Monday, February 28, 2011

Stop the Sony PS3 consoles in European customs, war LG

We are used to the patent wars are not only in bureaucracy and fines or settlements, what a surprise we have had to learn that European customs in order to retain is the new Sony PS3 consoles arrive. That's right. Blame it on a dispute between LG and Sony for the moment the court in The Hague has ruled in favor of the Koreans.

The demand for LG has ensured that the new consoles from Sony to reach European territory are held at the office ten days until the affair between companies reach a solution. There stay until you decide whether you can deliver, they must be destroyed or come to an agreement. The key dispute that has led to Sony PS3 consoles are holding back on Europe's borders must be sought in the Blu-Ray.

Fujitsu introduced a wireless display

The developer of technology products, Fujitsu has introduced a new 22-inch monitor completely wireless. This new device does not even require a power cable, is one hundred percent wireless. The technology for this miracle called English SUPA Smart Power Universal Access that was developed by the Instituto Fraunhofer, whose operation is based on magnetic induction.

The connection information is a classic wireless USB system has a range of up to 10 meters. The display will be officially launched during the CeBIT technology fair in Germany in those days.

Comes the "Kinect" for PC

Asus has introduced the new Asus Wavi Xtion, better known as the "Kinect" for computers, in fact it is a device developed by the creators who sold this technology to Microsoft to install it in his famous video game console. The new Asus Wavi Xtion is a PC peripheral using two devices that allow us to command our games without the need for controls.

This system comprises a motion sensor that sits above the screen and another that is responsible for designing the content to an external display wirelessly using WHDI technology. A lack of games developed for this technology, the device will come with one, it is MayaFit Cardio Lite, a game of exercise and sports that allow us to test the operation of the device and lose some belly in the process.

A tablet of 66 Euros

The Chinese are really cheap devices is a fact, but no longer surprising. The Chinese company technology product developer has submitted a tablet Chinavision really cheap. While there is a next generation device can not ask for much more for a product that costs less than 70 euros. This tablet features a 400 MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM and 2 GB of storage that can be expanded using MicroSD memory.

Cisco, router, wi-fi always "aligned"

If you have a contract for access to the Web via ADSL prior to 2008, chances are you're paying a monthly charge double or triple compared to those available today. So from 300 to 600 euro a year more. It supports the Point Topic, research firm that specializes in the English world of broadband. Each season, therefore, should remember to choose the operator more convenient.

In this dance of offers and counter-proposals, it may be have a comfortable wi-fi router as the E3000 from Linksys (Cisco), latest in a series of devices known for reliability. Connected to the modem, what in all likelihood there will be changes from one operator to another, allows you to keep the same settings for surfing via wi-fi or cable pc, laptops, game consoles, TV, iPad, smartphone.

Anonymous wonder about the "Operation Wisconsin"

There were Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and these days ... Wisconsin. The informal group Anonymous, which brings together spontaneously and temporary volunteer activists around one or several causes, has multiplied in recent weeks operations punch. Latest: # OpWisconsin for "Wisconsin operation," in protest against the policies of the conservative governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, who has angered unions and Democrats.

Sony Cibershot HX9V, first impressions

There are many compact on the market, but Sony Cibershot HX9V we had the opportunity to prove in the last annual convention of the company deserves a special mention. For my taste, we're probably at the best compact Sony that can be purchased today. The Cybershot HX9V has a medium size, with 104.8 × 59 × 33.9 mm and weighs 215 grams.

The dimensions are necessary to hold the powerful optics that for a change, not a Karl Zeiss, but a Sony G equipped with a 16x optical zoom and Optical SteadyShot stabilizer. Although not the longest zoom we've seen in a compact, the 16x of the Cybershot HX9V, combined with the stabilizer intelligent, offer spectacular results, with sharp images even with a pulse quite horrific and zoom to the full.

The web-blocking Libya cracks

After complete but intermittent blockades and increased filtering of the Web, Internet traffic in Libya appears to regain near-normal levels, according to the measures the company Arbor Networks. Figures corroborated by those of Google, which indicate a rapid increase in requests from the country for forty-eight hours.

The traffic growth is not the same everywhere in the country, according to Arbor Networks. If traffic from Tripoli remains low, the company noted a very strong growth in connections to Benghazi, one of the cities in the hands of opponents of Gadhafi. At the University of Benghazi, students say they have developed a system to circumvent censorship through satellite connections, but the volumes of evidence suggests a more comprehensive solution to the filtering has been found, or that the people fell back on social networks or video sites unblocked.

Xiilun, a basic desktop to your pocket

Thanks to ongoing improvements in performance, integrated teams (SBC, or Single-board computers) will be important over the coming years. Perhaps one of the major milestones that can be accomplished is to integrate computers into the sockets, which may still seem far away but to do so will simply be a matter of time.

Meanwhile, the miniaturization of computer systems is becoming more and more efficient, and today I want to introduce the so-called Xiilun, manufactured by Toradex. Under this name hides a tiny desktop computer, so much that their actions are only 60 × 89 × 16 mm. Very small, but nevertheless it is housed under an Intel Atom processor with up to 2 GB of DDR2 RAM, four USB 2.0 and HDMI video output.

"Video games and social networks are changing the relationship with space, time, construction of identity"

Ice Berg: "psychiatrist" did they find an increase in consultations for relationship problems or behavior related to early and growing use of screens? Yes, psychologists and psychiatrists are now available for use much considered excessive video games and new social networks. Pol: Do you understand the anguish of parents on this subject or are you disproportionately? Parents have reason to be worried, but not for the reason they believe.

Fired 30 intoxicated in he China factory components for Apple

Factory workers Wintek Taiwanese company, which supplies components to Apple, and in which there was a collective poisoning by excessive exposure to a chemical, reported that the factory now is refusing to renew their contracts, said today the official journal China Daily. Those affected are apparently thirty of the 137 workers who were poisoned last year by exposure to n-hexane, as a hundred of them left after receiving employment and compensation of between 12,000 and 21,000 dollars and sign a clause exempting Wintek to pay future medical expenses.

NewiPhone will have a 4-inch screen?

The latest rumors appeared on the net, seem to be convinced that the next iPhone will have a 5 4-inch screen, the latest news on the site seem to come Chinese iDealsChina which published a photo of the front cover, which was acquired by another company China. Given the nature of the site mentioned deed, the veracity of this information and photos, are very scarce, as you can see the cover seems to be that of the iPhone 4 with the lateral margins of the display thinner and more rounded the corner.

Facebook challenge with a virus and then it takes Zuckerberg

ROME - There is a new generation at work. It moves and lives in the web, created from the inside, the manager. It 'a generation that escapes the understanding of the majority, that follow their own rules and invented codes to access and recognition. His speech was translated to humans in the film by David Fincher, The Social Network, which told the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

WAVI Asus makes an appearance Xtion

The call Kinect to your computer and is ready to hit the market. Asus is actually called Wavi Xtion, but their credores are the same ones that sold the technology to make your Kinect Microsoft for the Xbox 360. The Asus Wavi Xtion is a computer peripheral device consisting of two, one being the motion sensor, and another that is responsible for carrying the content to an external display from your computer wirelessly via WHDI technology.

Blog - "Playtime Hits" basic obstacles, neo-hacktivism, the nightmarish creatures of Indjahl

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 comes as a tablet to work seriously

Fujitsu also unveiled as the second flagship product they intend to teach in this year's CeBIT fair in Germany. This is the Fujitsu Stylistic tablet professional Q550 which takes a few days and talking. This tablet with Windows 7 does not fool anyone and from the beginning is positioned as a tabletPC but without keyboard.

The truth in front first. Based on this idea and know what you have to abide, and therefore the number one objective of this tablet are Fujitsu workers who want to switch to a format more comfortable to carry from one place to another. The Q550 Stylistis Fujitsu integrates many aspects of computer security and data, including ATP and TPM protections.

"A Facebook profile to 70 years of futility hello? Well no"

They were 6.5% among those over 65 years in France (700 000) to hold an account on Facebook in December 2010, according to the Observatory uses Internet Médiamétrie - a proportion that has doubled in one year. Whether to maintain ties with their grandchildren, old friends, old loves, or keep up with technological innovations, more and more seniors plébiscitent social network.

