Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Confession on the iPhone but also the Vatican: "It is not valid"

ROME - Oltretevere, technological concerns are now on the agenda. After the recent call of Pope Ratzinger to conscientiously use the social network (The pontiff called on people "not to create false profiles") of the trouble also comes from the world of iPhone applications. To be precise, by a particular app that would serve the intention to confess.

By replacing the rite dell'inginocchiamento the confessional with a couple of touches on the screen of your smartphone, eliminating the penance paid prior to kneecaps. Deus ex machina. A techno-Protestant approach to the Vatican did not like it one bit, 'and that would jump shot a whole series of aspects related to the sacrament.

First, the intermediary between the divine and the ground for the members of the clergy: the faithful can in no way confess his sins to the iPhone. It emphasizes the director of the Vatican press office, Father Federico Lombardi: "The Sacrament of Penance necessarily require the personal relationship of dialogue between the penitent and the confessor, and absolution from the confessor of this".

Not only does the iPhone may not be receiving the confession, but most can not absolve the sinner. Beyond the evidence of the impossible digitization of a sacrament, an algorithm able to offer detailed penance is currently unthinkable. The relationship with the figure of the confessor is essential.

E, Lombardi states, "can not be replaced by any computer application." That sums up: "You can not talk in any way to" confession iPhone. "Application. It's called Confession: a Roman Catholic App, costs two dollars and allows the contemporary Catholic to be an examination of conscience electronically.

Specifically, very detailed and customized based on age, sex and other parameters, including the emotional situation and vocation: single, married or religious. Interesting the depth of the sins, this changed, adding faults not covered by the commandments, But behavior that you believe worthy of atonement.

Possible penances are 7, as the seven deadly sins, but the application is in its first issue and certainly will be joined by new ones. To protect the privacy of their works and omissions, User confessions are closed safely inside the confessional electronic protected by an appropriate password.

Confession is not a joke nor a game, is indeed a very serious app that is recommended for "use in the confessional, perfect for any penitent. "And there are overseas approvals, including that of Kevin C. Rhodes, Bishop of Fort Wayne, which considers the application" A great way to spread the culture of confession.

" In the development of Confession has played a role the Executive Director for Pastoral Doctrine of the Conference of Bishops of the United States, Thomas G. Weinandy. All this stems from the opening words to the technology delivered by Benedict XVI, but now the Church of Rome seems to take a few steps back.

Almost one-day micro-schism between supporters and detractors of the God inside the car. Using moderate. According to Father Lombardi, you can instead use the new technologies to help in the examination of conscience. "In this case," said the Jesuit, "it would be a digital pastoral aid that someone might find useful, knowing well that is by no means a substitute for the sacrament." Lombardi also states that "Be careful lest you get to a business, fueled by a religious and spiritual reality as important as a sacrament." Out of the merchants from the temple.

Upon confession on the iPhone is not a sin, but given the continuing threats to the doctrine, the secularization of the Church has two paths: either leave technological freedom to the believer, or propose a revision 2.0 of the commandments. A scenario not dissimilar to that of social evolution on a larger scale, in the light of innovations.

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