Thursday, June 30, 2011

+ Google restricts the dispatch of invitations

Google + blocked for several hours sending invitations to enter its social network. The avalanche of requests, explained in his blog, have been forced to take this step. If a surfer and a member of the new Google social network you can invite your friends and entering Google manages it. Some netizens have sent fifty guests in minutes.

Upon entering the user will see how to collect all the information from Google Profile: Flickr account, YouTube, blog, Quran, Twitter or Facebook. If desired, it will then be published to display in Google +1. The name comes precisely from the way they have contacts say something to your liking.

Samsung calls for iPhone and iPad import

The South Korean giant Samsung Electronics said Thursday it had filed a complaint against the United States to prevent Apple from importing several of its most famous products manufactured abroad: new episode in the war of patents contrasted with its rival. Samsung filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission United States (ITC) and called for a ban on imports of iPod (portable), iPad (tablets) and iPhone (mobile) in the U.S. market.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

+ Google wants to compete with Facebook

The battle against Google Facebook takes a turn more fierce. World number one search engine, revealed, Tuesday, June 28, the contours of its future social network, an area that has always failed to take hold. + Google baptized, it will serve primarily to compete with Facebook. But with Google +, the search engine announced that it will readily be distinguished from its rival by emphasizing the confidentiality of data posted by other users.

Cisco adds itself to tablets

Cisco, the giant video network infrastructure and hopes to win over companies with Cius its seven-inch tablet. The Californian company is committed to a device whose sale begins in early July but not distributed until the end of the month.

Cisco Cius not anchored to any operator arrives, and offers both Wi-Fi and 3G. What sets this tablet from its competitors is the integration that makes the business environment.

Specific Media is done with MySpace

MySpace, the social platform on the Internet pioneer, has a new owner. This is the Specific Media company specializing in online advertising, which just closed a deal to buy News Corporation's dot-com for about $ 35 million. Is a peak compared to 580 million dollars (about 437 today) that the media giant paid by the firm for six years and not less than half of what they hoped to raise with the sale.

Microsoft patents a system to spy on Skype

Legal Intercept Microsoft has patented a technology that allows you to intercept and monitor a legal way voice and video calls to Skype, a service acquired in May. The technology is intended to expand the possibilities for monitoring and recording conversations online criminal.

As reported in PC World, Microsoft describes it as a tool similar to telecommunications companies that used to meet government requirements for safety. Skype goes this way to enter the CALEA-Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, which makes business communication technologies can be controlled, provided for security and status.

MySpace is expected to cost only $ 20 million

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp is serious: When has still found no buyers for MySpace, the price of the network was up times reduced by more than half. Now there is no buyer, it could mean the end. New York - Rupert Murdoch sold off MySpace, so we have it reported in April. . Murdoch's companies, the media conglomerate News Corp., wanted to sell two months ago, the formerly popular social network for about $ 100 million.

Microsoft is launching a Web version of its Office suite complete

Microsoft released on Tuesday, a full Web version of its Office 2010 suite for businesses, including a product aimed at combating the presence of Google's online services for SMEs. Office suite, which includes office software (spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Word processing ...) is one of the best-selling software - and most profitable - Microsoft.

Microsoft offers companies subscribe to different offers, including more or less dematerialized services and software. The company claims that this system will enable companies to achieve economies of subtantielles maintenance costs.

New attempt to Google for social network

Google makes another attempt to compete with Facebook in the field of social network. Now Google has presented Google + at the moment for a few users and accessed by invitation. The idea is that the internet can create social circles and manage the relationship with their friends as well as providing tools to enhance these contacts. In the blog company the proposal has been explained in detail.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Microsoft launches Office 365 objective, a more secure cloud

 Microsoft believes in the "cloud," the great cloud full of digital data and applications. The software giant also knows very well the safety issues raised by the transfer of information on the web, out of users' computers. And 'by 80 years, ever since viruses and virus were only assumptions that the company founded by Bill Gates analyzes the categories of information security.

But in the days of the symposium is Thrustworty Computing dedicated to data protection in the digital domain, that Microsoft decides to launch globally Office 365, the online version of the popular suite of business applications. Work online. The Project Office 365 is more ambitious than simple Word and Excel transhumance from the computer to the cloud.

Monster offers a professional social network, integrated with Facebook

The company is Monster launches itself in the battle of the professional social networks. Called "BeKnown", the service, offered by the site of job advertisements, is part of the social network Facebook, which has over more than 600 million subscribers. But if this new network is seeking to take advantage of the number of Facebook users, it also means a clear distinction between the professional and private use.

Microsoft releases final version of Office 365

Microsoft today released the final version of Office 365, a range of office software from the Internet cloud. It offers instant messaging, Web Apps suite bureaucratic Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote), collaborative tools and an online gathering module. Microsoft almost guarantees one hundred percent security service.

The beta vesion is out in April and offers different versions and prices depending on customer needs. Microsoft prevailing in the desktop software, resident on the computer, now makes its biggest bet on cloud computing where programs reside on the Internet, always accessible and updated.

Taiwan fined Google for the short time in testing Android applications

The Taiwanese government has fined one million Taiwan dollars for not allowing consumers the legal test period of seven days for the Android applications. Google allows only fifteen minutes of test applications.

The sale of violent video games to minors allowed in California

The Supreme Court of the United States struck on Monday, a California law prohibiting the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. For the first time that the highest U.S. court decides in the debate between advocates of freedom of expression, who felt that the ban violated the First Amendment of the U.S.

