Saturday, April 16, 2011

30 years of music-CD: from the gold-ass thing of the past

 The 30 years of the Compact Disc is the fascinating story of a technology that changed the world - and had in it the key to their own demise. Berlin - 30 years ago has changed the CD revolution, the music world forever. As a star conductor Herbert von Karajan 15 April 1981 representatives of technology companies Philips and Sony launched the marketing of the then new-fangled "Compact Disc" was, nobody knew what that would have consequences.

Packard Bell Launches Liberty Tab

If anyone believed that a giant like Packard Bell was not going to try to take advantage of the new tablet market I was very wrong, the company has unveiled its new Liberty Tab to hit stores in July. The U.S. company has unveiled more details of your new gadget with which pienza take your first step into the world of the tablet.

Liberty is Tab, a tablet that offers an exquisite design and chrome accents in various colors. But the interesting thing of this tablet is not only its design, its technical characteristics are very good and will come with the long-awaited Android 3.0. Tab Liberty come equipped with an nVidia Tegra processor 2 Dual-Core, a capacitive touch screen of 10.1 inches reaches a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and both houses of 2 and 5 megapixel (front and rear) with Xeon flash.

Apple iTV projects for television and become "smart"

ROME - An iPad on the table, an iPhone in my pocket, and with good probability, soon BTI in the living room. According to reports, Apple would be planning to launch in the market for HDTV. It is also investing a significant amount of resources to achieve what is seen by many as the logical continuation of the ecosystem created by the digital.

A "big screen" in sync with the iPhone and iPad, iTunes and all content that Apple manages to convey. Google's attempts in this direction are interesting, although the transition to a new form of television meets the resistance of an industry that has - understandably - the terror of being swallowed up.

Music, books and news from the Web the power of digital intermediates

American for the Supreme Court the case is closed. The record giant Universal Music will return $ 17 million to the rapper Eminem. The highest judicial authority overseas has in fact rejected the appeal against the decision of the multinational Court of Appeals had given him right to the company FBT Productions.

The stable recording of the famous rapper from Detroit - says the ruling on appeal - is entitled to collect 50% and no more than 12% of revenues generated by sales of digital music by Universal. Those who sell online, the Court states, it does give third parties a license to use the work, not selling copies of the work.

Samsung will provide 3D content via streaming

In case anyone has not noticed we are entering the era of 3D and it is almost a fad. Increasingly, those who have taken a liking to gain experience that is in movies, video games and other audiovisual when we apply this technology, Samsung executives also know and have thus taken another big step as far as multimedia content concerned.

During a meeting held at the request prior to the start of the IFA the South Korean company Samsung made an interesting announcement regarding SmartTV service. Starting next month will have access to 3D content directly from the catalog of Blu-ray IMAX. The most interesting news is that this service load content to be completely free, of course we must pay the content that we intend to see.

A console lovers SuperNintendo

Yes, believe it or not our dear old SuperNitendo still valid, at least their cartridges because the manufacturer Hyperkin technology has developed a new portable version of the console with which some of us immersed in the world of videogames. This is the new SupaBoy, a handheld that will allow us to make the most of our old cartridges SuperNintendo you probably already spent many years gathering dust in the attic of our home.