Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The fastest approach Sony

The Japanese company developer of technology products Sony has introduced two new models of professional digital cameras with a revolutionary auto focus system. The new Sony A33 and A55 Sony presents a new type of approach that uses a "mirror" translucent, so a mirror is not a mirror itself. This allows the focus to receive the image directly, thereby increasing considerably the speed of approach.

Dell introduces its new XPS line

The U.S. company technology product developer has submitted the new Dell laptops XPS classic whose clear goal is to compete with the new Apple Air. The new XPS notebook design incorporates simple, almost too simple might say, whose goal is a high performance multimedia. For these models use the latest Intel and Nvidia, as well as HD monitors and even a 3D model.

Basically there are three models with different configurations, the Dell XPS 15, XPS 17 and XPS Dell 17 3D. All rooms have monitors with a resolution of 1080p and can opt for a GeForce video card 555m, they also have USB 3.0 ports and JBL sound card. The most interesting model is undoubtedly the Dell XPS 17 3D-capable monitor incorporates a high-definition three-dimensional, this model can also opt for Intel Core i7 processor and nVidia has 3DTV Play technology.

Xtreamer is willing to keep his head hard disk multimedia

Xtreamer people not to leave us with honey on the lips in their Twitter channel. That's where they revealed that his next team to present at the CeBIT in a few days will Xtreamer Prodigy and is willing to let a fool (in fact, and seek to do in the presentation of new equipment on their website) to the rest of multimedia hard drives .

The Prodigy Xtreamer, which know all the details in just over five days, is a player with Bay for our own hard drives that put us in the room a very good team finish and design. First of all not indifferent. Besides the design, the most interesting of this Xtreamer Prodigy will again flash-based interface and associated services, including some as popular as Megavideo or web browser.

China "locks" the Revolution of Asian jasmine censoring the web

The protest movements of the Arab countries do not stop, indeed, run on the web and reach the far east Asia. The government of China fears that the Revolution broke out in the country of jasmine and blocked at an early stage the protest organized by groups of people yesterday in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and in ten other major cities.

On Saturday, Chinese President Hu Jintao, speaking to the government representatives of the regions at the opening of a seminar at the Central Party School in Beijing, has stressed the need to monitor more closely the Internet and guide public opinion. Not to mention the unrest and riots that are shaking Egypt, the Middle East, Bahrain and Libya said that although China is becoming more prosperous, it must also face an escalation of social conflicts that puts a strain on the 'the party's ability to keep everything under control.

A headset for your hair

Since the launch of endless iPod accessories and gadgets of various types have come to market the technology, many of them useful, many of them unique, the new iGROW is one of them. The developer of technology products Apiro Science has presented to iPod headphones, as they say, is the ultimate solution to your balding problems.

So, the new iGROW will ensure that our hair grow strong and lush, so we can rejuvenate our hair. The device has 21 diode laser and a total of 30 LED lights to stimulate hair growth on the scalp. While we have not been able to verify how true is its operation Apiro Science is willing to refund the money paid for the device if the client fails to see the results as if it were a TV offer.

Day 2, iPad 2

No more rumors. The iPad 2 (except Apple's joke, which are not for that now) will be officially introduced on March 2 in an event that Apple has summoned the media. As usual, at seven in the afternoon of this day we will have news to follow and a good time to talk. In this presentation, as seen in the picture, there is no doubt that the Apple tablet will be the main protagonist, but expect the odd new form of evolution in operating system IOS.

Microsoft Express Mouse, invites bite care

There are mice that are managed by hand, others played and now is the new Microsoft Express Mouse, by design invites you to be bitten. But no, do not eat or anything like that, only serves to operate the computer. The latest mouse from Microsoft is not positioned as the ultimate in wireless technology but in the field of design.

The Express Mouse enters the eye by its striking combination of white and pink and eliminating physical buttons "visible" because if any exist, specifically three that we can customize. This Microsoft Express Mouse is a wireless mouse but it incorporates BlueTrack technology to use it without problems on any surface.

Apple's shareholders meeting to discuss the estate of Steve Jobs

While Steve Jobs, the boss of the Cupertino, is on sick leave for an indefinite period, the Apple shareholders were meeting Wednesday, February 23 Annual General Assembly, including deciding on a succession plan. A pension fund based in Illinois claiming that Apple "adopt and publish a written succession plan and detailed," including allowing to know the criteria for selecting a future general manager and potential candidates for this position.