Constitution, and the proponents of a ban " protector "for minors. The decision of the Supreme Court upheld the decision of an appellate court, which had also felt that the law violates freedom of expression. The text was challenged in court by a group of publishers, distributors and sellers of video games, including groups such as Disney, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Sony.

iPhone, Apple iPhone by doubling with low cost

The Apple fans were already swallowing the bitter fruit of betrayal, the postponement of the much of the new iPhone launch, presented regularly at the beginning of each summer, when Apple here hanging from the tree of not one but two iPhone by. The wait and the delay will be worth two good iPhone in September, and so the world can bite in all its delicacy not only the highly anticipated iPhone 5 but also a new model dubbed dell'iPhone4 iPhone4S.

Monday, June 27, 2011

HTC launches its first 3D phone

As you did with your LG model that records in three dimensions, HTC has included the best possible hardware to be able to record and play content with this technology and without glasses. Graham Wheeler, director of the company in Europe, Middle East and Africa, believes that this terminal, which goes on sale across Europe in July, goes a step beyond what's on the market: "Not only for appearance creative, but also the ability to download movies successfully broken down the barrier of the glasses.

Apple prepares its mapping service

Apple prepares its own mapping service. Although it has an agreement with Google Maps, the  Steve Jobs company did not give up this offer. One indication of this is that tracking the legal information contained in operating system IOS5.

The pirate group stops acting Lulzsec

The six members of hacker group Lulzsec announced yesterday that they cease their activity. In a statement, recalled that sailed 50 days ago "in our humble ship" in a brutal ocean: Internet, 50 days have attacked businesses, government ... by a spirit "chaotic and anarchic." Lulzsec, which has always claimed a desire humorous, confidents that the revolution continue without them.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

BlackBerry: another tablet on the market

Sophisticated design, operating system and as new way to browse are the hallmarks of Playbook, the first tablet BlackBerry. Unlike the iPhone, supports both Flash content and pages HTM5. That is, load any content created with the current web standards and the future, which looks like a desktop computer.

Another aspect of care: the browser allows you to save links, photos and text. As with Xoom Motorola, BlackBerry tablet was presented at the Consumer Electronics show (CES), held earlier this year in Las Vegas, before Apple unveiled its second iPhone. At that time appeared as a very superior to all other proposals available in the market, but now the feeling that comes rather late, also the price.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

LulzSec, the meteoric rise of a group of hackers

Police in Arizona, the CIA, Sony, the U.S. Senate, Nintendo, PBS television, the Fox television network, the porn site Pron. com, the X Factor, the British police, the video game publisher Bethesda ... The list of victims of computer attacks claimed by Lulz Security, a group of hackers, is long. Most importantly, all of these attacks took place within a very short: there are still unknown two months, "Lulzsec" - "lulz" is a corruption of the acronym for "laugh out loud" - has cut in a few weeks an international reputation.

Apple's new complaint against Samsung

Apple has filed a complaint in South Korea for patent infringement against Samsung in a new episode of their legal battle around the smartphones and digital tablets. This dispute is part of a long series of mutual complaints: Samsung has attacked his rival to court in South Korea, Japan and Germany in April, after Apple had requested an investigation against the South Korea group , accusing him of having with his Galaxy, "slavish" copying its models iPhone and iPad.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Twitter raises include advertising messages

Within eight weeks Twitter users will  find sponsored posts. The Financial Times forecasts indicate that Twitter could raise this mesure up to 100 million dollars. According to Mashable, the site specializes in social media, the change will take effect in eight weeks. The San Francisco-based company has not ruled on the matter.

Data processing Assault against Arizona Police

Assaults computer to Internet sites continue relentlessly. The most notable of late has taken against the police in Arizona. Lulzsec group to protest the immigration policy of the state, claims to have obtained documents related to border control. Under the slogan "Chinga La Migra," have obtained contact details of several people whose authenticity has been confirmed by Reuters.

Radeon HD 6870X2 on the shelves!

Winklevoss twins resume their battle against Facebook

Winklevoss twins, against all indications, continue their battle to claim more money to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Despite having withdrawn appeal to the Supreme Court ruling that considered the economic adjustment they had reached agreement with the company in 2008, have now submitted a document in federal court in Massachusetts in which they and their friend Divy Narendra, seeking to determine whether Facebook "intentionally or inadvertently deleted evidence" in negotiating the pact which meant paying $ 20 million in cash and 45 million in securities of the company.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

U.S. investigating whether Google is abusing its dominant position

The Federal Trade Commission U.S. prepares an investigation to establish whether the company has abused or not its dominant position on the web. The five members of the antitrust commission to prepare to send Google a formal request for information in the coming days, according to The Wall Street Journal.

It is possible that other companies received requests for information about their business relationship with Google. Although the state of research is embryonic, the opening of it is a leap over previous investigations launched by U.S. authorities on Google.

Updatye: Oracle's complaint against Google

The U.S. Patent Office, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has invalidated, on Tuesday, part of the patents relied on by Oracle in a major complaint against Google. Oracle, which publishes such Java after the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, accuses Google of deliberately violated several of its patents in the design of Android, the operating system for mobiles and tablets of the search engine, and is seeking billions of dollars in damages.

PopCap acquired by Electronic Arts?

PopCap, the famous American publisher of video games, is about to be redeemed. According to the specialized site TechCrunch, citing two unnamed sources, the transaction amount would be $ 1 billion , and Electronic Arts (EA) would be the purchaser. The day before, TechCrunch mentioned several other potential buyers, even evoking Zynga, a leading games on Facebook, and publisher in Asia.

