaining eight are a matter of practice and talent with percussion.

Bezares Diego, developer of the game, plans to expand the catalog of ten titles that will download a small payment within the application itself. For a month Bezares and graphic designer Daniel Olaya have created this game with a certain playfulness. His intention is to launch the program in the suit as Android.

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