Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Apple prepares to introduce a new iPad model, according to a U.S. newspaper

Accordingly, the production had already started. Not a day too late, one would think, because the competition has now brought its own tablet to market. Hamburg - The timing would fit: Almost exactly a year Apple has introduced the iPad.

And because Apple's products like the one-year revised every the time was ripe for a new model. Whose production is already under way, writes the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Wednesday. As a source called the U.S. daily "people familiar with the operations", without further going into who could be meant.

Apple declined to comment on the request of the "Journal" on the rumors. Anything else would be surprising: Not only because Apple is basically not comment on rumors, but because Apple's Tablet computer is currently active as a gift for Valentine's Day is applying. If the reports of soon-to-expected new hardware confirmed that sales would fall dramatically immediately.

Apple's policy to announce new products never even a day early, is an indispensable tool of the company, the prices of its products throughout their entire sales period to keep stable on the same level. Really surprising is the message of the WSJ anyway. Two weeks ago, the trade newspaper "Digitimes" from Taiwan had reported that there were other suppliers of iPad-2 components were fixed.

Few days later it was said that the manufacturer Foxconn has secured additional capacity. That is controversial because of its working conditions continue to manufacturer Foxconn will be the sole producer of the iPad 2, had "Digitimes" written in December. The Wall Street Journal confirmed this report now.

Please more screen - or rather not? About the technical innovations in the iPad 2 repeated the "Journal" once more rumors for months. Accordingly, the new model is slightly thinner than the old one, a faster processor and at least one camera "get. "At least one" because you're not sure if Apple will only install on the user facing camera for video calls, and also integrates a real snapshot camera into the case.

Some Android tablets which is already the case, the new Android version 3.0 (honeycomb) has it even got a new camera software. However, if it is fun to use a 10-inch and 700 grams of heavy equipment as a camera, is another question. What will be new type of processor to know the sources of the "Wall Street Journal to report, however, any more than they answer the question of the number of cameras.

Sure it is, however, that the display resolution will remain the same as the first iPad, a 1024 x 768 pixels. Previously there had been rumors that Apple will miss the iPad, a so-called retinal display as it distinguishes the iPhone 4th For the resolution of the screen but would have to be about two and a half times the current displays are screwed up, which would roughly corresponding 2500 x 1900 pixels.

Apple would have to set it to an integer multiple of the previous resolution, so apps that are tailored to the old display look like on the new still good. When you step from the iPhone 3G for Apple iPhone 4 was the same treatment, had horizontal and vertical resolution is doubled. The question is whether such a thing would be useful when iPad technically and economically.

First, one would need a much more powerful graphics chip, so as to control a display, second, that the production of such a screen can be expensive. The strikes will come closer Moreover, the fitted iPad 2 with more memory. Claimed that the finder of the WSJ to correct the entry model in the future would come up with 32 gigabytes of memory, while the top model would be built 128 gigabytes.

That would be quite impressive values when they vote for. For the opportunity to expand the store itself is iPad users are likely to remain still denied. Apple would be the introduction of two iPad definitely one of the most important announcements of the year. So far the group has sold nearly 15 million copies of the first album, 2011, another 27 millions to come, estimates the market research firm Piper Jaffray & Co., which would be around nine billion dollars in sales.

This makes these predictions but true, Apple needs to lean over stuff. Having been already introduced at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) earlier this year 80 new Tablet PC, at the Mobile World Congress next week is likely the next swing will be presented. And now the big players on their contributions to the flat-computers have done.

Already this week, with Dell and HP put two large vessels of the industry its new models. It is thought that above all the hosts from HP are interesting because they developed a new version of the Palm mobile operating system webOS be equipped - and are likely to stand out so pleasantly on Android and IOS monotony.

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