Best buy is launching its music service in the cloud

Amazon, Google, Apple and now Best Buy. The U.S. computer store points to the phenomenon of music services in the cloud with Music Cloud, to store and enjoy streaming music library (no direct download) computer (PC and Mac), mobile and tablet. The registration is done by e-mail account. Then you have to install the application on your computer to transfer only the music stored in your iTunes library, ie songs that are stored outside the Apple player not on this program.

The bunga bunga lands on iPhone and iPad

The bunga bunga becomes a game. In the era of wi-fi and touch screen, the Prime Minister Berlusconi arrives on iPhone and iPad Supermario version. It's called Angry Bunga, and a downloadable application on the site and purchased the Apple I-Tunes the modest sum of 79 cents. The graphics are reminiscent of the famous Super Mario Bros from Nintendo, but this time no plumber in overalls, but the Italian prime minister in a double.

Harry Potter, 'e-book' for October

As of October, Harry Potter magic change-gothic environments of Hogwarts School for digital adventure: the boy wizard will move to the Internet to promote the sale of their adventures through eBooks. The Scottish author JK Rowling has filed in the Victoria and Albert the Pottermore portal through which to channel the digital adventure.

There will be a mere bookstore: Pottermore wants to be primarily a way to prolong the relationship between the series and readers. This will become a character themselves and have the opportunity to discover new material in which Rowling details the history and character of the characters and environments over 20 years and seven books have shaped the Potter phenomenon.

Netherlands imposed by law on the Net neutrality

The principle of Net Neutrality supporters win. The Congress of Deputies approved an amendment to the Netherlands of the telecommunications law which prevents Internet service providers block or to pay more for the use of certain services. The majority voted for an amendment to the support of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Maxime Verhagen. "This is not to prevent or charge more for access to certain services such as Skype or WhatsApp", told  a ministry spokesman.

If you have no Internet connection, the Chromebook not worth much of anything

This laptop presented tonight in London between fanfare, designed by Google, and manufactured by Samsung, is only justified if he contracted with a 3G internet connection. And Chromebook not come free.

Chromebook is a laptop attached to a browser. No desk. No hard drive. No programs. No slot for the DVD. Why, then someone is going to pay it? Because according Seokpil Kim, President of Samsung Europe Chromebook 5 series is quick, easy and secure.

Brazil, a new victim of the Lulzsec attacks

The wave of cyber attacks against companies and governments around the world already has a new victim: Brazil. In a statement issued today by Chairman, Brazil has managed to avoid an attempt at hacking a website and two other government websites. LulZsec group responsible for attacks on the U.S. Senate, the U.S. intelligence agency (CIA), Nintendo and Sony, has claimed the action and announced more "surprises" on your Twitter account. The attacks from "electronic robots" were detected in the early hours of Wednesday by the Data Processing Service (Serpro) and immediately aborted "The Serpro security system, where the three portals are staying, blocked all the actions of hackers, causing the bottleneck of the networks and let the pages inaccessible for about an hour.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple is preparing a new iPhone by September

According to Bloomberg, Apple prepares a new phone for the month of September. The device will have a processor A5. According to the same source has an eight megapixel camera, significantly higher than five of the current terminal. The iPhone 4 was introduced in January 2010. The white version, presented at a time, hit stores in April this year. According to this cable, the company Steve Jobs also presented a version of the iPhone which will display a higher resolution multi-touch and improve the sensitivity.

Apple prepares its own TV?

Apple is preparing a TV would work with the IOS operating system in such a way that would allow the integration of AppleTV, AirPlay (wireless) and iTunes. According to DailyTech, the project, rumored for years, could be a reality this fall. The TV manufacturer would be outside and it is possible that Samsung is a company with which Apple maintains a complex relationship.

IPhone African Rhythms

Thumbs Rythmic appears intermittently in the top of the category "Music" in the Apple App Store. The application, which costs 79 cents, mixing African music with the game. Appears at the very beginning djembe and a basic background sounds. Then start dropping notes, the left, right and center.

Thumbs must be synchronized to the music not to make mistakes. Sounds simple but the increasingly requires more skill to discover new songs. The first two are unlocked from the start. Discovering the remaining eight are a matter of practice and talent with percussion.

Street View halted in India

The Google Street View cars, to collect images of streets in cities around the world, can no longer travel to Bangalore in southern India. This interruption occurs Wednesday, June 22, less than a month after the announcement of the mapping service in the country. Google has received a letter from the authorities of the city.

A new "official" search engine in China

People's Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party launched this Tuesday, June 21 its own search engine, with the technological support of Baidu, the number one industry in China. Jike, "Now" in Chinese and is pronounced like "geek" in English, was built by a team of hundreds of engineers, including a former employee of Google China, Jun Liu.

Google goes beyond the symbolic figure of one billion visitors

Google totaled for the first time more than 1 billion unique visitors, according to figures published Tuesday, June 21, by ComScore. With 1.009 billion visitors, search engine sites and YouTube (videos), Orkut (social network) and Gmail (email), among others, ahead of Microsoft Sites (905 million visitors), social network Facebook ( 713 million) and Yahoo (689 million).

Anonymous attacks Berlusconi's PDL sites

Anonymous Cyber activists, who have caused the blocking of other government sites in February, have returned to strike, and this time the attacks were directed towards the sites of PDL, Berlusconi's party.

Valencia technology to convert and view 3D images without glasses

Since he released his version of James Cameron 3D Avatar, the home viewer, you can enter from the dining room of his house in a universe where the characters seem to be within reach thanks to the famous glasses for viewing stereoscopic images. The Valencian company Mirage Technologies has now developed a technology capable of converting the 3D or stereoscopic images that display autostereoscopic three-dimensional images with the naked eye without using special glasses.

