Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple is preparing a new iPhone by September

According to Bloomberg, Apple prepares a new phone for the month of September. The device will have a processor A5. According to the same source has an eight megapixel camera, significantly higher than five of the current terminal. The iPhone 4 was introduced in January 2010. The white version, presented at a time, hit stores in April this year. According to this cable, the company Steve Jobs also presented a version of the iPhone which will display a higher resolution multi-touch and improve the sensitivity.

The launch in September is considered more than likely to fit with the release of IOS, the new version of its mobile operating system and tablets. This software was presented to developers in early June in San Francisco. Another innovation would be the rumored iPhone midrange. An option that sounds pretty logical if you consider that Android is 38% of the current smartphone market, up 18% of Apple.

The exponent of this new range would have a smaller size and lower power than the iPhone 5 but similar to the iPhone 4 and with a more affordable price. The combination of 5 and IOS iPhone will have significant improvements in instant messaging and sending photos. Both aspects planted face increasingly widespread applications as WhatsApp, become almost a standard across platforms.

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