Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wi-Fi location information: Microsoft knows where you've been,

First Apple, then Google, now Microsoft, with a U.S. scientist denounces that bypasses the Windows group to relax with the location data from wireless routers. Also data from cell phones and laptops are recorded accordingly - that makes possible the tracking of individual devices. Microsoft wants to make its users to self-discovery easier.

Actually a nice train would be the company it does not seem too far gone. In order to enable mobile devices to determine the position even without GPS, the company has built a worldwide database with the location data from wireless hotspots. The devices can use in order to locate itself, at least approximately.

Google TV and Logitech lose money

The joint venture between Logitech and Google Google TV does not give good results. The manufacturer of encoder Revue Logitech has dropped the selling price of $ 249 to 99 which represents a cost of $ 34 million on the results of the group. Encoder sales were "slightly negative" between April and June this year, according to Logitech.

The returns have been higher than a sales "very modest" in his own words. Logitech expects the improvements to Google TV, the incorporation of the Android application store, encourage supply. Logitech believes that the buyer perceived a notable difference between the price too much product and the value he gave to it.