Crysis 2: DirectX 11 in action here

NVIDIA Forceware 275.50 beta drivers sli chipset AMD

Nvidia has released a new beta version of its release have now reached the Forceware 275.50 for GeForce video cards from GeForce 6 to the latest 500 series on the market, the most important news that there is support for SLI chipset AMD 990FX, 990X and 970.

Bebo and MySpace are social networking techniques to protect minors

The European Commission believes that Bebo and MySpace are the only social networks 'on line' default protecting private profiles of minors so that only authorized contacts to access their personal data, according to the examination to be conducted to fourteen networks social among which are also Facebook, Myspace.

The Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes said he was "disappointed" by the outcome of this review and has urged companies to "engage a firm to remedy" the situation. Kroes explained that, besides preventing default unknown to contact minors without prior approval is important that the networks "protect the reputation" of these children on the Internet.

Firefox 5 comes three months after the latest version

Firefox, the browser that ended the dominance of Internet Explorer, Microsoft's browser, launches a new version. Firefox 4 came in March. Firefox 5 opens today.
The improvements are reflected in 992 changes, some are details, some more relevant as facilities for developers to do CSS animations, fast browsing and more fluid passage between tabs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eight quadrillion calculations per second: Japan has the super-fast "computer-K"

The fastest supercomputer in the world is now in Japan. His top position he will retain long: it's three times faster than the previous leader. With eight quadrillion calculations per second (petaflops), the system has set "Computer C" Fujitsu at the top of the world - and immediately built up a commanding lead. Compared to the previous leader of the Japanese supercomputer provides a good three times more power.

Arrest of a suspected member of the group of hackers LulzSec

A joint FBI and Scotland Yard has arrested a 19 year sman , suspected of belonging to the group of hackers "Lulz Security", the source of multiple attacks against Web sites in recent weeks. The young man was arrested in Essex, northeast of London. Substantial equipment was seized at the scene of the arrest and he was placed in custody in London.

Google and the Library Britnica 250,000 works escanearn

The British Library and the Google search engine agree to publish 250,000 books out of copyright between 1700 and 1870, including underwater navigation project, Narciso Monturiol, inventor of the first motor-powered submarine. The plan, announced through a press release, is part of the controversial Google Book Search project, which are already shipped about 40 libraries in the world.

Lulzsec attacks the site of a security agency British government

The group Lulzsec has claimed a denial of service attack against a government agency website British security (Serious Organised Crime, Soca). The assault has left some hours idle or intermittent access the site. The group this action falls within the campaign announced today that AntiSec identifies as objectives to government agencies and institutions such as banks.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Firefox RC 5: here we go!

After a few months since the release of version 4 of the Firefox browser, Mozilla is ready to release the new version 5 that came into being RC (release candidate) and which should become the stable version by tomorrow, along with the mobile version for smartphones and tablet.

Domain names: ICANN approves new gTLDs

Meeting in Singapore, the board of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved, Monday, June 20, the use of new suffixes in web addresses. Industry observers believe that businesses and municipalities should be the first to take this new opportunity. The generic domain names (gTLDs in English, for "generic top-level domain names") currently number about twenty, plus about 250 extensions each corresponding to one country.

Hacked Sega plunges the Tokyo Stock Exchange

The action of the video game publisher Sega has plunged more than 5% Monday, June 20 at the opening of the Tokyo Stock Exchange after the announcement of a mass piracy of personal information of players. The company confirmed Sunday that the information of 1.3 million users online had been stolen by hackers.

Names, dates of birth, email addresses and passwords of system users online Sega Pass was stolen, but no data on the means of payment such as credit card numbers, has Sega said in a statement. The service was suspended Sega Pass. In recent weeks, several manufacturers of consoles and video game publishers have been victims of similar hacks.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sega under attack: stolen over 1 million data

The personal data of more than 1 million users of the Japanese giant Sega video game were stolen after a hacker attack against a site of its European subsidiary. The company announced. Sega is the second company of the video game industry to end up being targeted by hackers. In recent months, the PlayStation Network, Sony has been attacked repeatedly in the hands of aggressors placing millions of personal data, including passwords and credit card numbers.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eee Pad, netbook tablet

The explosion of netbooks, small laptops at reasonable prices, put ASUS between the most successful component manufacturers. The arrival of the tablets has relegated these devices to the background. However, ASUS believes both formats can coexist and complement each other. Eee Pad is a mixture of both.

The core is a tablet with 10-inch display, NVIDIA Tegra 2, dual core, front and rear camera, ie most of the characteristics of high-end tablet. Including the increasingly heavy 680 grams. The keyboard is a supplement that is so important as aparante screen. When connected via a plug at the bottom of the tablet, set of hinges can open and close like a small laptop.

Friday, June 17, 2011

AMD Catalyst 6.11 released!

U.S. to pursue the streaming of copyrighted works

Streaming of copyrighted works will be prosecuted in the United States in the same way that the downloads themselves. This has passed a Senate committee that sets penalties of five years in prison for sites that profit from this kind of offer. The rule will be debated in the full House.

Existing laws in the U.S. punish the reproduction and distribution of works protected by copyright. The law is primarily aimed at P2P file sharing systems.

Google: Me on the Web is on

Google has launched a new feature called "Me on the Web", which alerts us if someone mentions our name on the internet, giving the availability to delete the content which appears on our behalf from the Google content.

Microsoft opens up its system to developers Kinect PC

The U.S. company Microsoft has released, Thursday, June 16, codes of his video game system without a controller Kinect. Developers can design the operating system Windows 7 applications using this technology gesture recognition. This is a "free public beta for non-commercial applications," said Microsoft.