Others have tasted ... and hated. To prepare a survey published in Tech Buzz News dated Sunday 27-Monday, February 28 on these new practices, Tech News Buzz. en had appealed for witnesses, we publish a selection of contributions received. "Do not join involves a break with the new generation," by Anne Do not want to join Facebook causes a break with the new generation.

Fujitsu shows its wireless monitor

Fujitsu has waited a day before the start of the CeBIT fair in Germany to give some hints about what we can see it in its stand. Tablet and a new focus on the world of enterprise security and, most strikingly, Fujitsu will display its new completely wireless. Released even the power cord. The miracle that makes this screen does not need the power cable is called SUPA (Smart Power Universal Access), and is a kind of magnetic induction setting high-power which the receiver is on the screen and the power supply remains integrated into the table or surface where it is placed.

Atlantico, a new information site, refuses the label "right"

A new information website has launched Monday, February 28. Atlantico is defined as "a facilitator of access to information". Besides the production of articles produced by a team of a dozen journalists, the site provides online contributions from experts or editors. Atlantico will also offer links to other sites: "If something is dealt with elsewhere, why remake it? These make the link", justifies the publication director, Jean-Sebastien Ferjou.

The anonymity of Braveheart

Have you noticed? Fell comments, here on Done. But not the players, who instead grow. What happened? E 'was introduced the requirement for registration. To post a comment you must register. Mamma mia ... that fear! I had written a few months ago. The great merit of the Internet is to democratize communication, make it interactive dialogue horizontally and vertically.

The great defect is to allow many anonymous straparlare to open your mouth and give him breath, so we're all invisible, untraceable. (Which is not true that we are invisible. On the internet than ever are identifiable, retrievable, traceable in the bowels of the wiring that seems to hide.) In this age of communication there are few ideas that we are ready, I say to fight, but say our name.

Intel Z68, the heir to the X58 chispet for Sandy Bridge E

Tuned because coming curves. We hardly recovered from the shock of the Sandy Bridge and Intel may already be thinking about their new platform chip high-performance home, the heirs of current i7-900 based on the Intel X58. Actually talking about a range greater than the current principle that Sandy Bridge will offer performance well above the current most powerful Intel CPU, the Core i7-2600K.

Under Armour E39 arrives, the cyber t-shirt

For athletes from around the world has come a new, Under Armour is called E39, and is the first cyber t-shirt, which constantly monitors the biometric data of our body, when he supplied the American football players participating in the NFL Scouting Combine. Under Armour has E39 in the chest by one Zephyr Technology which houses a tri-axis accelerometer, a processor and 2GB of memory involved in collecting and storing data and then transmit them via Bluetooth to coaches and doctors to assess the technical quality and physical players.

Twitter valued at $ 4.5 billion

A fund managed by the U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase is preparing to take a 10% stake in the microblogging site Twitter, in a transaction valuing the $ 4.5 billion (3.25 billion euros), according leFinancial Times , quoting, Sunday, Feb. 27, sources familiar with the matter. The newspaper said that such participation would not be acquired on a platform of secondary trading, or the type SharesPost SecondMarket, if it materializes, this would be through direct investment or by purchasing the shares of investors and shareholders with the approval of Twitter.

AMD PowerXpress Switchable Graphics, NVidia response Optimus

It was hoped that sooner or later hit the market response to technology AMD NVidia Optimus. And that product is now marketed under the name of AMD PowerXpress Switchable Graphics, present even in a handful of notebooks. AMD PowerXpress Switchable Graphics has released in the last MacBook Pro, as well as in some recent models of HP laptops.

Basically it is a mechanism for exchange of hot GPU, similar - or identical - to bid for the competition. Enable, without rebooting the operating system that your computer's GPU running exchange between the integrated processor (Intel HD Graphics 3000) or dedicated (AMD or AMD 6750M 6450m).

Telecommunications: A union is worried about the Orange Tunisia

The union fears CFE-CGC/UNSA France Telecom, Sunday, Feb. 27, a "partial nationalization" of Orange Tunisia, a joint venture of the French operator. The Tunisian authorities have in effect transition announced Friday the seizure of movable and immovable property and assets of 110 former employees and family members of deposed President Ben Ali.

His son, Marwan Mabrouk, is listed, the agency Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP). However, according to the CFE-CGC, UNSA, "Marwan Mabrouk is a shareholder with 51% of Orange Tunisia," so that "all indications are that the majority stake in Orange Tunisia is concerned by the seizure. It would therefore a partial nationalization of Orange Tunisia.

The Nintendo 3DS sweeps in Japanese output

The doubts that hovered over the release of the Nintendo 3DS, are blurred by a stroke at least in Japan a day after its official launch. This weekend, between the reserves and people rushed to Japan to the doors of the stores put on sale the Nintendo 3DS, the video game company has placed 400,000 units in Japanese homes, according to data stores.

The company would have had to expand the availability of 3D units of the console the same day. With this good start of sales and other untapped markets of the Nintendo 3DS up in a few days (especially interesting are the markets of Europe and the U.S.), the figures of 4 million units the company had expected before end of March could be met without much trouble.

Google goes to war against sites in "bad quality"

The Google Group announced Thursday, Feb. 24, an update to its ranking algorithm for its search engine. The goal is to demote sites "poor quality" by downgrading sites "on demand" also known as "farm content". "We launched a sizeable improvement of the algorithm in our rankings - a change that affects 11.8% of searches" -, said engineers from Google and Matt Cutts Amith Singhal, the official blog of the group.

Malfunction: Google loses nearly 150,000 e-mail accounts

And suddenly they're gone: Google users complain of missing e-mails. Their accounts are completely empty - if they can sign up at all. Google explains: We are working on the problem. On Sunday, it fell on the first Google customers. The Help Forum complained a user of the e-mail offers: "All my mail, folders, and so on are gone How can this happen How can I restore everything.?" The bad news is that the user can only restore probably nothing, if he has not taken a backup of all messages.

JP Morgan wants 10% of Twitter

The tech bubble continues to grow. For the steps taken by Goldman Sachs to enter the capital of Facebook social network, now it is the giant JP Morgan Chase. The largest U.S. bank, two weeks ago created a specific fund to invest in firms in the digital age, wants a slice of the popular Twitter micro blog.

Specifically, elFinancial Times reveals, the entity is preparing to spend $ 450 million in the dot-com through Digital Growth fund to take over 10% of the capital. That is, the bank would be valued at 4,500 million Twitter. It, along with Facebook, LinkedIn and Groupon, a company that is generating more enthusiasm on Wall Street.

New iPad 2, photos and features we can expect

Features of the new iPad 2 as well as photos of his appearance, focusing our attention as we begin this week at least until Wednesday, will the new future of Apple tablet as the first item in battle. The first pictures of the new iPad 2 and its possible features show that at the time in which we find is difficult to catch.

IPad 2 Images teach you today are in fact models for the manufacture of these cases which often occur shortly after a new Apple product is presented. The design may change slightly, but we can see from weeks ago, the new iPad 2 seems to have the look that is now coming to light, as has happened recently with many of their products.

The Bletchley Park museum acquired a collection of articles by Alan Turing

A collection of scientific papers of the mathematician and computer pioneer Alan Turing, with handwritten notes of the researcher, was acquired by the computer museum at Bletchley Park, following an auction. Alan Turing, considered one of the largest contributors to the creation of modern computing, has remained in history for his work on the "Turing machine", one of the first computers, his reflections on the artificial intelligence, and especially for his decisive contribution to the decoding of secret codes used by the German Navy during World War II.

Nintendo sold 400,000 consoles on the first day 3D2

The new console from Nintendo, 3DS, whose uniqueness is the maximum range of three-dimensional images without glasses, had a good start shopping. Was released in Japan on Saturday and several media say the company has sold 400,000 units. The company's forecasts are 1.5 million units sold in Japan until next March 31 when it ends its fiscal year.

Confirmed the sales figures for the first day, had already reached nearly a third of its goal. European market will come on March 25, two days before the United States. The output of the console market has brought also the first demonstrations that can unlock for the moment, play games from previous Nintendo consoles apart, of course, the three-dimensional effect.

