Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A new sensor to measure the growth of tumors in the body

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a new sensor capable of perceiving body crecicmiento of cancer or other tumors in the body, the goal is to keep patients already diagnosed controlled. This wonder device is a small device about two millimeters thick and eight wide that is implanted under the skin and is able to track cancer clusters already diagnosed.

But this is not its only function, the device also is able to distinguish heart attacks and their aftershocks, including cardio-respiratory functions. The sensor is based on a study in 2009 that identified different types of enzymes that are strongly attracted to cancerous tumors and shoots, thus the sensor means is able to detect magnetism.

Feel part of the F1 with Red Bull and Playseats

The company together with RedBull Playseat have presented a new virtual driving seat copará the minds of many fans of Formula 1 and the team of "Toro Rosso", it is the RedBull F1 Playseat to come to Spain this summer . The RedBull F1 Playseat consists of an ergonomic seat that simulates a professional armchair Formula 1, a pedal with metal finishes and a Logitech G27 steering wheel to put on a special stand simulating an F1 cockpit.

Comes the Samsung Series 9

The new line of high-end laptops Series 9, Samsung has reached the U.S. market, as expected have arrived at a high price, according to the features of these notebooks. In North America we can buy the new Samsung Series 9 in their model thirteen-inch screen, this computer is really complete and has the latest Intel processors Core i5-2537 1.4 GHz and 3 MB of cache.

It also has 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, 128 GB hard drive SSD, an Intel graphics card HD GT2, backlit keyboard, LCD screen that reach a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a 1.3 megapixel webcam. The most compact model 11 "has not yet reached the market, but its technical features will be almost equal to this, the difference lies in the processor being replaced by an Intel Core i3-380UM, lowering the RAM to 2 GB the disc to 64 BG.

Oracle closes the historical

The acquisition of Sun by Oracle has a trickle of consequences. The most noticeable is the change in policy on the open programs but there is another more symbolic. In a company blog announcing that the sun's domain. com will be active on 1 June. The company says that much of the contents that were in BigAdmin or sites have been migrated to Oracle's corporate and engineers working on a solution to the hardware compatibility list. In the list of active domains, sun. com is the twelfth in antiquity. We recorded the same day, 3/19/1986 The domain oldest, is one year earlier.

Samsung puts a price on their laptops Series 9, high as expected

Tomorrow it goes on sale in the United States 13-inch model laptops Samsung Series 9, we have told them several times, but we expected to know the final price to check whether a premium for these features team would have a priced accordingly. Well, neither more nor less than $ 1,649 is the price that appears on the market, and we assume that in Europe the thing and walk like the typical dollar-euro conversion.

United States, lobbying tax the sector of new technologies

It is a key vote to be held, Wednesday, March 16: County of San Francisco to decide whether to grant a tax exemption for six years the editor of microblogging service Twitter messages. The company threatened because of "relocate" its headquarters and 350 employees in Brisbane, a few miles south. Companies based in San Francisco pay a tax of 1.5% on their payroll, paying companies for more than 150,000 dollars (110,000 euros) a year salary.

Some Asus motherboards compatible with AM3 CPUs AMD Bulldozer

Asus seems to be ready to release a new bios for some motherboards with socket AM3, which will make them compatible with the upcoming AMD 32-nanometer Zambezi built based on the architecture and Bulldozer. AMD has until now has always maintained that these CPUs were not backwards compatible with socket AM3, but the Asus engineers have found a way to ensure a few more years of life the last shcede mothers produced and this news will surely make a lot of happy owners these motherboards, which cost "CPU apart" can update your system.

Google to create a mobile payment service without contact

Google prepares a contactless payment service for mobile phones based on NFC technology. The first tests are done in New York and San Francisco and will be operational in four months. The company will finance the installation of thousands of terminals in shops in both cities since it is the need of them slowing down the system expansion.

Customers must have a phone equipped with the same technology. There are few so far, but the Nexus S, Android, Samsung, Google, for example, already have it. Nokia and RIM ready models with NFC. This step runs counter to Google's resistance to incorporate the technology Apple is not applicable to the next iPhone and probably their standard phones will not own up to your model number six.

Microsoft and Google are crossed 'plug-ins' in the format war for video

The same week that Microsoft released the final version of its browser Internet Explorer 9, Google offers to download a plug-in (add-on module that increases the functionality of a main program) that introduces the format WebM  for viewing videos in the browser. Microsoft, in HTML5 option, support for such necessities H.264 format and your browser does not support the format natively supported byGoogle and Firefox.

AdWords: Google wants to reassure brands

The American group Google announced Tuesday, March 15, new "measures to improve cooperation with brand owners and prevent counterfeiters from abusing" AdWords, its system of online advertising. The group's search engine says it "will respond and will respond within 24 hours" after the filing of a complaint by advertisers or trademark owners who feel abused or counterfeit.

Google will also establish a "help page" that offers particular forms for the plaintiffs. During the second half of 2010, the Mountain View firm claims to have "closed approximately 50 000 AdWords accounts trying to advertise for counterfeit products." Google will identify more than one million users of AdWords, in 190 countries.