On March 2, get ready iPad also two new Mac

ROME - What will happen in exactly one week at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco is no longer a mystery. Apple has chosen March 2 to present the second generation of its tablet, the iPad. At a time when competitors announced similar functionality from devices, Apple re-launches with a product that will incorporate features requested by users and some novel innovations.

It is no secret either that there will be no Steve Jobs, but still do not know the name of who will be the "keynote" presentation. How will. The new iPad should have a better screen, probably based on technology "Retina display" already seen on the iPhone 4. That is, the visible surface will be defined in the present, it seems the same size: the screen should not be either larger or smaller, although there is still some voices out of a possible increase in size.

SuperTalent SSD Introduces New PCI-E, hopefully smaller and affordable

SuperTalent has presented a few hours ago a new generation of SSD drives, the second for them. As expected bring some improvements to performance level, but are not figures that we have not seen on other devices. In the case of the products presented today we talk about PCI-Express storage, rather than the more conventional SSD (2.5 inch format.) SuperTalent CoreStore 2 are called and it is a small card that plugs into one of the PCI-Express slots on the motherboard without any wires.

Google is interested in the sport live

TV consumption is experiencing a revolution, thanks to new platforms that allow direct access to content anytime, anywhere. Google knows. And also know that sport can be a source of income. So is interested in using YouTube as a means to broadcast live sporting events. The dotcom would already be in talks with Basketball League (NBA) and hockey (NHL) to offer their live matches from the second half of this year, according to Bloomberg, which reproduces excerpts from an interview with the negotiation Google content in Asia-Pacific region, Guatam Anand.

IPad with keyboard and cover

The iPad as netbook. Transform the tablet PC in a minimum size is now possible. Although brief, the best, exceeds 550 euros, in return is achieved complement it with a keyboard that is not saved, but transformed into a lightweight case and fully integrated into the design. Zaggmate is offered in two versions.

Just like metal sheath which serves as a lectern, and other enhanced wireless keyboard. This second version was recognized as one of the best designs in consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas and most recently was one of the best complements the exhibition presented at MacWorld. This particular case, made of polished aluminum, has a full keyboard and buttons to access functions of the iPad to control the music player and photo gallery or make a search through the contents of the device without having to touch the screen with your finger .

"Facebook, my daughter"

Maybe in a few years the small Ibrahim Facebook to account to the parents of this choice. Or maybe in a few years, it will be normal even in Italy to call their sons WWW, YouTube, or Google. The fact is that in Egypt, Facebook was born Feb. 18, a girl who bears the same name in gratitude to his parents for the role that the social network has played in the February 11 uprising culminated with the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak .

The remote control? Indispensable and even sex can wait

REMOTE CONTROL for many is more important than sex. Do not believe us? Thumb through Remote Control Research Global Trends Study of Wakefield Research, commissioned by Loogitech and conduct among the holders of control devices in Europe, USA and Australia: 25% of respondents candidly admits that it is ready to give up a month of intimate relationships with the partner so as not to give up full control of the little box infrared and television programs to watch.

Dell goes the knife for its XPS XPS 15 and 17

Dell finally has revolutionized its XPS range (the rumor this week is that they would derive something to compete with the Apple Air) and the change that has made its largest XPS models are quite conservative. If we were not aware that claims are fully multimedia computer, the new design would say that let us down, at least on the outside, because inside themselves they have improved many details and confirmed others who we like about the XPS range forever.

Sony sets aside his camera Nex 3

Although no official statement on the matter, after it was discovered that Japan had begun to abandon the Sony Nex 3 on their own, Spain Sony sources have confirmed to News Tech Buzz is true that the Sony Nex 3 will be forgotten to the mark from the end of March also in Spain. The last words of a dummy could excuchar by one of these Sony Nex 3 would be: I have fulfilled my lifetime.

The strange thing is that it has been quite short, as even a year has gone on the market. With the positive reception that this series of interchangeable lens camera has no mirror between the consumer, one would expect to Sony soon present to its replacement. We're waiting with great fondness.

Google wants all SMEs have web

Everyone agrees that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the savior of employment. But almost all of them back to the Internet. To remedy this defect, Google has launched "Connect Your Business", a project whose goal is to help "tens of thousands" of freelancers and small businesses have a presence on the Internet using their own website, as Javier Rodriguez Zapatero , CEO of Google Spain and Portugal.

Killzone 3, the blown revolution?