Patriot also points to the SSD truck with the latest powerful SandForce

Because not only industry Vertex 3 lives of the SSD, the new Patriot Wildfire follow the line marked by OCZ to bring a spectacular performance. Indeed, the chipset also have SandForce SF-2200 and thanks to him, transfer rates around 500 MB / s are insured, in addition to course 6 Gbps SATA interface to take advantage of these dizzying speeds.

Of course keep the 2.5 "and in this case the capacities vary considerably: Wildfire Patriot will be available in three models of 64, 128 and 256 GB. Like OCZ competition prices are unknown, but equally it will aim high. This information will be very interesting since the SSD is expected to begin to be affordable over 2011, and hopefully the last chipsets Sandforce help it.

Can I become anonymous in any self-publishing?

Hasan Elahi's story came on the scene tell the Lift conference begins to be known. It was particularly popularized by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi in the introduction to his latest book, Bursts, and the numerous exhibitions of the work of Hasan Elahi. Hasan Elahi (Wikipedia) is an American artist whose life changed June 19, 2002 at the Detroit airport when he returned from an exhibition in West Africa and a customs officer stopped him and takes him to the detention of immigration services from the airport.

Tablets cost of the labor Android Arnova

If two weeks ago knew to tablets rich Android, begins already movement for marks want compete another league, that of tablets poor. Archos is positioned in that range again with a brand new, Arnove, presenting three tablets flights with Android. New Arnova 7, 8 and 10 inches maintain good design and finish of the Archos products but they come with a number of limitations on the more advanced tablets to lower their price to less than even the 100 euros.

Bing enters the button "like it"

Microsoft's browser Bing has confirmed it will use the "I love" among the search results. The Internet may indicate the links with the known function of Facebook. At the moment the feature is available for the U.S.. Microsoft has quickly responded to Google's announcement to increase the presence and interaction of its search results with Twitter.

Microsoft also wanted to add a touch more "social" to their searches with Bing. For this has gone to Facebook, social network that has a portion of the property and maintains tight relationships with Google. Users may indicate a search result by clicking "I like it." Do have a dual function.

Sony Vaio S Series, first impressions

If we spent yesterday reviewing the Sony Vaio C series laptops today do the same with the Sony Vaio S Series, a new family of computers that are committed to sobriety and ultra low weight compared to the colorful design of series C. Available in white, black and pink, the Vaio S series are small size equipment, with 13.3-inch screen diagonal 16:9 to resolution 1366 x 768 pixels.

The casing, made from a single piece of magnesium reduces the weight of just 1.75 kilos portable, battery included. This weight is slightly higher than many netbook and feel the hold is extremely light for its size. The S Series keyboard is very similar to those of Series C, Chiclet, good size and backlit in white.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Tablets of seven inches affordable: in the second half of the year." Ignacio Román, director of Vodafone terminal area

We continue with the series of interviews with past findings MWC 2011. This time we wanted to have the vision of an operator, Vodafone, has also been the most aggressive mobile announced and terminals for the start of the year. We attend Ignacio Román, director of Vodafone terminal area, we leave you with his words: Tech News Buzz: One of the impressions of the MWC has been that we started to attend some adjustment in the number of mobile platforms, there is no room for so many have a user fee and a reasonable future for developers to invest in them.

Zalman presents his case for hard drives with USB 3.0, finally something you can teach

You'll be with me that the casings for hard drives typically have a nefarious design, and is often best to hide it so that our guests can not see it. Zalman has decided to change this view and has been on the market Zalman ZM-ZM-HE350U3 HE250U3 and a pair of models whose difference is in size. We talked about hard drive enclosures that provide USB 3.0, and will be sold in two flavors: hard drive 3.5 and 2.5 inches (HE350U3 and HE250U3, respectively).

A lion in my Service Pack 1 for Windows 7: Galaxy Tech Buzz News

Playing the PS3 from a iPad Every possible with

One of the features being developed in the IOS device (iPhone or IPAD, mainly) is the option of remote control of your computer. So far already achieved great things with Every, an application now available on the iTunes Store for 3.99 euros in addition to using the operating system also allows us to play games from your phone or tablet.

The boys now have EVERY Focus on getting an application to iOS with which you can play the PS3 from the iPad, based on the current application to the platform but expand Consoleros Sony. The tests have been conducted so far and empizan to bear fruit, and although the application has not yet been released to the public if they have managed to enjoy the first games from the IPAD PS3 games like Little Big Planet, God of War 3 or Gran Turismo 5.

Sony and Apple join efforts for the iPhone 5

Apple is a company that is constantly being updated and is one of its suppliers has its demands, victim of the same is Omnivision, current cameras supplier of mobile iPhone line. According to a rumor that has circulated on the web would Omnivision company experiencing difficulties to arrive in time to the sensor cameras that Steve Jobs company incorporated in the fifth generation of its smartphone.

An ideal phone for kids

The Japanese company AU by KDDI has introduced a new device developed especially for children, it is the Mamorino 2. The mobile Mamorino 2 is a feature anything outside normal except for its tracking system for children. The GPS device has a total of 10 pre-programmed numbers and security contacts. Besides the new design is water resistant and dust, making it more durable to the possible abuse received by the child.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sony Vaio C Series, first impressions

This past Wednesday held the traditional annual convention of Sony in Japan that the company presented all its developments in computing, image and sound, cameras and electronic book 2011. In Tech News Buzz again we take the bundle over his shoulder to tell you first hand what they look like the new Sony models.

Almost inevitably begin with the new Sony Vaio C Series range, that stands out to tens of meters. The laptops of this family have opted for the design and color. They are the finest, or the lightest nor the most powerful, but certainly take the prize for the most striking and configuration falls short of being named Vaio.

A stroll in depth by Samsung Smart TV

Last Thursday we approached the headquarters of Samsung, South Korea where he taught us the news of its new online service platform for connected TVs, an invention called Smart Samsung TV. Basically, Smart TV is an interesting push by Samsung to equip their TV platform internet connection that goes beyond the sad widgets to which we are accustomed.

Samsung Smart Hub is the entry point to this gallery of services that include free shipping, applications, social network access and interoperability between devices wirelessly. Let's see them. As we discussed, Smart Hub is the entry point to all online services. The software that supports it will be available only in the television market this 2011, so we fear that the only way to access, if you have an old computer or other company, is to become a Samsung Blu-Ray new.

Open Hardware 1.0, the specification of the hardware license free is a reality

As we open software (FOSS), the same term was born this week with regard to hardware. Open Hardware 1.0, or OSHW (Open Source Hardware) is a specification with a set of principles for creating hardware components of free distribution that has been being developed over recent months. The idea, as we say, is the same as that of the free software: you can create your circuitry, document it and post it for any other interested person may use, study and of course better.

Vertex 3 OCZ become official, and are amazing

They were seen at CES 2011 and has now been a couple of months later, when they finally become official. The new generation of SSDOCZ Vertex 3 comes to market with an incredible performance over previous models. We speak of 550 and 500 MB / s read and write, respectively, operating under SATAIII interface (SATA 6 Gbps).

Used, as we saw, the new version of SandForce drivers, specifically the SF-2200 SandForce model is expected to be integrated into all new high end SSD will be presented during this year. OCZ Vertex 3 are type MLC (Multi-Level Cell) and distributed with capacities of 100, 120, 200, 240 and 400 GB for prices not yet official.

Fujitsu introduces new tablet

Fujitsu technology company has not wanted to stay out of the market in tablets and submit its own model next March in Hanover. Stylistic is the Q550, a tablet which has a 10.1-inch screen, powered by an Atom processor Itel art and working with Windows 7, will also have Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi and 3G.

Although official information has yet been revealed because it is being reserved for the 5th of March, the official launch date is rumored to hit stores with an approximate cost of 500 euros.

Sony Ericsson Zent and Xeta: Picture of the Week

The advantage of a concept is that we can dream freely with the features we'd like in our dream phone. Frank Tobias has resulted in the Sony Ericsson Xeta Zent and what he would want for an Android phone. And we liked so much that we put as pictures of the week. A meticulously detailed design, large screen more than 4 inches and raw power internal controls which would place the 3.0 version of Android.

Green Geek, the association for the free wifi "Internet should be a right"

In the Italian Emergency wifi where free network and e-transparency is still a mirage, the celebrations of 150 years of Unity are groped for the opportunity to reduce the digital divide. In Milan there is a group of 70 enthusiasts of new technologies, research and sustainable connections to grips with the organization of the Italian squad in support of the cause internet "wireless".