Microsoft gives in to Apple Farewell to Zune, iPod rival

LONDON - The market for digital music players has only one master, and his name is iPod. He realized even Microsoft, which decided to pull the plug on the Zune, its mp3 player that would erode the primacy of Apple. The latest version, Zune HD, nor is it ever reached Europe. And so in Redmond have decided that all the work done on Zune will survive in the smartphone with Windows Mobile 7 and the Xbox console.

Google would like to test contactless payment in the U.S.

Google is experimenting with contactless payment technology (Near Field Communications or NFC), says Bloomberg, Tuesday, March 15. According to the U.S. agency, Google will fund the installation of thousands of terminals at merchants in the cities of New York and San Francisco. Initial tests should take place within four months.

The U.S. group declined to make comment. Services "contactless mobile" using radio technology at very short range, which allows wireless data transfer and a few centimeters, requiring a transmitter and a receiver. This technology has existed for many years in the transit cards, access control or even for payment cards, including the United States.

Red Bull also has a virtual driving seat

Red Bull, winner of last year's F1 championship, is making his particular foray into the virtual world. Launched and presented the Red Bull X1, a prototype F1 car of the future, and today we echo the Redbull F1 Playseat. Manufactured by Playseats, we are talking about a combo seat sports steering wheel and pedals such that many would like to have at home.

The Redbull F1 Playseat presented as ideal for the amateur to the world of virtual engine, with fully ergonomic design offers a small team based in the Red Bull Racing. Includes steering wheel (Logitech G27) with pedals and shifter, fully ergonomic seat also trying to emulate professional sports seats.

Assange: "The Internet is the largest spy machine"

Julian Assange, co-founded Wikileaks, said Tuesday that the Internet was "the greatest spy machines that Tech News Buzz has ever known" and that it was not "a technology that favors freedom expression ". At a conference in Cambridge, Mr. Assange said that Internet is a technology that can be used to establish a totalitarian regime, of a type never seen before.

On the other hand, handled by us, activists, and all those who want to see Tech News Buzz Technology in another direction, [Internet] can bring the things we all want. " Hundreds of students had lined up several hours to attend the conference. The public appearances of Mr Assange have become extremely rare since last December and the beginning of his legal troubles.

The Pentagon is blocking bandwidth-intensive sites

The Pentagon banned from Monday, March 14, access to several of its employees particularly popular sites like YouTube, eBay and MTV. When someone tries to connect to a computer workstation in the Department of Defense, a message "blocked site" appears in red. According to CNN, quoting a Pentagon official, this "temporary", aims "to ensure that bandwidth is available for U.S.

military operations, which helps authorities japanese after the tsunami. In total, thirteen sites were blocked, video, like Youtube or Metacafe, commercial, such as eBay and Amazon, or social network MySpace.

In 28-nanometer GPU AMD, first data, for 2012

The new generation of GPUs in 28 nm are about, and could be ready by 2012. The information was leaked a roadmap (roadmap) of AMD that displays data on new products in late 2011 and early next year. AMD would be the first to innovate in designing and manufacturing the new GPU in the process evolved during the 28-nanometer manufacturing.

We saw the ATi 4770, the first in 40 nanometers, which represented a huge difference on other 4000 Series. The new GPU is called Chelsea, and a few more details are known. Obviously it is too early to determine what improvements could bring this new GPU, but it seems clear that it is a leap very different from those in what we have now.

Nokia tablets thought to the design of a Nokia N8

A major manufacturer is interested in the market for tablets is logical at this point, so it is no secret to discover that Nokia has been preparing the ground with a couple of designs, registered on May 28, 2010. The records were made in the patent office of the United States, and the date could be interpreted as would serve as the design of tablets OS Meegan, who have come to appear on the market yet.

The formula for Google to create the perfect item

NEW YORK - There is an algorithm for the perfect item? Saputelli those of Google, who built an empire by making billions of data in a nanosecond, swear that since they introduced the new golden rule of manager performance is improved up to 75 percent. " Want to see Google News and Google Maps after we all convert to Google Boss? "Project Oxygen" is called the plan for management of the web giant.

Press 2 and 2.XT Seagate, 800 GB SSD ... for professionals

A new evolution in the SSD market, the second generation of Seagate Press. On the previous version we discussed some time ago, and the line to follow is the same for these new Pulsar. There will be two versions which will be launched: Seagate Press 2, Press 2. XT, where the main difference is that they are MLC and SLC, respectively.

According to Seagate, the 2. XT will offer transfer rates of up to 360 and 300 MB / s reading and writing, which is not far from the most powerful on the market as there are some domestic models even faster. Regarding the performance of the Pulsar 2 no official figures. Also another point that most will talk about is the capacity, as there will be models of Seagate Pulsar 2.

NVidia GTX 550 Ti, decent low-cost power

We had not forgotten about the new NVidia GTX 550 Ti. The new NVidia graphics card comes to meet the needs of all those who are looking for an affordable but decent performance. Is the new model under the current family of 500 Series, behind the excellent Ti GeForce GTX 560. Includes GPUGF116 clocked at 900 MHz and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory capable of delivering about 690 GFLOPS, approximately, a figure significantly to the 560 Ti than doubled, reaching about 1,265.