Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The triple crisis the owner in Internet purchases

"Spinning-hand bike in good condition, 190 euros" ... "Extensions of keratin, natural hair, $ 29" ... "Alkyl disco, 1,200 euros" ... The old classifieds is no paper that have been adapted to the Internet, have improved their effectiveness. Millions and millions of advertisements each day visit hundreds of thousands of people to buy and sell as unthinkable.

"In January Segundamano have gone through. Is nearly nine million people, 50% more than a year ago. And the content has been doubled. There are about 2.2 million active listings," says Jaume Gomà, director of the publication in 1997 transferred his experience to the Internet. "Since the beginning of the crisis in 2008 have tripled visits and ads." "It sells burial in the Almudena cemetery.

3 bodies granite slab. Located in a good area. 20,000 euros," published Tablondenauncios, a website launched in 1999 in Córdoba by Rafael López. "From the beginning of the crisis unique visitors increased by 130%. At this time the ads have gone from 'flat look' and 'seeks waiter' to 'sell floor' and 'seeking work." The crisis is no stranger to the trade boom between individuals on the Internet.

"It has certainly helped many people closer to the classified ads," says Gomà, "but also influences the growth of the Internet population and the improvement of the portals." eBay, a pioneer in the auction of objects, later realized the potential of this sector. Until two years ago did not open in Spain.

"The visits grew by 106% annually and the ads a day, 131%," says Luis Fidalgo, Head of Marketing and Communication of eBay listings. Nor Tusanuncios. com complain. "According to Nielsen SiteCensus of users have increased by 75%, and have more than a million ads," said Miguel Ángel Alemany, CEO of Tusanuncios.

A little out of necessity, as the director of Segundamano. is, consumers have changed their buying habits and trusted Internet transactions, although the classifieds is a near perfect blend between the physical and virtual. "In the formula for 'Auction' or 'Buy it Now' on eBay the transaction is purely online, with payment, in most cases, by PayPal and the item is delivered by mail," said Fidalgo.

"There is no personal contact between buyer and seller. With the transaction is classified in the face and usually between persons of the same locality." Segundamano not control agreements between individuals therefore know the money that moves, "but we do know that the advertisement contacts increase, indicating the effectiveness of the medium." Generally not charged to individual advertisers, unless those wanting to improve the visibility of the ad, in which case they pay small amounts (about two euros).

The bulk of revenue comes from advertising. With 4.2 million unemployed, the ads between individuals is a resource for everything from the sale of baby's crib crecedero a job search. To ensure efficiency, Segundamano-where 189 people work, manually review ads before they are posted. "It took between five and 60 minutes." Lopez figures to put prevention work Tablondeanuncios: 20% is not published or required clarification.

"We have a fraud alert section, now the most common is to provide employment for which you have to call a 806, to pay." Tablondeanuncios has the distinction of creating posters to place in public: in a year have Tripič. "For its immediacy and variety," says Alemany, "The Internet is the perfect support for individual ads."

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