They are the Green Geek, a non-profit association composed of those who, through sharing of expertise and professionalism of the Time Bank, agrees that the Internet is recognized as a right. Carrying out projects of social equity, on the Together for Abruzzo, free information site, to the cutting edge of Gwifi to share the band through its wireless card and geo advertising for retailers that promote it.

MSI announces three tablets for 2011

The MSI technology manufacturer of a time now is developing its own tablet, but without much success as it has been delayed enough, has confirmed once and for all that will be three models of tablets that will launch this year . As reported by the Taiwanese manufacturer itself is about three 10.1-inch device which we could not get information about it, we could only confirm that there will be two models with Windows 7 and one with Android HoneyComb and all processors will Tegra 2.

A Sony color out

"We're expensive, but give quality." So summarized Pedro Navarrete, director of Sony Spain, the catalog of its products for the 2011 season. Sony trends this year are packed with vivid colors and 3G. The gray and black practically reserved for Bravia TVs, of course, 3G, Internet connectivity and your video store and Qriocity-SLR cameras, which in recent years have brought more positive side of the company.

50% of Internet browsing and the mobile

It connects several times per day, mostly at home and through a desktop or laptop. In time using the Internet, one to two hours a day, is aware of the latest news, Facebook connects, use one of your two accounts electrónicoy decorreo deYoutube enjoy. An Internet user for eight years and believes that the connection is too expensive and somewhat slow speed.

Broadly speaking, that is the profile of the average Internet user, according to data compiled Friday by the AIMC survey of Internet users. The survey, published annually by the Association for Research in Media, unveils a comprehensive profile of the Internet, and it makes use of the network connection cost, insufficient publicity and excessive speed are according to the survey of 2011, the three main problemasde Internet today.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A processor "flexible"

Technology increasingly surprising in a world of constant progress and innovation, this time is the turn of IMEC researchers have presented a flexible processor made with organic semiconductors. It is a microprocessor developed from plastic substrate and pentacene, an organic semiconductor, circuit also has gold, as expected.

While the new device still does not reach anywhere near the performance of current processors, this is a really striking breakthrough, this could be the solution for flexible devices taking into account the existing flexible displays. This chip achieves a performance of six instructions per second with a logical system of 8 bits, resulting from its 4000 transistors, yet it is still surprising and can be used in devices with low computing load.

Google changes its algorithm to fight non original content sites

Google wants "a web ecosystem healthy" and to this end has announced that it has introduced a change in the algorithms that govern their search spiders will penalize sites that will feed content to copied or used strategies to position themselves in the top of the search results list without the support site with their own content.

The change, which so far is introduced in the U.S., aims to address the so-called "farm content" platform will add that content is limited to parasitize others. According to the note from Google, is to encourage the sites' high quality. " The impact of this will represent a change from 11.8% in the hierarchy of results.

Huawei denounced a discriminatory campaign to stop it in the U.S.

The Chinese company Huawei has broken his silence about what he considers a discriminatory campaign to prevent the development of its business in the United States. In a very hard language, no common forms often use the Chinese companies, Ken Hu, vice president of the firm and head of the U.S. subsidiary, has written an open letter to the Government of Obama in denouncing a brainwashing campaign against company and ask to open a formal investigation to remove all those prejudices and show that Huawei, third largest maker of telecommunications equipment and networks in the world, is simply a multinational rather than defend its commercial interests.

Google touches up the results to reward high-quality sites

Have you ever felt like giving a car when you are in Dallas or marry a member of the National Guard American? If the answer is yes, now you may find it difficult to search for information on how to do it. Google announced yesterday that it changed the formula by which ranks the search results. The aim is to reward the sites that publish original and high quality information and punish those who fill the surface web content, unnecessary or copied only to climb the search locations.

Technology - Towards a "precarious from the top" of the computer?

They have done extensive studies have executive status, and work in a buoyant sector. Yet, IT services company working for (service company specializing in computer engineering) are at the forefront of a "precarious from above" that threatens to spread, says journalist Nicolas Sene engaged in a book to them spent, "Behind the screen of the social revolution." The term "services company" includes most service companies in informatics.

Julian Assange: freedom and duty to inform

Strange turn of events: Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, an apostle of transparency, the man who shook the Western diplomacy by a massive flight of State Department telegrams which the shock wave is still felt in Tech News Buzz Arab-Muslim political risk a trial for a sex scandal. The nightmare scenario envisioned by its advocates is, in fact, that the decision of British justice, Thursday, February 24, extradite Mr Assange to Sweden, where he was charged with sexual assault, eventually result in a second time, his extradition to the United States.

The smartphone as a Pos and 'Revolution of the "Square"

A system to allow anyone - from the piano teacher plumber - to accept payments by credit card, using a smartphone terminal. And 'This is the gimmick Square, start-up based in San Francisco at the end of 2009 created by Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder, along with Evan Williams and Biz Stone. The technology is so easy to leave open-mouthed: just attach a small square in the audio jack of an Apple (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) or Android.

Fear of revolutionary spirit: China also blocks business network LinkedIn

In China, the fear of the party leadership before the revolutionary spirit of the Arab world is obviously great. According to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites now the business platform has been locked LinkedIn - for fear of the search term "Jasmine Revolution". Beijing - At LinkedIn we usually talk about business: the network is a business platform, a place where you gather new and old business contacts, making connections, discussing professional issues.

MSI will market two tablets in Windows 7 and a Honeycomb June 1

In each show we spend on technology in 2010, MSI had things to say about tablets, but as other manufacturers did not get anything done to the market, and that its offer Android goes beyond how we'll tell you below. The Taiwanese manufacturer said in yesterday finally are three 10.1-inch tablets that will appear this year 2011 and will be presented on June 1, all under the name WindPad.

Two of them have operating system Windows 7 and a dare with Honeycomb Android version that manufacturers were waiting as rain in May to launch their tablets. For not far from the path laid out by competition, and like Google, the Android will have tablet inside a chipset Nvidia Tegra 2, and what is more interesting, want to come up with a very competitive price: $ 400.

The contours of the future National Council of Digital unveiled

Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to improve dialogue between Tech News Buzz policy and new technology sector, the National Council of the digital future (CNN) is the subject of a report submitted to the government Friday, February 25. "This council will be consulted on all draft laws and regulations and the government action in the areas of information society", said Industry Minister Eric Besson.

"We expect an order of appointment of its members in the next two or three weeks in March," he also said the report's author, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, co-founder of the commercial site Priceminister. com, and appointed by the Government to consult on its implementation. "The big problem is: what will the cast, so what is their legitimacy, which is an essential condition for the council to be effective?" He said, arguing its side so that these members are elected.

Google opens a recipe finder

Google has launched a search engine for recipes. For now, Recipe View, so called, is active in the U.S. versions of the browser and Japan but according to the blog that explains his birth will be extended to other countries. View Recipe presents search results with stars. The surfer can choose multiple search criteria from ingredients to recipes signed by great chefs.

On the left side of the screen, a column can refine your search by cooking time, mix ingredients or calories. Explains the blog, to provide search engine spiders this specialized task, sites dedicated to providing recipes must integrate a code with labels for easy searching. This code is used both to Recipe Finder View to the general.

Lacie started first with Thunderbolt, "exclusive" Apple one year

After presenting his new Apple Macbook Pro, Intel unveiled details of its technology Thunderbolt, which you know all the secrets with our in depth yesterday. Of the new Intel said we should stay with three details. As expected, it is possible to buy an adapter to use such as a USB 3.0 port Thunderbolt.

That means that until the technology is being added to new computers, Apple will have almost a year of "exclusive" on their laptops. Finally, the integration of this connector on the MiniDisplay port used by Apple will cause the same to be adopted by more brands, and give him a push that until now had been almost nothing beyond the Cupertino company.

Fight against spam result: Google wants to become better

Google wants its search results in future provide more quality, has changed his technique this to happen. The goal is to filter out some useful search results automatically. Even though little of it is visible. Google sets up a fight: With a relatively large change in its search and evaluation algorithms, the search engine company in the night to Thursday so called content Farms declared war.