A commercial version of the developer kit is expected "at a later date," the company said Redmond. Kinect uses a camera and recognition software to allow users to play video games on the Xbox 360 from Microsoft using natural body movements and voice commands instead of the traditional controllers.

Restructuring at RIM after disappointing sales deemed

The Canadian group Research in Motion (RIM) announced (. Pdf) restructuring following the release Thursday, June 16, deemed disappointing sales in its first quarter. RIM, which has seen the value of the melt as half since February, posted a net profit of 695 million U.S. dollars (491 million euros). This is consistent with analysts' expectations for the first quarter of fiscal 2012, ended May 28, but down about 10% over the same period last year.

Android: Oracle requires billions of dollars to Google

The software company Oracle said Thursday that claimed several billion dollars in damages from Google, he has pursued since August 2010 and accused of violating patents owned by its Android operating system. "Claims for damages to Oracle in this case amount to billions of dollars," Oracle argues in a motion filed with the court Thursday, denying that this information be kept confidential as requested by Google.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The site of the CIA blocked by a computer attack

The official website of the CIA, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, has not been available for several hours Wednesday, June 15 evening. Hackers grouped under the name of Lulz Security (LulzSec) announced that they launched an attack against the site. Within minutes of the claim, posted on Twitter about midnight, access to the site was broken.

Later that evening, the connections were sporadic, before gradually returning to normal Thursday morning. According to preliminary information, the site seems to have been the victim of an attack called "denial of service", which consists of connections to saturate an Internet site to block access.

Duke Nukem Forever, the missed appointment

Duke himself acknowledges from the beginning: "After twelve years of waiting, the game had better be good." Unfortunately, the result is not up to expectations. Duke Nukem Forever, released June 10, is indeed one of the most legendary games and the most anticipated video game history. In the 1990s, the adventures of Duke, who saved the planet from alien invasion, players were stunned by his offbeat character at the time.

Hewlett-Packard filed a complaint against Oracle

The U.S. computer maker Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced on Wednesday, June 15, he filed a complaint against his former partner Oracle. HP asked to continue to develop software for its products running with a chip from Intel, Itanium. The Itanium family of microprocessors, developed jointly by several computer manufacturers and for servers and other high performance computing systems, appeared for the first time in 2001.

The site of the CIA victim of hackers LulzSec

The website of the CIA (cia. gov), the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, has not been accessible for several hours Wednesday night. Hackers grouped under the name of Lulz Security (LulzSec) announced having hacked. Within minutes of the claim, posted on Twitter about midnight, access to the site was broken.

Later that evening, the connections were sporadic. Lulz Security has become known in recent weeks claiming attacks against groups Sony and Nintendo. The group also claimed responsibility for attacks against the United States Senate, the public television channel PBS, and an organization working with the federal police (FBI) InfraGard.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wikileaks is auctioning a lunch with its founder

Wikileaks, which specializes in the publication of secret documents, has auctioned a lunch with the founder Julian Assange to raise funds for the activities of its website. Eight seats are at stake since this Monday for lunch in "one of the best restaurants in London," the U.S. platform for eBay auctions.

Yesterday morning, the main auction was 700 euros (1,000 dollars), eBay promised that all sales would end at Wikileaks. The luncheon will be held from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. Saturday, July 2 and will be followed by a public discussion between Julian Assange and the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek on the impact of Wikileaks.

Tunisia blocks pornographic websites

The Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) announced Tuesday that it would enforce a court decision ordering it to block access to pornographic sites pending a trial on the merits. ATI said it would respect the decision of a judge of the Court of Appeal, which refused to accept a suspension of the measures ordered by the Court of First Instance in Tunis.

"Technical teams from ATI today begin a plan to implement the filtering equipment," the agency said adding that this could be done gradually, as its filtering equipment were not updated since the revolution of Tunisia and the flight of former President Zine El-Ali AbidineBen, January 14.

Firefox: a virus comes from a fake Windows Update

In the last few hours, a new virus is spreading through a fake Windows Update page, users are most at risk appear to be those that use the Firefox browser, which is presented with a Windows Update page that detects fake updates.

Google presents the search for voice and image on your desktop

AMD APU Llano available!

AMD yesterday has made available the new APU Llano, for notebook platforms that integrate medium-high internally CPU and GPU. The processor has dual or quad core architecture, while the GPU is derived from the Radeon HD 6000 with support for DirectX 11.

Microsoft will introduce the new Xbox at E3 2012?

After a few days after the close of E3 2011 is already beginning to talk about what could be presented next year for this anticipated event and one of the favorite topics is the new console from Microsoft, which some sources see it ready for E3 2012 .

Mobile phones: the race for 4G is officially open

The start of the call for applications for frequency allocation mobile fourth generation (4G) in France has been given, Wednesday, June 15, with the publication in the Official Journal (OJ) orders which set conditions. "The 4G represents a new stage of the digital revolution and will help to multiply by 50 the speed of mobile Internet", stressed in a statement the ministers of economy and industry, Christine Lagarde and Eric Besson.

SMEs on the Internet, "a market to evangelize"

The Internet is a source of growth for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Today, nearly three-quarters of Internet users buying online. Yet few small businesses create a Web site. Companies that have engaged in often derive financial gain, and invest in online commerce. The gap is widening as companies with more "traditional," the barometer 2011 "e-Commerce for Small Business", conducted for The Post and Priceminiser by Opinion and published Wednesday, June 15 According to this study, the number of SMEs active on the Internet remains stable between 2010 and 2011: 35% of companies with fewer than 50 employees have a site.

