Thursday, February 24, 2011

With "Thunderbolt" images and data to travel over 10 Gb per second

ROME - High resolution images and data that travel together in a single cable, high speed, over 10 gigabytes per second. In practice, an entire HD movie can be "transferred" in less than 30 seconds. Intel today announced the availability of "Thunderbolt", a new technology for high-speed connection to the computer that combines on a single cable to transfer data at high speed and image HD (high definition).

The woman sends in mobile games

Another bastion has fallen: the woman dominates the game. At least in the mobile games. The final report Flurry, an American company dedicated to the analysis and trends of mobile applications, reveals that those who entertain more mobile games are women. The study, dedicated to social games, displays a 20-point lead in favor of men when playing on consoles and computers, but when it comes to phone the woman ahead by six points.

Apple Introduces New MacBook Pro with surprises

The famous American company Apple has officially launched its new portable Macbook Pro range as you would expect from Steve Jobs and his men arrive with important developments and surprises. The new Macbook Pro come powered by Intel Core i7 i5 or, depending on model, with Intel graphics card HD 3000 AMD Radeon sponsored up to 1 GB and screens ranging from 13 to 17 inches.

As expected in addition to excellent technical characteristics Apple presents a new technology with this new range of notebooks, this is the Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is a new connection port that offers a transfer rate of 10 Gbps per channel real and a theoretical rate of 100 Gbps, without a doubt a device that can actually installing a new standard as it did the company with the launch of USB 2.0 at the time.

Thunderbolt, thoroughly

Thunderbolt is the buzzword throughout the week. Finally the old technology called Light Peak becomes commercial, and does so with the traditional change of name Thunderbolt. Surely you remember about a year ago, when editing a particular depth on Light Peak. For then we talked about a future technology, but virtually all of its operating bases have been maintained up to the retail version released today, Thunderbolt.

Spain reaches the Casio Exilim ZR100

Our country has reached a new Casio digital camera, this is the Casio Exilim ZR100, this camera had been presented a few weeks ago at CES, held in the city of Las Vegas in the U.S.. The Exilim ZR100 has enough technical features humble camera is a 12.1-megapixel with video recording HD 1080p 12.1x optical zoom, no big deal in today's digital cameras.

However, the peculiarity of this device is its rate of fire, the new Casio Exilim ZR100 is capable of taking 30 pictures a second. This is achieved through the technology of the new dual-core processor HS Casio Exilim Engine has begun to incorporate into their cameras. In Spain we can buy the new Casio Exilim ZR100 at a cost of 300 euros in the usual outlets nationwide.

Macbook Pro, thoroughly

The new MacBook Pro is now a reality and they are here. New versions that keep the same design as previous models but they do implement new technologies as ThunderBolt or the latest Intel Core Sandy Bridge, and change to more modern GPU, AMD instead of NVidia. The renovation involves the whole range of MacBook Pro, including all models of 13, 15 and 17 inches.

Prices remain as in previous models, so that part of 1,149 euros. Are you interested in them? Here we explain what's new all-new MacBook Pro processor in 13-inch MacBook Pro was one of its weaknesses. Core 2 Duo that is now history and has been replaced by Intel Core i7 i5 and ranging from 2.3 to 2.7 GHz, depending on the model chosen.

New Apple MacBook Pro, updated port Intel Thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge

It's here the expected renewal of the family of Apple MacBook Pro, after the usual closing of the Store's official website was a matter of hours that the new models were a sight to see their news filtered and most important the apple company and stakeholders, and are for sale. It confirms the most important changes, both use the new port Thunderbolt (final name of Intel Light Peak), as the election of the new Intel Sandy Bridge up to four cores, stars of some problems in recent weeks, and resolved.

Acer Iconia Smart, or phone or just the opposite tablet

Acer Iconia The Smart is the bet of the Asian company to get into field but a big one. Although the position the brand as a tablet and a phone at the same time, the new Acer terminal remains in the distance at which the BIA could not and were able to succeed. But Android is another world. Those who manage content from the mobile phone we are very greedy the Iconia Acer 4.8-inch Smart, who happens to compete directly with other teams of similar characteristics, like the Dell Mini 5.

League football live on Youtube, a most likely possibility

And it was strange that the news had not jumped before, but I think nobody doubted that Youtube had to put his head squarely in the business of live sports broadcasts in a serious way sooner rather than later. According to an interview with an executive at Google, after the good work with the cricket league in India, the views of Google executives have risen to more money which now moves into the world of sport live: NBA and European football leagues.

Microsoft Natural User Interface displays beyond the tactile

Microsoft Research has been busy this week showing their latest developments in what they call NUI (Natural User Interface) to a group of technology journalists. In this private screening, Steven Bathiche, director of the department responsible and the person behind Surface, some demonstrations have been performed more than interesting.

The Redmond company wants to take a step forward the idea that it is operating commercially and with Kinect, which incidentally, is about to reach the operating system Windows 7, especially in spring. The best thing is that you prove yourself: As you can see the different shows, we introduce projectors, 3D visualization technology, screens that show different content depending on our position, etc.

Mirotele will recommend what to see on your TV Samsung

Samsung believe he knew his TV Smart was a winning bet if the developers involved. A system without applications is like a garden without flowers. So he got down to work and has received many ideas in his contest. Mirotele is one of those winners and has a Spanish accent it comes from the hand of the University of Malaga.

In fact, Samsung is already planning its launch on televisions within the application section of Smart TV and it seems that Spain will be the first country to have it. This evening I can tell more details of the launch of Smart TV in Spain and what we can offer. Returning to the application Mirotele, is a television program recommender that comes at the place where the most useful: the TV itself.