The MacBook Pro features a new technology from Intel connection

Intel has developed a new high-speed connection for computers that allows us to combine high-speed transfer of data and high-definition graphics on a single cable. With a capacity of 10 Gbps, Thunderbolt technology can transfer a high definition film in less than 30 seconds. This solution comes to market with new range of Apple laptops, the MacBook Pro According to technical data, Thunderbolt allows a transfer rate twice that of USB 3.0.

Sony could put the camera to the iPhone 5

Become a supplier of components for Apple computers, as well as advantages, disadvantages as bring stress. This is what must be happening in Omnivision, whose sensor for the next phone and maybe Apple iPad looks like it might not arrive on time. And that does not run, fly, Sony is already on the lookout to be the ones who put the photo to the next iPhone touch 5.

This change of brand for at least the first devices that have to come to market will not change in the number of megapixels in the camera the next iPhone 5, since both of Omnivision envisioned as possible replacement for Sony will be 8 megapixels, and both have backlight system. Finally being true this rumor pointed to by many analysts, Sony colaría another phone technology with enough photographic aspirations and would put his head in recognition using their own terminals 2011.

The Blusens Web TV receives and makes improvements to the application site

Blusens seems confident enough in his team has launched Web TV and a good way to update firmware (upgradeable via online directly into the computer), but more interesting is the company's commitment to facilitate the use of applications on your computer. On improvements, as well as fix bugs for stability, aspects of the interface or the reception of HD channels, the new Web TV Blusens firmware focuses on the reproduction of video content from the browser, and progressive download support for viewing videos stored on Megaupload.

Devolo dLAN 200 AV USB extension improves your home PLC network

Devolo, one of the leading brands in the world's PLC adapters, introduced in Spain for his new team to expand our home powerline network. The Devolo dLAN 200 AV USB Extender is a device that includes a USB port, and share the Internet connection through the mains, we can do the same with a hard drive or a printer connected to that port.

One advantage of this arrangement is that we do not need the computer connected to the devices to share the printer or hard disk. Just what we need to connect the dLAN 200 AV and this USB plug. With the appropriate drivers on the target computer, you can use a distance and wireless network such equipment.

Acer announces Iconia 100 TAB

The U.S. company developer of technology products Acer has officially announced the launch of its new tablet the TAB Iconia 100. The new Acer Iconia TAB 100 dazzles us with very good technical characteristics of a relatively cheap price. This is a device powered by a nVidia Tegra 2 1 GHz with 512 MB of RAM DDR 2, 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600, two cameras, 8 GB of storage and the ability to expand to 32 GB SDHC cards.

Google looks to Brazil

Google has looked in Brazil and the enormous potential to penetrate the world's fifth largest number of Internet users. In its nearly 196 million inhabitants, 36.6% (about 72 million people) have Internet access. Dennis Woodside, Google's vice president for Latin America, has confirmed that the company "wants to take the good phase of technological adaptation in which Brazil happens to grow the company." One of the priorities of Goo-gle for 2011 is to invest in Brazil, where it already employs 250 people and wants to hire as many engineers, business executives, sales and technology specialists.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

With "Thunderbolt" images and data to travel over 10 Gb per second

ROME - High resolution images and data that travel together in a single cable, high speed, over 10 gigabytes per second. In practice, an entire HD movie can be "transferred" in less than 30 seconds. Intel today announced the availability of "Thunderbolt", a new technology for high-speed connection to the computer that combines on a single cable to transfer data at high speed and image HD (high definition).

The woman sends in mobile games

Another bastion has fallen: the woman dominates the game. At least in the mobile games. The final report Flurry, an American company dedicated to the analysis and trends of mobile applications, reveals that those who entertain more mobile games are women. The study, dedicated to social games, displays a 20-point lead in favor of men when playing on consoles and computers, but when it comes to phone the woman ahead by six points.

Apple Introduces New MacBook Pro with surprises

The famous American company Apple has officially launched its new portable Macbook Pro range as you would expect from Steve Jobs and his men arrive with important developments and surprises. The new Macbook Pro come powered by Intel Core i7 i5 or, depending on model, with Intel graphics card HD 3000 AMD Radeon sponsored up to 1 GB and screens ranging from 13 to 17 inches.

As expected in addition to excellent technical characteristics Apple presents a new technology with this new range of notebooks, this is the Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is a new connection port that offers a transfer rate of 10 Gbps per channel real and a theoretical rate of 100 Gbps, without a doubt a device that can actually installing a new standard as it did the company with the launch of USB 2.0 at the time.

Thunderbolt, thoroughly

Thunderbolt is the buzzword throughout the week. Finally the old technology called Light Peak becomes commercial, and does so with the traditional change of name Thunderbolt. Surely you remember about a year ago, when editing a particular depth on Light Peak. For then we talked about a future technology, but virtually all of its operating bases have been maintained up to the retail version released today, Thunderbolt.

Spain reaches the Casio Exilim ZR100

Our country has reached a new Casio digital camera, this is the Casio Exilim ZR100, this camera had been presented a few weeks ago at CES, held in the city of Las Vegas in the U.S.. The Exilim ZR100 has enough technical features humble camera is a 12.1-megapixel with video recording HD 1080p 12.1x optical zoom, no big deal in today's digital cameras.

However, the peculiarity of this device is its rate of fire, the new Casio Exilim ZR100 is capable of taking 30 pictures a second. This is achieved through the technology of the new dual-core processor HS Casio Exilim Engine has begun to incorporate into their cameras. In Spain we can buy the new Casio Exilim ZR100 at a cost of 300 euros in the usual outlets nationwide.

Macbook Pro, thoroughly

The new MacBook Pro is now a reality and they are here. New versions that keep the same design as previous models but they do implement new technologies as ThunderBolt or the latest Intel Core Sandy Bridge, and change to more modern GPU, AMD instead of NVidia. The renovation involves the whole range of MacBook Pro, including all models of 13, 15 and 17 inches.

Prices remain as in previous models, so that part of 1,149 euros. Are you interested in them? Here we explain what's new all-new MacBook Pro processor in 13-inch MacBook Pro was one of its weaknesses. Core 2 Duo that is now history and has been replaced by Intel Core i7 i5 and ranging from 2.3 to 2.7 GHz, depending on the model chosen.

New Apple MacBook Pro, updated port Intel Thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge

It's here the expected renewal of the family of Apple MacBook Pro, after the usual closing of the Store's official website was a matter of hours that the new models were a sight to see their news filtered and most important the apple company and stakeholders, and are for sale. It confirms the most important changes, both use the new port Thunderbolt (final name of Intel Light Peak), as the election of the new Intel Sandy Bridge up to four cores, stars of some problems in recent weeks, and resolved.

Acer Iconia Smart, or phone or just the opposite tablet

Acer Iconia The Smart is the bet of the Asian company to get into field but a big one. Although the position the brand as a tablet and a phone at the same time, the new Acer terminal remains in the distance at which the BIA could not and were able to succeed. But Android is another world. Those who manage content from the mobile phone we are very greedy the Iconia Acer 4.8-inch Smart, who happens to compete directly with other teams of similar characteristics, like the Dell Mini 5.

League football live on Youtube, a most likely possibility

And it was strange that the news had not jumped before, but I think nobody doubted that Youtube had to put his head squarely in the business of live sports broadcasts in a serious way sooner rather than later. According to an interview with an executive at Google, after the good work with the cricket league in India, the views of Google executives have risen to more money which now moves into the world of sport live: NBA and European football leagues.

Microsoft Natural User Interface displays beyond the tactile

Microsoft Research has been busy this week showing their latest developments in what they call NUI (Natural User Interface) to a group of technology journalists. In this private screening, Steven Bathiche, director of the department responsible and the person behind Surface, some demonstrations have been performed more than interesting.

The Redmond company wants to take a step forward the idea that it is operating commercially and with Kinect, which incidentally, is about to reach the operating system Windows 7, especially in spring. The best thing is that you prove yourself: As you can see the different shows, we introduce projectors, 3D visualization technology, screens that show different content depending on our position, etc.

Mirotele will recommend what to see on your TV Samsung

Samsung believe he knew his TV Smart was a winning bet if the developers involved. A system without applications is like a garden without flowers. So he got down to work and has received many ideas in his contest. Mirotele is one of those winners and has a Spanish accent it comes from the hand of the University of Malaga.