The Pandora music service goes public

The online music service Pandora, which should go public in the United States on Wednesday, noted on Tuesday, the price of its shares over 40%. Originally designed a range of 7 to $ 9 per share, the service has risen as the price to 16 dollars. The new price values the company at more than $ 2.5 billion (1.7 billion euros).

The IPO should enable it to raise more than $ 230 million (160 million) by selling 14.7 million shares. This development raises a number of questions, so that the service has not achieved profitability. In 2010, despite a turnover of 95 million and claimed 90 million users, the company posted 1.2 million euros in losses.

Google provides "instant results" in Chrome

The search engine Google has unveiled Tuesday night, a new feature to its Chrome browser, which displays Web pages almost instantly when searching. Called "instant pages", this feature is based on the load in anticipation of the first search results. Starting to download the front pages of results for a query, the browser may display in the second pages that are most likely those that search the Internet.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Samsung Dart

Today comes news of a new smartphone from Samsung. Perhaps seeking to lighten the repeated criticism over delays the company has had with Galaxy product line, especially tablet, now presents a new smartphone that is very reminiscent to the Galaxy S. As mentioned the new Samsung Dart is a sort of "miniature version" of Galaxy S.

Even shares many of its technical characteristics, including the processor and screen, and a design style .... The new Samsung Dart comes equipped with a 600 MHz processor, a QVGA type screen, 3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, micro SD slot, etc.. Prices do not yet have information but do not have to wait too long and the new Samsung Dart will be put on sale tomorrow in the United States.

More details of Motorola Droid 3

As we approach the launch date in the U.S. Motorola reveals information about its new smartphone. Motorola is the Droid 3, a mobile that comes in search of wiping lovers QWERTY physical keyboard. Starting with the screens we have confirmed that the phone will display the type equipping a pentyl, a display model that offers excellent results in direct exposure to light alone, however, has presented some problems in previous models.

JBL OnBeat, a new concept of docks

At this point in technological gadgets accessories have generated their own market worldwide. Hundreds are items that go on sale in search of a piece of cake, because today we have to teach one to be very interesting for fans of Apple. This is the new JBL OnBeat, a dock that gives us full compatibility with operating systems "apple." Although the design does not add anything new to what is new is that we used for all line items iOS, something he has offered us no other accessory.

HP video shows the main functions of webOS 3

HP now seems ready lalla marketing of its new HP TouchPad, which should be July 1, this tablet is characterized by the presence of a proprietary operating system, called webOS at version 3, due to the imminent commercialization HP has decided to issue a video demonstration of the new operating system.

Political Blog Vertigo: Hetero-iD, lesbian fantasies

"Shame on you": Two bloggers reap the wrath of the Internet because they presented themselves as lesbian political activists. One critic wrote when Syrian regime, the other posted as "Paula Brooks" from the U.S. - they even flirted with each other via the web. Hamburg - Just days after an American had known that the alleged Syrian regime critic and lesbian blogger Amina Abdallah Arraf only a fictional character, was another alleged blogger was unmasked.

Richard Stallman: "The user must monitor the program, not the reverse"

Richard Stallman is one of the "fathers" of free software, programs whose source code is public and editable. Activist for a radical and comprehensive reform of copyright, he discusses the changing world of law, technology and computing. In some areas, free software that you are defending seems to have won the battle in the area of servers, for example, the share is overwhelming.

These victories are not permanent. The largest sector for people's freedom is the personal computer and mobile phone. I have no mobile phone: these objects are monitoring. It's inevitable, but I do not want Big Brother knows where I am. The software of these mini-computers should be free, but no model avoids proprietary software [or owner, that is to say non-free].

Hadopi: 17 platforms get the first labels PUR

The Hadopi awarded, Tuesday, June 14, its first labels to 17 platforms legal offers of cultural content on the Internet. PUR label for "Promotion of responsible use" will be affixed to these services. "The public is assured that the platforms that affix the label offer online content that respects the rights of creators," says the site clean.

fr. Among the platforms having been awarded the PUR, ten offer music (Beezik, Deezer, CD1D, Musicovery, My Surround, Universal Music Web, Orange MusicStore, Ecompil, Fnac, Qobuz). Three other offer video on demand (Videoavolonte, Allo videos mobile OffTV), three video games and software (Toomaï, DLgamer, Boonty) and one of the photographs (Fotolia).

Minor hacking of the site of the U.S. Senate

Lulzsec, the hacker group has reported in recent weeks by hacking into sites of Sony or the American television channel PBS, released documents showing that the group was able to partially penetrate the website of the U.S. Senate. Published documents are not particularly sensitive experiments, mostly of logs (operating history) of a site server.

"Is this an act of war, gentlemen?" pretends to question the group in a message accompanying the papers, referring to recent statements from NATO and U.S. military that a hacker could constitute an act of war, in which an armed response would be made. The Senate has decided to undertake an audit of all its security systems, but no confidential document was released by the pirates, who have apparently he could not fully penetrate the network of the Senate.

Nokia and Apple soldent their legal dispute

World number one mobile phone, Finnish Nokia, said, Tuesday, June 14, its U.S. rival Apple agreed to pay royalties to settle all their disputes over its use of several technologies patented by Nokia. "Apple and Nokia have agreed to drop all pending and adopted a license that covers each part of the other patents," said a spokesman for Apple.

