Monday, February 21, 2011

Over and out from the mobile

Within the explosion of services that allow verbal communication or sending instant messages without having to spend more on the bill are Viber and WhatsApp. Both applications leverage the data rate of mobile phones to create the effect of SMS or voice calls without incurring additional expense. TiKL, a free program for phones with both Android and iPhone that lets you use your phone as a walkie-talkie.

Facebook also does not like Roma

Fujistsu presents MH330

The new mini-notebook from Fujitsu, the Fujitsu MH330, has come to the stores throughout Japan in recent days and as a result we could know the final technical details of this netbook. The Fujitsu MH330 was announced by the manufacturer last year 2010, but only now is available for sale. This is a mini-notebook slim, lightweight and easy to carry weighing only 1.1 kg, has a housing with a maximum thickness of 24.5 mm.

Sony is preparing a second tablet VAIO Android and a device with sliding keyboard

The future of Sony also has to do with tablets, and that made us wonder that one of the leaders in consumer electronics not to demonstrate very active in this regard, until he decided to self-placed as the second manufacturer in the future. The first news was we had last week with the first tablet features that would have its 'S1', today we discovered that not come alone.

Next to it, the guys at Engadget, we invite you to visit a couple of devices rather than come before the end of the year: one tablet Android foldable, dual 5.5-inch touchscreen, and a device of 9.4-inch VAIO sliding keyboard operating system Windows 7. Although the picture is not very accomplished introductory gives us an idea of what will be Sony's S2 ', the codename for the second tablet in which the Japanese company is working.

Garmin GTU 10 promises to follow in your footsteps

Garmin already has available its GPS locator that occurred in the past CES, targeting mainly athletes who want to register their departure or as an element in the control of people and children. The Garmin GTU 10 is small and resistant to bad weather and lightweight (48.5 grams). Could not be otherwise for the use you have to give.

This GPS tracker is configured especially as used by your intended purpose, and is able to track a path or sending location information to a computer and can hold up to 10 points of reference in which to set alarms the time exceeded. Or sick pets may be recipients of this Garmin device that comes with scabbard to be hung.

Leave home a free plug for your car battery

Now that we have almost single charger for our mobile phones, is thinking about giving a free plug for the battery in your future electric car. 2012 will be the year that Toyota start to sell domestic shippers for their electric cars and hybrids, although it will be possible to charge car batteries which are not the company, something we welcome.

These boots are of two types. One of them may be placed outside the house, while the other must be put inside the garage, if you are not of those who park their cars in the living room. The price of these boots will be high, above $ 2,400, and include installation. You know, saving is said to be more eco-driving.

IT Exhibition: Cebit will grow again

The past years were not easy for Europe's most important IT fair, CeBIT in Hannover. 2011 will go up again: more exhibitors are expected, and the normal consumer should feel welcome at the fair. And the big names come back too. Hanover - The world's largest computer fair CeBIT later this year again with more exhibitors.

A week before the announced starting at over 4200 companies, such as fair manager Frank Pörschmann said on Monday in Hanover. Last year there were 4150th "We also look forward to some returnees," said Pörschmann. This included about printer manufacturers such as Brother, Epson or Xerox, which were absent from the show's second example.

The new TVs Samsung Smart TV will be fine with the Galaxy family

Samsung has announced that its Smart TV TV line for 2011 will have the ability to send TV signals, plus the Blu-ray, portable devices of the Korean house. It appears that the final name will receive the functionality is TwinView. The idea seems to need little explanation, what we envision on the big screen WiFi network travels through our Galaxy Samsung devices, pudiéndonos move about the house without losing what is being broadcast.

Israel is reluctant to allow Google Street View

Israeli ministers discussed Monday the risks to national security if Google was allowed to collect private data for its controversial Street View program, we learn from an official source. Google proposes to offer this service to Israelis, but the authorities fear that the images of buildings in three dimensions are exploited in attacks, mostly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

An interministerial committee was examined Monday "the implications for privacy and public safety" of such authorization and that "Israel could draw benefits for its image and its tourism," said an official statement. End of 2010, Google bought the Israeli start-up Quiksee, which develops technology for virtual tours, a feature that is not yet on Google Maps.

Sony's battle against the release of the console up degrees

The war against those who change their Sony PlayStation 3 is sharpened and also replicas of the hackers. The company has announced it will block online access to the devices which detect the use of programs unlock (jailbreak) or the use of pirated software. The company blocks access to PlayStation Network and Qriocity platform permanently.

This measure is in addition to the various demands made in court by Sony, from Spain to the United States against the release of its console. The latest success was achieved site closure GeoHot which issued a release system. The 21 year old behind the closed site should also provide all the hardware for the above tool.

X58A-OC Gigabyte, motherboard and overclocking born by

Within the wide variety of motherboards that have on the market there are a few that are bound to overclocking. Are few compared to the total, of course, but delight any advanced user to provide certain features that, although many do not usually use ever, call attention dramatically. In this line is the Gigabyte X58A-OC, which as you may have guessed from the name is an X58 Intel motherboard with socket 1366 and intended for overclocking.