In fact, Samsung is already planning its launch on televisions within the application section of Smart TV and it seems that Spain will be the first country to have it. This evening I can tell more details of the launch of Smart TV in Spain and what we can offer. Returning to the application Mirotele, is a television program recommender that comes at the place where the most useful: the TV itself.

HP's impressive turnaround in their laptops, battery design and "infinite"

Netbooks cheaper basic ultra high design and low weight and thickness, and now we go with the professional cutting superportátiles that hold more than one day of work continuously. Lenovo was the other day that showed us a computer with a dual battery force us to work more than 24 hours, and now I can talk about the latest updates from HP in the same field with a laptop that offers up to 32 hours autonomy.

The agreement accelerates Facebook-Goldman Sachs investigated by the authorities of the Exchange

Information from The Wall Street Journal confirmed that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the U.S. stock market watchdog, has opened a preliminary investigation into the so-called secondary markets, which allow the exchange of shares of unlisted companies, including technology companies like Facebook.

Companies like SecondMarket have specialized in the role of intermediaries between investors and holders of stock options, mostly former employees. But U.S. officials, this position as an intermediary can be a source of conflict of interest. Indeed, in the absence of a genuine exchange, intermediaries play a role in pricing.

Google and Facebook go to loggerheads

The two major Internet, Google and Facebook, go to loggerheads. The new phones with Google's operating system, Android, will not allow Facebook to synchronize contacts with phone's address book. For now, the blockade affects the Nexus, but will spread to other phones with Android. In a corporate message, Google maintains that it still believed "that reciprocity is an important step toward creating a world release of data.

Julian Assange be fixed today on extradition

A London court must render its decision on Thursday Assange Julian, co-founded Wikileaks, which Sweden had requested the extradition in a case of rape and sexual assault. For three days, from February 9 to 11, a preliminary hearing had been eventful involves two radically different versions of the facts.

For tips Julian Assange, Sweden was used improperly to extradition proceedings, and acts with intent to harm the co-founder of Wikileaks more than in the judicial search for truth. For representatives of the Swedish government, on the contrary, Julian Assange tried to evade justice, and the facts alleged against him are particularly serious, requiring extradition.

Apple wants to charge publishers and booksellers

Are you "in App" or "out app? This question stirred currently all digital book players, whether online booksellers, publishers and broadcasters. Reminder: in France, the digital book market, which weighs less than 1% of sales of the edition, remains very infancy. But it is mainly thanks to sales of iPad, the famous digital tablet from Apple, it begins to develop.

Let's start by explaining the use of all those who do not use the tools of the multinational. Whether the iPad, the iPhone or iPod Touch, digital books can be sold in two ways: either in the App Store, Apple's online store, either by means of "applications" hosted by Apple but developed by external actors.

iPad 2: peaceful change is expected. Place your bets

A lot has to Apple to surprise us next Wednesday will not see a new version of its tablet iPad. So nothing better than starting the morning talking about what we expect from iPad 2 but wisely. Because if it was for asking ... The iPad 2 and we know that there will be a big step ahead of Apple's previous model.

I honestly do not need, and as we say colloquially, one need only spend some time under the knife to "get a little more handsome." Actually, after checking that the phenomenon tablet works for them and that no reaction from other manufacturers, Apple will release next week an update to its tablet to make it a little more competitive on the hardware and give the feeling of being able to move and return to the media in this year 2011 we can already declare as the invasion of the tablets.

Acer Iconia A100, tablet house brand Android

Acer has been nimble to show their proposals to paste morsel in the world of Android tablets. For when it's released Android 3.0, the Acer tablet Iconia A100 will do the same with a price of 350 euros for the WiFi-only version. Acer Iconia The A100 is a tablet model with 7-inch Android focused on always carry with us not bother us much in size.

The design and the adjusted price is the house brand. The Acer A100 Iconia to bet on its output by 7 inch size more manageable than the 9 or 10 which is also seen in other tablets, and of course the fashion of dual-core in your case will be an Nvidia Tegra 250 Dual Cortex A9 at 1GHz (with Ultra Low Power GeForce GPU) with 512 MB of RAM and an 8 GB internal memory that can expand with microSD memory cards that can be up to 32 GB.

2 iPad closer

Steve Jobs's company has officially announced the launch of its second generation tablet iPad, the same will be presented next March 2 this year. The appointment is official Apple has summoned the media through their official website, we are all very eager to discover what new technology will offer the new iPad 2.

Undoubtedly the star of the evening will be the famous Apple tablet, but not the only product that the company, the appointment will also use to show the new version of IOS, the operating system from Apple. The event generated much anticipation, this will be the second-generation device that revolutionized the world of the gadget and certainly Steve Jobs and his people must have some surprise to present in a market that is becoming more and more competitive.

HD-3000 Microsoft LifeCam

Microsoft's hardware division, not very active but accurate, has announced the launch of its latest high definition webcam, this time with a common target and not only advanced users and companies sod. The new Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 has an interesting design but the best is back inside, where a number of technologies will help us to videoconference sessions at least nothing disappointing about the quality, another thing is the content .

Windows Mobile 7: Microsoft unsettled running mobile update

Have eagerly owner of the new Windows Mobile on the first software update waiting for - but now is the big surprise: of the promised improvements is nothing to see. Instead, some phones were useless by the update. Hamburg - It will soon be an update. Microsoft had promised, when the first cell phones came with the new operating system Windows Mobile 7 straight to the market.

Namely those lacking some features and capabilities for modern smartphones have long been really standard. The most important of which should be supplied with an update this spring. The greater the joy, as some users found that their phone is ready for the first update. Contrary to expectations, bringing the software update for the phones but no new features.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The fastest approach Sony

The Japanese company developer of technology products Sony has introduced two new models of professional digital cameras with a revolutionary auto focus system. The new Sony A33 and A55 Sony presents a new type of approach that uses a "mirror" translucent, so a mirror is not a mirror itself. This allows the focus to receive the image directly, thereby increasing considerably the speed of approach.

Dell introduces its new XPS line

The U.S. company technology product developer has submitted the new Dell laptops XPS classic whose clear goal is to compete with the new Apple Air. The new XPS notebook design incorporates simple, almost too simple might say, whose goal is a high performance multimedia. For these models use the latest Intel and Nvidia, as well as HD monitors and even a 3D model.

Basically there are three models with different configurations, the Dell XPS 15, XPS 17 and XPS Dell 17 3D. All rooms have monitors with a resolution of 1080p and can opt for a GeForce video card 555m, they also have USB 3.0 ports and JBL sound card. The most interesting model is undoubtedly the Dell XPS 17 3D-capable monitor incorporates a high-definition three-dimensional, this model can also opt for Intel Core i7 processor and nVidia has 3DTV Play technology.

Xtreamer is willing to keep his head hard disk multimedia

Xtreamer people not to leave us with honey on the lips in their Twitter channel. That's where they revealed that his next team to present at the CeBIT in a few days will Xtreamer Prodigy and is willing to let a fool (in fact, and seek to do in the presentation of new equipment on their website) to the rest of multimedia hard drives .

The Prodigy Xtreamer, which know all the details in just over five days, is a player with Bay for our own hard drives that put us in the room a very good team finish and design. First of all not indifferent. Besides the design, the most interesting of this Xtreamer Prodigy will again flash-based interface and associated services, including some as popular as Megavideo or web browser.

China "locks" the Revolution of Asian jasmine censoring the web

The protest movements of the Arab countries do not stop, indeed, run on the web and reach the far east Asia. The government of China fears that the Revolution broke out in the country of jasmine and blocked at an early stage the protest organized by groups of people yesterday in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and in ten other major cities.

On Saturday, Chinese President Hu Jintao, speaking to the government representatives of the regions at the opening of a seminar at the Central Party School in Beijing, has stressed the need to monitor more closely the Internet and guide public opinion. Not to mention the unrest and riots that are shaking Egypt, the Middle East, Bahrain and Libya said that although China is becoming more prosperous, it must also face an escalation of social conflicts that puts a strain on the 'the party's ability to keep everything under control.

A headset for your hair

Since the launch of endless iPod accessories and gadgets of various types have come to market the technology, many of them useful, many of them unique, the new iGROW is one of them. The developer of technology products Apiro Science has presented to iPod headphones, as they say, is the ultimate solution to your balding problems.