"We're pleased that Apple is joining the growing number of people who adopt technologies Nokia ... This agreement demonstrates the value of Nokia's patent portfolio," responded the Finnish group's executive director, Stephen Elop said in a statement. Nokia also said that the agreement ending the proceedings, whose terms remain confidential, would enhance its earnings for the second quarter.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Intel seeks to revive the Celeron range

Many of you were thinking that Intel has "killed" the Celeron range for several years now, since you are very wrong. The production of these processors never stopped, although we can not say the same commercial success. Intel seeks to revive But the line to include new media Sandy Bridge. Here's the latest news suggests that Intel will update the range of economic Celeron processors using its new Sandy Bridge architecture.

Samsung continues to have problems with its range of tablets

Some time that Samsung has been showing different "excuses" to delay the launch of its 8.9-inch version of Galaxy Tab. First there were problems with the interface without too much detail, and now the problem comes from the side of the screen. As you all know Samsung to announce the project ensured the presence of the new screens G1f, a new model that achieves GFF screens screens thinner than the conventional format.

Another Orange smartphone

Orange exclusive mobile betting continues manufactured exclusively for the telephone operator, in this case Orange Orange presents the new Barcelona, a new Android smartphone. The mobile phone presents a fairly simple design but comfortable to use interface with a QWERTY keyboard and 2.6 inch touch screen.

It also has an interesting 3.2-megapixel camera, Android OS 2.2 and HD audio system exclusively. The most interesting model is clearly not its technology but its price. Yet to know when the new Orange Barcelona cost will have to wait but no doubt will be affordable.

Spotify preparing his landing in the United States

Both Wall Street Journal and Financial Times at the possible release of the online music service Spotify early in the month of July. Both media explain that the Swedish company has already struck deals with Universal, Sony and EMI, three major labels and just missing them do the same with Warner. Lutz Emmerich, head of the company in Spain, and last year announced the intention of landing in the U.S., the obstacle, then, was the lack of a broader catalog tailored to the tastes of this country.

Think of the Samsung smartphone with AMOLED flexible

iPhone 5 begins the testing phase, but we'll see in September

The long-awaited iPhone 5 seems to have entered the final phase of testing, which Apple called "AP". The news came from the site 9to5Mac, showing what was said by an anonymous source, but near the top of Apple, which says that the new smartphone is already in the hands of Apple executives and the biggest players.

Apple Ssued by the use of the mark icloud

An Arizona company, icloud Communications, has sued Apple for using the mark icloud. The signing of Phoenix, a provider of IP voice (via Internet), argues that the name caused confusion over competing products. In the text of the application, said Apple's offer to icloud is similar to the competitors and make the applicant itself through icloud Marks since 2005.

"However, due to the global coverage generated by the announcement of Apple and its services icloud and saturation advertising campaign by Apple, the media and the public have been associated with Apple icloud brand." The company requests an unspecified amount of money and that Apple cease using the term icloud.

Facebook losing momentum in the U.S.?

Facebook's growth is continuing at a global level, but the social network seems stalled in some countries like the United States, says a report published Sunday, June 12 According to the website Inside Facebook Gold, which conducts monthly surveys, social networking, co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, will soon reach the 700 million active users.

In early June, Inside Facebook accounted 687 million, against 675 million a month earlier. Based on the demand for online advertising on social networks, social enterprise Bakers consider it more than 698 million in Tech News Buzz. There are less than a year, the social network for its part claimed to have surpassed the 500 million registered.

Deezer's future threatened by a complaint from Universal

Deezer and between record labels, is "I love you I do not either." On the one hand, the independent label Sooner or Later will use the resources of Europe's leading streaming music and offered him to celebrate his fifteenth birthday, a nice roster of artists on stage (Yael Naim Thomas Fersen L, Dick Annegarn, Heads Stiff ...).

They will succeed at the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris, Tuesday, June 14, for a private concert broadcast live on Deezer. But the charm of operation will not forget that Universal Music Deezer filed a complaint June 10 in summary proceedings before the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris for infringement.

Anonymous attack the website of the Spanish police

The group of "hacktivists" Anonymous launched on the night of Saturday 11 to Sunday, June 12, an attack against the website of the Spanish police. "In the night between Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm on the police website fell victim to an attack and has been blocked for a few minutes," said Monday, a police source.

On Twitter, @ Anon_Central account noted: "Objective: www. Policia. Es, status: failed, for arresting peaceful protesters." Spanish police announced Friday the arrest of three hackers regarded as responsible for Spain Anonymous, accused of attacks against official websites and institutions.

Blog - Playtime Hits: the makings of a proto Sheep in action (discrete), Future extension

Spotify is a licensing agreement with Universal Music

The online music service Spotify has signed a licensing agreement with Universal Music, the world's first label. The agreement was sealed two weeks ago, showed, Friday, June 10, unnamed sources quoted by Reuters news agency. Spotify has now catalogs of three of the four major labels, or 70% of the market and makes its imminent arrival on the U.S.

market, according to two sources cited. The streaming site has indeed reached an agreement with the U.S. Sony Music Entertainment and EMI. Sources contacted differ on whether Spotify will launch just before or after entering into a partnership with Warner, the world number three single disc and staff now missing its offer.

Washington wants to thwart the censorship of dictatorships with an Internet ghost

The United States is working on a global project to deploy an Internet "ghost" as well as mobile telephone systems to allow dissidents to bypass censorship of dictatorial regimes. That is what is reported, Sunday, June 12, the New York Times, in an investigation based on documents and secret diplomatic cables on an operation worthy of the purest spy novel.

According to the newspaper, young entrepreneurs and Washington are seeking to develop electronic devices do not attract attention and compact enough to be transported in a bag of ordinary trip. CASE FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Funded by a grant of 2 million from the State Department, this case will pass the borders of a country and the equipment to be quickly assembled to enable wireless communications over a wide area with Internet access.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anonymous web attacks the National Police

Both the website of the National Police as and SEPS INEM (Public Employment Service) has been allegedly attacked by a group of cyber Anonymous, Cadena Ser reported While the first and service is restored, it is impossible to access the other two at the moment. The attack response to the arrests of three network administrators conducted by the police on Friday charged with "computer shutdown" and conspiracy.

