Thursday, April 21, 2011

It confirms the Nokia-Microsoft alliance

Much has been made the subject in recent months, various rumors were predicting the death of Symbian and the rise of Windows 7 in Mobile Phone Nokia, they were not so wrong. The alliance was officially confirmed at a press conference where we could see Stephen Elop and Ballmer in a handshake after announcing the partnership of both companies.

"We have entered into a relationship of partners, at the highest level, in which everyone wins," said Stephen Elop, "The complementary nature of our assets and the overall competitiveness of the combined offering is the foundation of our relationship," he said. Along with the announcement confirmed that next year could begin to get the first Windows Mobile Phone with 7 and the company says these projects are very advanced, so they could come even before.

Sandisk continues to innovate

During the last CES 2011, the famous technology trade fair, Sandisk introduced its "freshly baked" reports of three bits per cell, and now has unveiled a new release. This is the new and long-awaited memoirs of 19 nanometers. It happened a long time since the introduction of 24-nanometer NAND Sandisk and industry for some time required more compact components, the current reduction to 19 nanometers is a great relief for manufacturers of gadgets.

Toshiba launches new HD camera waterproof

In the market for cameras Toshiba had its setbacks, many models disappointed but after a few attempts managed to release an HD camera efficiently. This time the company shows that it is willing to go much further in the camera market and has introduced the new Camileo BW10. The new Camileo BW10 has a technology acceptable, a resolution photos up to 5 megapixel (2592 x 1944) video recording Full HD (1080p).

Wikileaks: Bradley Manning, an inmate who embarrasses the United States

To co-founded Wikileaks, Julian Assange, it is "a hero like no other" and "political prisoner America's most important." To his detractors, he is a traitor. For most observers, it is primarily a computer buff badly in his skin that has landed in the Army by chance and eventually shake the U.S. administration.

Incarcerated since July 29, 2010, Bradley Manning, 23 years old U.S. soldier suspected of having sent thousands of American diplomatic cables to the Wikileaks site, is officially the only person concerned by the justice in this case. For months, the issue of prison conditions, unacceptable to its supporters, interested Americans.

Privacy: Google Street View in the viewfinder of the Belgian justice

Google is being investigated by the Belgian courts for collecting private data with its "Street View" said, Thursday, April 21, the federal prosecution. "We received a complaint from the committee for protection of privacy and we opened an investigation," he told Agence France-Presse, a spokesman for the prosecutor, Eric Van der Sijpt, confirming a report in the Flemish daily De Morgen.

Launched in 2007, Google Street View provides panoramic views of streets, allowing users to virtually move around, but this service has triggered a series of controversies in several countries, including France, the Netherlands and Germany. In May 2010, Google revealed that the cars through the streets to take pictures had inadvertently collected personal data (emails and videos, etc.) transmitted by Wi-Fi in the street.

In Mexico, the president invited his ministers to connect on Twitter

Mexico, Correspondence - "My congratulations to the armed forces for the capture of El Kilo 'and his band' Zetas' perpetrators of the slaughter of migrants," wrote April 18 Mexican President Felipe Calderon on his Twitter account, with reference to Mass graves discovered in north-eastern Mexico. The Head of State has asked its 19 ministers to follow his example by being present on all this social network.

Blog - Handhelds: PSP stops go

Amazon failure leaves FourSquare service

If the tag fails, fall services. This is what is happening to the Amazon department store, through its Internet data service EC2, has left no connections to sites such as Foursquare, Reddit or Quran. The failure is also affecting European sites that have contracted with Amazon their Internet data services.

All pages warn that there is a glitch, while Amazon has issued a statement explaining the incidence and promises it is working to fix it soon. But many companies do not have to affect you.

PowerColor HD 6850 Single Slot Edition

PowerColor is introducing the new video card PowerColor HD 6850 Single Slot Edition, which as you can imagine the name, is a solution that occupies only one slot on the motherboard, thanks to a sink and a length slightly greater than the reference board. The card is equipped with an HDMI 1.4a port, a DVI and two DisplayPort 1.2, the power connector is 6 pin while the core and memory frequencies are standard: 775 and 4000 MHz and the amount of memory is 1GB GDDR5 .

Obama participates in the first rally through Facebook

For the first time a U.S. president has gone on Wednesday to participate in a rally through Facebook. However, little had to see the largest Internet social network, which already has 600 million users in a debate rather was an interview with its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to Barack Obama. Facebook is merely put its director, its offices and logos, and Obama was devoted to repeating the arguments he has already shelled repeatedly avoided public appearances since the federal government shutdown with a budget deal with Republicans, the past eight April.

Nokia: net profit down slightly in first quarter

The world's leading mobile phones, Nokia, announced on Thursday, April 21, earnings declined slightly. In the first three months of the year, Nokia posted a net profit of 344 million euros, or 1.4% less than last year (349 million). But this result is well above the consensus reached by Dow Jones Newswires, which projected 279 million.

In the same period, sales rose 9.2% to 10.39 billion, according to the quarterly report of the Finnish group. These figures are the first published by Nokia since the new CEO, Canadian Stephen Elop said in February that the group was facing stiff competition from the iPhone, Blackberry and Google in the lucrative niche of the smartphone.

The iPhone track users? The controversy exploded on the Web

ROME - The case has opened an article by O'Reilly, and is one that a few seconds ago around the web. According to the researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden, from version 4 on the OS of the iPhone and iPad (3G version) keeps track of positions and movements of the user, and data are saved in a hidden file that is resistant to the formatting of the apparatus.

The two have since made an application that allows you to graphically display this data on a geographical map, and although the findings are different from the user community of IOS are also several cases of people who complain about the failure. We are being spied on? The controversy on whether Apple is able to collect these data has exploded immediately.

The "G8 of the Internet" will be held late May in Paris

The "G8 of the Internet" will bring together 800 to 1000 guests in Paris on May 24 and 25, announced Thursday, April 21, the event organizer, Maurice Levy. This international forum, also called "e-G8" will be held at the Tuileries Gardens, confirmed the chief executive of Publicis Group, mandated by Nicolas Sarkozy to implement it.

The French president has decided to organize a forum with private players in the Internet a few days before the G8 to be held on May 26 and 27 in Deauville. For the first time, the question of the Internet will be on the agenda of the Summit of Heads of State and Government. "ACCELERATING GROWTH" The forum's aim is "to see how the Internet, digital and mobile communication can accelerate growth in developed countries," said the boss of Publicis.

IPhone collect the movement history of users

Two researchers have revealed, Wednesday, April 20, the Apple mobile devices have a system to monitor and keep track of the movement of their users. According to security experts Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden, information such as latitude and longitude of the users of iPhone 3G or iPad, associated with time information, are recorded on a file.

"The most immediate problem is that these data are stored in an easily readable on your device," they said. Almost a year INFORMATION COLLECTED Unlike location-based services, such as Foursquare, users can not disable it. The two researchers have even developed a program for visualizing geospatial data in mobile devices from Apple.

The conditions of detention are still controversial Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning, the American soldier suspected of supplying classified documents to Wikileaks, has changed in prison Wednesday, April 20. Detained since July 2010 at the military prison at Quantico (Virginia), near Washington, he was transferred to another military detention center in Kansas, in the central United States.

The conditions of detention of a former intelligence analyst, who faces jail for life, caused considerable controversy in recent months, the young soldier providing isolated and bullied. Bradley Manning, whose lawyer filed a complaint against prison conditions, said the military authorities in charge of his case have abused their authority by classifying it as a detainee at risk, likely to endanger their physical integrity and requesting conditions of "maximum security".