So, the new iGROW will ensure that our hair grow strong and lush, so we can rejuvenate our hair. The device has 21 diode laser and a total of 30 LED lights to stimulate hair growth on the scalp. While we have not been able to verify how true is its operation Apiro Science is willing to refund the money paid for the device if the client fails to see the results as if it were a TV offer.

Day 2, iPad 2

No more rumors. The iPad 2 (except Apple's joke, which are not for that now) will be officially introduced on March 2 in an event that Apple has summoned the media. As usual, at seven in the afternoon of this day we will have news to follow and a good time to talk. In this presentation, as seen in the picture, there is no doubt that the Apple tablet will be the main protagonist, but expect the odd new form of evolution in operating system IOS.

Microsoft Express Mouse, invites bite care

There are mice that are managed by hand, others played and now is the new Microsoft Express Mouse, by design invites you to be bitten. But no, do not eat or anything like that, only serves to operate the computer. The latest mouse from Microsoft is not positioned as the ultimate in wireless technology but in the field of design.

The Express Mouse enters the eye by its striking combination of white and pink and eliminating physical buttons "visible" because if any exist, specifically three that we can customize. This Microsoft Express Mouse is a wireless mouse but it incorporates BlueTrack technology to use it without problems on any surface.

Apple's shareholders meeting to discuss the estate of Steve Jobs

While Steve Jobs, the boss of the Cupertino, is on sick leave for an indefinite period, the Apple shareholders were meeting Wednesday, February 23 Annual General Assembly, including deciding on a succession plan. A pension fund based in Illinois claiming that Apple "adopt and publish a written succession plan and detailed," including allowing to know the criteria for selecting a future general manager and potential candidates for this position.

On March 2, get ready iPad also two new Mac

ROME - What will happen in exactly one week at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco is no longer a mystery. Apple has chosen March 2 to present the second generation of its tablet, the iPad. At a time when competitors announced similar functionality from devices, Apple re-launches with a product that will incorporate features requested by users and some novel innovations.

It is no secret either that there will be no Steve Jobs, but still do not know the name of who will be the "keynote" presentation. How will. The new iPad should have a better screen, probably based on technology "Retina display" already seen on the iPhone 4. That is, the visible surface will be defined in the present, it seems the same size: the screen should not be either larger or smaller, although there is still some voices out of a possible increase in size.

SuperTalent SSD Introduces New PCI-E, hopefully smaller and affordable

SuperTalent has presented a few hours ago a new generation of SSD drives, the second for them. As expected bring some improvements to performance level, but are not figures that we have not seen on other devices. In the case of the products presented today we talk about PCI-Express storage, rather than the more conventional SSD (2.5 inch format.) SuperTalent CoreStore 2 are called and it is a small card that plugs into one of the PCI-Express slots on the motherboard without any wires.

Google is interested in the sport live

TV consumption is experiencing a revolution, thanks to new platforms that allow direct access to content anytime, anywhere. Google knows. And also know that sport can be a source of income. So is interested in using YouTube as a means to broadcast live sporting events. The dotcom would already be in talks with Basketball League (NBA) and hockey (NHL) to offer their live matches from the second half of this year, according to Bloomberg, which reproduces excerpts from an interview with the negotiation Google content in Asia-Pacific region, Guatam Anand.

IPad with keyboard and cover

The iPad as netbook. Transform the tablet PC in a minimum size is now possible. Although brief, the best, exceeds 550 euros, in return is achieved complement it with a keyboard that is not saved, but transformed into a lightweight case and fully integrated into the design. Zaggmate is offered in two versions.

Just like metal sheath which serves as a lectern, and other enhanced wireless keyboard. This second version was recognized as one of the best designs in consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas and most recently was one of the best complements the exhibition presented at MacWorld. This particular case, made of polished aluminum, has a full keyboard and buttons to access functions of the iPad to control the music player and photo gallery or make a search through the contents of the device without having to touch the screen with your finger .

"Facebook, my daughter"

Maybe in a few years the small Ibrahim Facebook to account to the parents of this choice. Or maybe in a few years, it will be normal even in Italy to call their sons WWW, YouTube, or Google. The fact is that in Egypt, Facebook was born Feb. 18, a girl who bears the same name in gratitude to his parents for the role that the social network has played in the February 11 uprising culminated with the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak .

The remote control? Indispensable and even sex can wait

REMOTE CONTROL for many is more important than sex. Do not believe us? Thumb through Remote Control Research Global Trends Study of Wakefield Research, commissioned by Loogitech and conduct among the holders of control devices in Europe, USA and Australia: 25% of respondents candidly admits that it is ready to give up a month of intimate relationships with the partner so as not to give up full control of the little box infrared and television programs to watch.

Dell goes the knife for its XPS XPS 15 and 17

Dell finally has revolutionized its XPS range (the rumor this week is that they would derive something to compete with the Apple Air) and the change that has made its largest XPS models are quite conservative. If we were not aware that claims are fully multimedia computer, the new design would say that let us down, at least on the outside, because inside themselves they have improved many details and confirmed others who we like about the XPS range forever.

Sony sets aside his camera Nex 3

Although no official statement on the matter, after it was discovered that Japan had begun to abandon the Sony Nex 3 on their own, Spain Sony sources have confirmed to News Tech Buzz is true that the Sony Nex 3 will be forgotten to the mark from the end of March also in Spain. The last words of a dummy could excuchar by one of these Sony Nex 3 would be: I have fulfilled my lifetime.

The strange thing is that it has been quite short, as even a year has gone on the market. With the positive reception that this series of interchangeable lens camera has no mirror between the consumer, one would expect to Sony soon present to its replacement. We're waiting with great fondness.

Google wants all SMEs have web

Everyone agrees that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the savior of employment. But almost all of them back to the Internet. To remedy this defect, Google has launched "Connect Your Business", a project whose goal is to help "tens of thousands" of freelancers and small businesses have a presence on the Internet using their own website, as Javier Rodriguez Zapatero , CEO of Google Spain and Portugal.

Killzone 3, the blown revolution?

The PlayStation 3 takes it with Killzone 3, its reference shooter like Halo XBox and its license? From the first minutes, the story of the battle between the forces of the ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance) and the separatists Helghan tends to the big show. The title of the studio Guerrilla Games willingly takes the excessiveness of codes of aesthetics and depicts a cynical Soviet generals and other political leaders, in the heart of the plot.

The update of Windows Phone 7 blocks some phones

The first users to load this update into your phone have been an unpleasant surprise, the terminal has stopped working. Not had all but multiply the comments on forums complaining that the device is useless when it comes to Samsung Omnia 7. It locks the screen and not much to be activated by touch. The unit does not turn off until you spend it or remove the battery.

In Unwired give an alternative solution to revive the phone. Microsoft's operating system for mobile, Windows Phone 7, released in October, with four terminals on the market from the beginning has just been updated. The company says it is a minor change, which in March will reach a substantial improvement that will, among other things, something as simple as copying and pasting images and text.

Intel wants the first products to be ready in summer Medfield

Intel is giving too much advantage to competitors who have chosen to use ARM designs, at least from a media standpoint, it seems it is time to bring to market a product that Intel debuts Medfield circuitry. Medfield is the new generation of family-oriented Atom tablets, smartphones and portable devices.

According to the source of the news, some Taiwanese manufacturers are currently being tested, and have a substantial down-payment products and partners that will use the new hardware at Computex next to be held in May. We have information about any of his fellow travelers, we remind you that the Finnish Mobile Aava, and have designed a prototype called Twist, which presumably serve as terminal development achieved despite its appearance.

Dash iBike turns your iPhone into career partner

Technology and sport, you have to see how well you carry you. And with the advent of cell phones, GPS and its multiple applications, not to find an activity to bring something electronic that seems almost impossible. The iBike Dash is a motivation and help more than we take when we ride a bicycle. By the name you've already figured out that a solution is closely related to Apple's mobile products, and are right.

Google, Facebook and timing of telephone contact

It's a new installment in the open conflict between Facebook and Google on access to books contact their respective users: the last update of the operating system from Google, Android, blocks on phones and Nexus Nexus One S the ability to synchronize phone numbers entered into Facebook with phone contacts.

Google and Facebook are fighting for several months to access their address books of users, who are one of the sinews of war between two giants of online advertising. Google was blocked in November including access to Facebook address books of its Gmail, arguing that Facebook should offer to reciprocate.