HP's impressive turnaround in their laptops, battery design and "infinite"

Netbooks cheaper basic ultra high design and low weight and thickness, and now we go with the professional cutting superportátiles that hold more than one day of work continuously. Lenovo was the other day that showed us a computer with a dual battery force us to work more than 24 hours, and now I can talk about the latest updates from HP in the same field with a laptop that offers up to 32 hours autonomy.

The agreement accelerates Facebook-Goldman Sachs investigated by the authorities of the Exchange

Information from The Wall Street Journal confirmed that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the U.S. stock market watchdog, has opened a preliminary investigation into the so-called secondary markets, which allow the exchange of shares of unlisted companies, including technology companies like Facebook.

Companies like SecondMarket have specialized in the role of intermediaries between investors and holders of stock options, mostly former employees. But U.S. officials, this position as an intermediary can be a source of conflict of interest. Indeed, in the absence of a genuine exchange, intermediaries play a role in pricing.

Google and Facebook go to loggerheads

The two major Internet, Google and Facebook, go to loggerheads. The new phones with Google's operating system, Android, will not allow Facebook to synchronize contacts with phone's address book. For now, the blockade affects the Nexus, but will spread to other phones with Android. In a corporate message, Google maintains that it still believed "that reciprocity is an important step toward creating a world release of data.

Julian Assange be fixed today on extradition

A London court must render its decision on Thursday Assange Julian, co-founded Wikileaks, which Sweden had requested the extradition in a case of rape and sexual assault. For three days, from February 9 to 11, a preliminary hearing had been eventful involves two radically different versions of the facts.

For tips Julian Assange, Sweden was used improperly to extradition proceedings, and acts with intent to harm the co-founder of Wikileaks more than in the judicial search for truth. For representatives of the Swedish government, on the contrary, Julian Assange tried to evade justice, and the facts alleged against him are particularly serious, requiring extradition.

Apple wants to charge publishers and booksellers

Are you "in App" or "out app? This question stirred currently all digital book players, whether online booksellers, publishers and broadcasters. Reminder: in France, the digital book market, which weighs less than 1% of sales of the edition, remains very infancy. But it is mainly thanks to sales of iPad, the famous digital tablet from Apple, it begins to develop.

Let's start by explaining the use of all those who do not use the tools of the multinational. Whether the iPad, the iPhone or iPod Touch, digital books can be sold in two ways: either in the App Store, Apple's online store, either by means of "applications" hosted by Apple but developed by external actors.

iPad 2: peaceful change is expected. Place your bets

A lot has to Apple to surprise us next Wednesday will not see a new version of its tablet iPad. So nothing better than starting the morning talking about what we expect from iPad 2 but wisely. Because if it was for asking ... The iPad 2 and we know that there will be a big step ahead of Apple's previous model.

I honestly do not need, and as we say colloquially, one need only spend some time under the knife to "get a little more handsome." Actually, after checking that the phenomenon tablet works for them and that no reaction from other manufacturers, Apple will release next week an update to its tablet to make it a little more competitive on the hardware and give the feeling of being able to move and return to the media in this year 2011 we can already declare as the invasion of the tablets.

Acer Iconia A100, tablet house brand Android

Acer has been nimble to show their proposals to paste morsel in the world of Android tablets. For when it's released Android 3.0, the Acer tablet Iconia A100 will do the same with a price of 350 euros for the WiFi-only version. Acer Iconia The A100 is a tablet model with 7-inch Android focused on always carry with us not bother us much in size.

The design and the adjusted price is the house brand. The Acer A100 Iconia to bet on its output by 7 inch size more manageable than the 9 or 10 which is also seen in other tablets, and of course the fashion of dual-core in your case will be an Nvidia Tegra 250 Dual Cortex A9 at 1GHz (with Ultra Low Power GeForce GPU) with 512 MB of RAM and an 8 GB internal memory that can expand with microSD memory cards that can be up to 32 GB.

2 iPad closer

Steve Jobs's company has officially announced the launch of its second generation tablet iPad, the same will be presented next March 2 this year. The appointment is official Apple has summoned the media through their official website, we are all very eager to discover what new technology will offer the new iPad 2.

Undoubtedly the star of the evening will be the famous Apple tablet, but not the only product that the company, the appointment will also use to show the new version of IOS, the operating system from Apple. The event generated much anticipation, this will be the second-generation device that revolutionized the world of the gadget and certainly Steve Jobs and his people must have some surprise to present in a market that is becoming more and more competitive.

HD-3000 Microsoft LifeCam

Microsoft's hardware division, not very active but accurate, has announced the launch of its latest high definition webcam, this time with a common target and not only advanced users and companies sod. The new Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 has an interesting design but the best is back inside, where a number of technologies will help us to videoconference sessions at least nothing disappointing about the quality, another thing is the content .

Windows Mobile 7: Microsoft unsettled running mobile update

Have eagerly owner of the new Windows Mobile on the first software update waiting for - but now is the big surprise: of the promised improvements is nothing to see. Instead, some phones were useless by the update. Hamburg - It will soon be an update. Microsoft had promised, when the first cell phones came with the new operating system Windows Mobile 7 straight to the market.

Namely those lacking some features and capabilities for modern smartphones have long been really standard. The most important of which should be supplied with an update this spring. The greater the joy, as some users found that their phone is ready for the first update. Contrary to expectations, bringing the software update for the phones but no new features.