Ricoh PX, a camera resistant to all

Today we bring you the perfect camera for those wishing to leave the mass consumer. This is a totally original and new that has been designed especially for sports fans, which can be noticed in their physical characteristics, and that is strong and sturdy, virtually unbreakable. This is the new Ricoh, a compact camera that has been called "Ricoh PX" fully shock resistant and also can be used under water.

Attack on computer IMF Hunt secrets of the countries in crisis

WASHINGTON - cyberattack against the International Monetary Fund, whose computers are finished being targeted by hackers. This was confirmed by the New York Times a spokesman for the fund, David Hawley, ensuring that the organization is fully operational and that the incident has opened an investigation.

The IMF, which has access to "sensitive" information from many nations, has been hit in recent months from what computer experts have described as a sophisticated cyber attack on a large scale. The New York Times, citing sources within the IMF, said the board was made aware of the attack last Wednesday, lasted just several months.

The Fund victim of a cyber attack

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been the target of a cyber attack, confirmed Saturday a spokesman for the IMF, which is added to the list of leading institutions victims of a cyber attack. "The Fund is fully operational," assured David Hawley, indicating that an investigation was underway into the incident.

From a computer security expert who worked with the IMF and World Bank, the objective was to install spyware into the computer system of the IMF which would have allowed a State to have an "internal digital presence" on the network. "It was a targeted attack. The computer code was developed and circulated for this purpose," said Tom Kellerman, who works for the International Protection CyberSecurity Alliance.

AT100, technology news Toshiba

The Tablets continue generating innovations, growing consumer market. This time, the news has given Toshiba, who presented his new AT100. The great novelty of the battery is removable and replaceable, and other novel features that you described below. The AT100 also features a removable cap, which can be replaced with others of different colors that will make it attractive ma.

As for his physical frills highlights its screen-based 10.1-inch dual-core processor NVIDIA Tegra 2. The memory is not very different from the other tablets that have already known before: 1GB RAM and 16 GB of flash memory. Performance with that account are: - Wi-fi - Front camera 2MP - SD Card Slot - 5MP camera back.

Face control: Before Facebook's photo-identification, there is little escape

Facebook knows your face: The social network has introduced a new feature for automatic image recognition - which can be switched off only with difficulty. Completely escape the user's face scanner itself does not. Hamburg - Every day be tagged with Face Book 100 million photos: users select where in the picture a person is, Facebook then linked this with the appropriate profile.

To make the users to tagging as easy as possible, try Facebook, people to see on photos automatically. When struck an appropriate selection is proposed. Because the new feature is on by default and users have not indicated they were showered with criticism. He was hoping for a privacy-friendly setting, the Hamburg Data Protection Officer John Casper said on Wednesday.

Xbox Live and Windows 8 a marriage that knows to do!

Microsoft seems determined to bring its Xbox Live online service on Windows 8, at least this is what was stated by Mike Delman, VP of Global Marketing, Interactive Entertainment Business division at Microsoft said: "Live will be built around the PC. A service that will focus all of your entertainment.

E7, the Nokia mobile keyboard

The competition is great. So it should be distinguished. You get with your Nokia E7, although it should be recalled that he produced in 1996. To teach your sliding screen keyboard, with room for fingers, a thing of the past century, though I weigh almost three times the current (397 grams versus 176), and that this E7 is heavy with respect to its jurisdiction.

The slider is much appreciated, especially if you type. In principle, perhaps because of its price, was thought to professionals, but not why. The quality is not just for entrepreneurs, and their cost does not scare, accustomed to the iPhone and others. His other great quality is the camera, eight megabytes, double flash and Carl Zeiss lens.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Babynes" Nestlé's new device

We know that the gadgets go far beyond a mobile device: they have covered all our lifetimes. That is why today we present a very special device for your kitchen: the new gadget for Nestlé, who is dedicating to create a parallel market of dairy products. Its executives have announced "Babynes" a machine that prepares your baby's bottle.

Making your life easier every time, Nestlé has launched its line of individually wrapped in capsules, which are concentré ideal dose for the consumption of milk and baby products. Along with these parts, has introduced "Babynes" this electronic coffee even easier your work. Does your role? as does "Nepresso" you only have to press a button in less than a minute, the system detects the right portions and produce the necessary food for your baby.

Spanish police arrest three suspected members of Anonymous

Three hackers considered responsible for the Spain international organization Anonymous and accused of attacks against official websites have been arrested, police said Friday. These "hackers" who were arrested in Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria were "computer experts" capable of "encrypt" their trade, said the head of the Brigade of Technological Investigation of the Spanish police.

Two of the hijackers "had no internet connection at home" so as not to arouse suspicion and accessed the Web via wireless connections from neighbors, police said at a press conference to introduce this, the "first" in Spain against Anonymous. Anonymous is an "organization of hackers organized into independent cells" that launch coordinated attacks against websites, including through a myriad of computers infected with viruses and controlled remotely.

Nintendo surprises with its Wii U

The latest video game technology fair, E3, has been given to speak and do not stop all the impact be felt. While Sony was the star with Vita PlayStation, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Wii U.S., which seeks to revolutionize marking a new stage in the Wii generation. As you can see in the picture, the new Nintendo console has an excellent 6.2 inch touch screen, thanks to its wireless system with your TV, you will play without using cables to connect the Wii.