Here comes the computer to be implanted in our bodies

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michingan, has accomplished a computer that can be implanted in the body, the dimensions are very small it comes to little more than a cubic millimeter and will serve to control the pressure in the eye, for those suffering from glaucoma.

These objectives were professors Dennis Sylvester, David Blaauw and his assistant David Wentzloff, the computer consists of a low-power microprocessor, pressure sensor, memory, battery, thin film solar cell and wireless data transfer to an external device should be placed near the eye. This little PC is powered by a battery that is recharged with sunlight in 1.5 hours or 10 hours with artificial light, has the ability to CA storage data for a week, noting the pressure in the eye every 15 minutes, then return in standbay, consumption is very low, only 5.3 NW, thanks to Phoenix for third-generation CPU architecture and a unique power gating extreme idle mode to reduce power consumption to a minimum.

Galaxy Tab Samsung will have a 8.9 inch version

A story with few details but lots of substance, and to know that Samsung is working on a third version of Samsung Galaxy Tab, it is always interesting. When we refer to version, we do given the screen size, since the new model will have a 8.9 inch. In the market we have the original Tab Galaxy 7 ", which in turn exist or are going to release versions that differ by the connectivity available.

Voice of America hacked

The websites of the Voice of America ("Voice of America), the public broadcasting supposed to" bring the voice of the United States "in Tech News Buzz, was the victim of a cyber attack on the night of Tuesday 22 on Wednesday, February 23. The sites were rendered inaccessible by a change in their domain name server (DNS, which allows browsers to find on the Internet), redirecting users to a page of claim signed by the Iranian cyber army.

W520 Lenovo, the ThinkPad for those seeking great power

Within Lenovo launches in recent days, the Lenovo ThinkPad W520 will be of interest if you are looking for peak performance. We could say that your new laptop is more powerful, ideal for jobs that require high CPU loads. ThinkPad W520 comes with a high degree of customization where you can find Intel Core i5 and i7 DDR3 memory (up to 32 GB) hard drive configurations traditional or SSD (up to 160 GB in this case) and NVIDIA Quadro graphics without choice of AMD models.

"Boxee pataforma born as open and will continue until we ban the" Interview with Luigi Ong, D-Link

Although not exactly the most appropriate technology and home video streaming Box Boxee, the Mobile World Congress gave us the opportunity to chat with Luigi Ong, director of marketing and sales for Southern Europe from D-Link, the Boxee company marketing. During our conversation, Wen told us how he is running Boxee Box in Spain, and what are the future plans for this free platform, especially in these dark days in which anything that smacks to share video content online is at the point of look.

Amazon Prime Instant Video offers streaming over an ocean away

Amazon has already taken the final step to make good in direct competition with Netflix. Its expected video streaming system is a reality, but again we can only watch from the other side of the Atlantic or use a VPN service. The Amazon Prime service Instant Video is now an extra option available to customers only Prime which, with a payment of $ 79 a year, could receive free shipping on orders Amazon store within 48 hours.

ASUS PA246Q Proart teaches you colors such as

ASUS, in addition to models with TV monitors or for general use, has been strengthened with a new team for their professional range. The ASUS PA246Q Proart is a professional monitor P-IPS panel with 24-inch size and resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. In addition, as you can see in the image, the pedestal is adjustable and can place it vertically.

As for connections, tickets have DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D and D-sub, USB ports and card reader. The color reproduction is the strong point of this monitor, capable of reproducing 98% color space of Adobe RGB, sRGB mode counting also. Also, is calibrated to offer a color difference Delta E less than 5.

Revenge of the nerds nerd power

NEW YORK - And so in the end they won, the guys with glasses, the first of the class stayed away from all those who do not go out tonight, nor tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow, because the world is all in my bedroom in personal computers, nell'iPad in the cloud, in the cloud that now unites us all in the virtual world of the web.

It took half a century, that word - nerd - appeared for the first time in 1951 right here in America in Newsweek, to go around the world and meaning: turning from a "loser" in "cool". But not just a matter of slang and languages. The latest generation - the "evolution of the nerd," as experts call it - is poised to literally change the world with brand new ones, but peaceful atomic bombs micidialissime calls, for example, Facebook and WikiLeaks.

A French company joined European complaints against Google

A French company has added to the lawsuits against Google by abusing its dominant position to the European Union, which has opened an investigation into this matter without any implication that has taken any decision on the veracity of the allegations. The plaintiff company, 1PlusV, is dedicated to the opening of specialized search engines.

One of their sites, eJustice. fr, introduced last year one of the first complaints against Google, accusing him of harming competition by providing the list of results of specific searches. 1PlusV has ensured that it has submitted a further complaint to Brussels to present more evidence "further abuse" of Google.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The surprising independence of the new Sony VAIO S

Energy independence has always been a determining factor when purchasing any type of portable device, especially with regards to netbooks and notebooks, as Sony has unveiled the new VAIO S with 14 hours of battery life. Those looking for a laptop that can operate for long periods and thus allowing us to work without the urgent need desperately seeking an outlet will be very interested in the new Sony VAIO S.

The new Sony Vaio S are bathed in color

The Sony Vaio more casual, Series C, meeting the forecasts and slipped back into color to catch the eye thanks to the contrast with black keyboard. Pure passion for design. The new Sony Vaio C has a 14-inch display with LED technology and 1366 x 768 pixels. Inside are an Intel Core i5 accompanied by graphic AMD Radeon HD 6470M, 320 GB HDD and 4 GB of RAM as standard.

A special touch that puts us really like the keyboard, as we noted dark but it is also backlit, which is a festival in the dark along with the other bright details of the case of this Sony Vaio C so joyous and festive. Like his other brothers of presentation, Sony Exmor technology pays for itself with its placement in the new webcam, which improves the work in difficult lighting conditions.

NEC introduced the world's thinnest phone

The developer of technology products, NEC is working on a new project that aims to bring to the stores that will be the thinnest mobile phone in history, it is the new N-04C NEC Sox. The Sox NEC N-04C is a smartphone with excellent technical characteristics that have nothing to envy to the current mobile and implausible dimensions, the device has only 7.7 millimeters thick, or less than one centimeter, which until now had been impossible.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air, now more powerful and wireless Apple AirPlay

Bowers & Wilkins has just released the new version of its already legendary Zeppelin, an iPod dock for the very powerful sound delicious. The newcomer is called B & W Zeppelin Air, and its main novelty is the native support for wireless streaming system AirPlay Apple. AirPlay lets you play music from iPod, iPhone, iPad, or any Mac with iTunes without having to connect the player to the appropriate dock.

Sony already has new all-in-one L series renewed

With new Intel chips by the market, with more or fewer problems, computer brands throw the rest to introduce innovations that integrate these new processors. Some, like Sony with its L-series, also to take advantage of cosmetic surgery that has been very good. The new desktops all in one Sony Vaio L, that is, integrating all the computer components on the screen, are inspired by the TV even in V-bracket The display of new equipment that goes on sale in March is 24 inches, with full resolution and LED technology for better viewing and consumption.

Video streaming: Amazon brings the TV Flatrate

Large-scale attack on Netflix: Amazon offers its premium customers free movie streaming. Who pays $ 80 a year for fast delivery, always has access to 5,000 movies and series - the offer is open only to U.S. customers. Free shipping within two days - for this service pay several million U.S. citizens Amazon $ 79 a year.

You now get on top of that a TV-Flatrate: 5000 films and television series episodes to U.S. customers get streamed to the computer, to Internet-enabled televisions and special set-top boxes and Blu-ray players. Featured films include some fairly recent titles such as "Syriana" and the film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy, however, include popular series such as "deperate Housewives' not for all-inclusive offer.

Asus PA246Q monitor for graphics

Asus has presented a monitor called novo PA246Q Asus P-ISP in wide format with a diagonal of 24.1 inches, which is dedicated to the public and especially for the most demanding professional graphics sector. The features of this monitor are very respectable in fact Asus claims that 98% Adobe RGB spectrum to ensure image quality makes it perfect for professional use, the resolution is 1920 x 1200 pixels with pixel pitch of 0, 27 mm, the contrast ratio is 50,000:1, brightness reaches 400 cd/m2 and a response time (GTG) is 6 ms.