Portfolio - "The Legend of Zelda" celebrates 25 years

Vitality Glowcaps, the pills you will call the phone when you forget to take them

The Mobile World Congress is not only a fair phones and tablets. The plaza between the halls one, three and four contained a home project connected via 3G. Although the home had little of, there we find a curious application called Vitality Glowcaps. As you see in the picture, the Vitality Glowcaps are drug pill.

What makes them unique is the top, a rather complex device that is capable of quite a few functions. For starters, the top of these pillboxes futuristic features an LED and sounds that alert the patient that has to take medication. In case this is not effective, the jackpot of Vitality Glowcaps is also capable of sending an SMS or email to a designated phone number, either from the patient or guardian, to warn that the drug has not been taken.

Nec Sox curl curl with 7.7 mm thick

Is there a limit on the thickness of a mobile phone? Nec must consider that, and then being surprised at the MWC 2011 with just over 8 mm S Galaxy II, the Japanese come and we put forward a new phone that measures at its thinnest point just 7.7 mm. The staging will be borne by the operator DoCoMo, which has been made with a phone that surprised by its thickness but does not fall short in performance.

Chihuahua calls the prohibition of a video game

"Do justice into your own hands and experience the anarchy of modern Westerns." This is how you promote the video game Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Ubisoft Entertainment, which plans to go on sale this summer. In the first gameplay footage shows three armed figures, prepared to shoot on the streets of Ciudad Juarez, one of the world's most violent cities, with 6,000 murders in the last two years.

Huawei Ida Slim S7, the tablet Android upgrade your hardware Huawei

Not only big companies had tablets in the Mobile World Congress. During the fair we also prove discrete models that we want to be left out. The latest entrant in the review of the show in Barcelona is the Huawei Ida S7 Slim, shy bet the company to enter China in this increasingly hard-fought market. The S7 Slim Ida Huawei is actually a version of the Huawei Ida S7, a tablet with seven-inch screen 800 x 480 pixels resolution that the company has already commercialized.

RenRen, the Facebook of China, is planning an IPO

The social network is considering a RenRen Chinese IPO in the U.S., which would make him the first social networking side, said, Monday, February 21, the Financial Times, citing two unnamed sources familiar with the matter. The company, which claims 160 million registered for the service, plans to raise about 500 million dollars (366 million euros) in its IPO, led by Deutsche Bank among others, the economic daily said.

Cyber attacks are "inevitable," says the head of the NSA

The head of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has called, Thursday, Feb. 17, officials from the U.S. to strengthen computer security device of the United States to guard against cyber attacks, which he considered "inevitable." "This is serious," said Keith Alexander, the NSA director, at the RSA Conference, which is annually on the security of information systems.

"Most of the tools designed for destruction have not yet been used and we must exploit this window of opportunity to improve our defense," says he. Two days earlier, Deputy Defense Secretary, William Lynn, had sent the same message type, noting that malicious software could, through Tech News Buzz, causing damage at hotspots such as power plants.

Videos live views and stored away

Quietly emerged two years ago, social networks in which texts are replaced by sounds and images are installed on the Internet thanks to the spread of smartphones with cameras and mics. One of the most popular is the Swedish network Bambuser. com, that advertises free live video from an iPhone or an Android phone.

The quality varies, but in all cases, the magic of live full play to the fullest. The issuer of the sequence is pinpointed on a Google map, which appears on the screen of the viewer next to the video. Once released, the clip is stored on servers Bambuser, and can be viewed offline. As a social network in text mode, each member has a personal page Bambuser, his fans, his followers and followed.

FON ready to conquer U.S.

FON is a company dedicated to making a service available wifi connection and shared. After passing the 400,000 users in the first three years of birth, in 2010 sold 1,800,000 routers adapted to your wireless network. Totaling more than 3 million wireless access points worldwide. Highlights in the UK, where they have a following negotiations with British Telecom, and Japan.

The next step in its expansion to the United States. This could not have received a new investment of 10 million euros (13.5 million). Atomico is the venture capital firm that has made the deposit. This company is led by Niklas Zennstrom, co-founder of Skype. In the same are also the creators of eBay and some of Facebook's initial investor.

Archos Archnova, television and Internet radio in any room

Archos wants to get their hands on personal media devices, but not in tablet form and as a result of this obsession we have the new Archos ArchNova, a kind of Squeezebox, but with a French accent and more multimedia. The Archos ArchNova allows access to various radio and TV channels online on your screen of 3.5 inches (320 x 240 pixels), that the picture may appear larger, but is quite small.

Washington defends the Internet free but under surveillance ...

Since coming to power of President Obama, the U.S. has erected the "Internet Freedom" in their official goal of foreign policy. This voluntarism was solemnly reaffirmed in January 2010 in a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who proclaimed the advent of a new human right, the "right connections".

Incidentally, Clinton recalled that his country has a special responsibility because it is the "homeland" of the Internet. For Washington, the defense of the Internet is all the more natural it is to promote the export of U.S. companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook, whose leaders are close political and financial elites the country.

