Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hollywood chases Hotfile for downloads

Five Hollywood studios have sued the Megaupload download site for violating intellectual property rights. Disney, Fox, Universal, Columbia and Warner argue that the site provides "theft" of film and television productions in a "surprising level." According to the plaintiffs, Hotfile encourages the distribution of copyrighted material who bring paying enrich their bid files and charging a premium subscription to Internet users who want a fast download.

Hotfile contends that its service is a platform for hosting content that is accessed through a link that communicates who gets the material and is the surfer who decides who has access to that link. To Hollywood, in less than two years, Hotfile has become one of the most trafficked sites in the world.

The lawsuit has been filed in Florida, home to the site's founder, the citizen of Russian origin Anton Titov. This is the second lawsuit filed against Hotfile. The first was presented Liberty Media to spread the charge over a thousand users of the site. The company said Hotfile housed more than 2,400 files of 800 titles of property.

Rapidshare is one of the links on Google and does not provide instant searches by following its commitment not to promote the sites accused of infringements of copyright. The prosecution of sites devoted to downloads complements other actions such as mass claims against Internet users to exchange protected files through P2P networks.

The last presented in January U.S. Copyright Group, a company specializing in intellectual property, which claimed more than 20,000 people in federal court deWashington.

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