Panasonic dares to portable TVs that are controlled by gestures

Panasonic has extended the range of Viera TVs, and does so fairly original to make panels of small dimensions, in particular 10.1-inch (1024 x 600 pixels), as more interestingly we are seeing in the new tablets. The three proposed versions presented very different features, a first model known as the Panasonic DMP-BV300 (top) is committed to including Blu-ray and HDMI in the set.

The other two models, DMP-DMP-HV200 and HV150, dare with a waterproof design (IPX-3), and in the case of the first with an interesting gesture control. They seem focused on being in the kitchen, especially the DMP-HV200 (picture below), not only for its resistance to water, but for its control by gestures, and it is normal in the kitchen have their hands stained.

Google has released version 10 beta of its Chrome browser

Google points to this version with speed and makes heavy use of the video card mainly for online video full-screen display. In this version of Chrome was added Crankshaft new JavaScript engine, which provides a performance increase of 66 percent with the V8 benchmark, SunSpider test, but with the improvements are few compared to the current stable version of the browser 9.0.597.98.

Arab revolts are they "revolutions 2.0"?

LeCaire special envoy - They are changing Tech News Buzz. Internet users and bloggers, fans of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, have triggered a mass mobilization that extends to almost all Arab countries. The icon of this generation is called Wael Ghonim, and he is Egyptian. Aged 30 years, Chief Marketing Officer of Google for the Middle East, living in Dubai with his American wife and their two children, he acknowledged, after coming to Cairo to participate in the demonstration on January 25 and have been detained twelve days by the security forces, being the creator of the Facebook page "We are all Khaled Said." Named after a young man tortured and beaten to death by police in Alexandria, 6 June 2010, Page was at the heart of the awareness of young Egyptians and police abuse of power, and was the key, with other pages controlled by other youth movements, the mobilization of 25 January.

Brushes fingers

Every day there are more applications for tactile tablet. The oldest and most successful Apple iPad is perhaps the most fruitful, however, surprised that has not yet exploded something as logical as drawing on the screen. You could slightly revise and retouch photos, but not with so much realism to create a drawing from scratch.

ArtRage is an application (5.49 euros in the iTunes store) that lets you use the screen as a canvas, choose brush stroke, color, texture and type of force used to put pressure. So you can paint with a spray, pen, pen, crayon, according to the whim of the user. The color palette, located on the lower right corner of the IPAD, is broad.

Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 boasts speed

Casio has made it official on arrival in Spain of its latest compact camera, the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100, a model in which we find much of what we call a compact, design, HD video, zoom, angle and speed operation. The Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 boasts a brand new 12.1-megapixel sensor stabilized backlight which will be reflected in the memories we make with the help of his shop which starts at 24 mm (the optical zoom is 12.5 ×).

Twitter temporarily blocks and applications Twitdroyd UberSocial

The social network Twitter has suspended four third-party applications for accessing its services, Friday, Feb. 18, before returning its decision for two of them. Twidroyd applications (for Android phones) and Blackberry UberSocial will again be allowed, while the return of the iPhone application is still considered by ÜberMedia Twitter.

"Whatever your means of access to Twitter, it is our mission to make our service more quickly and reliably. Part of this mission requires to follow certain rules to protect our users and the health and vitality Platform Twitter as a whole, "explained Twitter on his blog that provides daily suspend" hundreds of applications.

The Galaxy Samsung S II starts in your head to be better in 2011

If readers of Tech News Buzz off, and could order a trophy for best phone of 2011 with the name of Samsung Galaxy S II. With 40% of the nearly 2,500 votes, the successor to one of the phones last year and part with the big band in Spain for this newly launched technology course. In second place is curiously for a phantom phone, the iPhone 5, which shows that whatever you do Apple with its new terminal, Tech News Buzz reader input has great faith in him.

Battle of the tablet reaches companies

According to Apple, 80% of the 500 companies leading the list of Fortune used iPad. In fact, the tablet and is seen by market analysts as a computer, which has positioned Apple as the third largest manufacturer of these devices when included in the statistics to the tablet. Microsoft, which does not yet have an alternative in the market for tablets, has distributed a PowerPoint commercial customers between departments in which he argues the benefits of the computer, Windows, compared to business use iPad.

Google gets 2.0

It is clear that Google was lagging behind. With the fury of social networks and Web 2.0, the search giant had not aggiornamiento at all to return to be attractive and dynamic, but that is past. Google returns to the fray with new features that will make your search much more fun. Social integration is already part of the browser and nothing will be as before.

One of the first changes we will see are the "social outcomes", how could it be otherwise. From now on every search you do will result not only classic web pages with their news and information, but also have social updates. Google does this based on each account that we started and our connections, whether in Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and other networks.

New MacBook Pro for Thursday

After the maelstrom of new mobile phones last week, Apple has already booked his portagonismo for just premiered. It seems that this week will update the notebook range most advanced company with five new models: two 13-inch, two 15 and one over 17 inches diagonal. The anticipated renewal of the core range of laptops from the Cupertino will then point this week, with a secure upgrade to the latest chips from Intel and feature more secure, but is not expected to be the only changes.