The PlayStation 3 takes it with Killzone 3, its reference shooter like Halo XBox and its license? From the first minutes, the story of the battle between the forces of the ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance) and the separatists Helghan tends to the big show. The title of the studio Guerrilla Games willingly takes the excessiveness of codes of aesthetics and depicts a cynical Soviet generals and other political leaders, in the heart of the plot.

The update of Windows Phone 7 blocks some phones

The first users to load this update into your phone have been an unpleasant surprise, the terminal has stopped working. Not had all but multiply the comments on forums complaining that the device is useless when it comes to Samsung Omnia 7. It locks the screen and not much to be activated by touch. The unit does not turn off until you spend it or remove the battery.

In Unwired give an alternative solution to revive the phone. Microsoft's operating system for mobile, Windows Phone 7, released in October, with four terminals on the market from the beginning has just been updated. The company says it is a minor change, which in March will reach a substantial improvement that will, among other things, something as simple as copying and pasting images and text.

Intel wants the first products to be ready in summer Medfield

Intel is giving too much advantage to competitors who have chosen to use ARM designs, at least from a media standpoint, it seems it is time to bring to market a product that Intel debuts Medfield circuitry. Medfield is the new generation of family-oriented Atom tablets, smartphones and portable devices.

According to the source of the news, some Taiwanese manufacturers are currently being tested, and have a substantial down-payment products and partners that will use the new hardware at Computex next to be held in May. We have information about any of his fellow travelers, we remind you that the Finnish Mobile Aava, and have designed a prototype called Twist, which presumably serve as terminal development achieved despite its appearance.

Dash iBike turns your iPhone into career partner

Technology and sport, you have to see how well you carry you. And with the advent of cell phones, GPS and its multiple applications, not to find an activity to bring something electronic that seems almost impossible. The iBike Dash is a motivation and help more than we take when we ride a bicycle. By the name you've already figured out that a solution is closely related to Apple's mobile products, and are right.

Google, Facebook and timing of telephone contact

It's a new installment in the open conflict between Facebook and Google on access to books contact their respective users: the last update of the operating system from Google, Android, blocks on phones and Nexus Nexus One S the ability to synchronize phone numbers entered into Facebook with phone contacts.

Google and Facebook are fighting for several months to access their address books of users, who are one of the sinews of war between two giants of online advertising. Google was blocked in November including access to Facebook address books of its Gmail, arguing that Facebook should offer to reciprocate.

Here comes the computer to be implanted in our bodies

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michingan, has accomplished a computer that can be implanted in the body, the dimensions are very small it comes to little more than a cubic millimeter and will serve to control the pressure in the eye, for those suffering from glaucoma.

These objectives were professors Dennis Sylvester, David Blaauw and his assistant David Wentzloff, the computer consists of a low-power microprocessor, pressure sensor, memory, battery, thin film solar cell and wireless data transfer to an external device should be placed near the eye. This little PC is powered by a battery that is recharged with sunlight in 1.5 hours or 10 hours with artificial light, has the ability to CA storage data for a week, noting the pressure in the eye every 15 minutes, then return in standbay, consumption is very low, only 5.3 NW, thanks to Phoenix for third-generation CPU architecture and a unique power gating extreme idle mode to reduce power consumption to a minimum.

Galaxy Tab Samsung will have a 8.9 inch version

A story with few details but lots of substance, and to know that Samsung is working on a third version of Samsung Galaxy Tab, it is always interesting. When we refer to version, we do given the screen size, since the new model will have a 8.9 inch. In the market we have the original Tab Galaxy 7 ", which in turn exist or are going to release versions that differ by the connectivity available.

Voice of America hacked

The websites of the Voice of America ("Voice of America), the public broadcasting supposed to" bring the voice of the United States "in Tech News Buzz, was the victim of a cyber attack on the night of Tuesday 22 on Wednesday, February 23. The sites were rendered inaccessible by a change in their domain name server (DNS, which allows browsers to find on the Internet), redirecting users to a page of claim signed by the Iranian cyber army.

W520 Lenovo, the ThinkPad for those seeking great power

Within Lenovo launches in recent days, the Lenovo ThinkPad W520 will be of interest if you are looking for peak performance. We could say that your new laptop is more powerful, ideal for jobs that require high CPU loads. ThinkPad W520 comes with a high degree of customization where you can find Intel Core i5 and i7 DDR3 memory (up to 32 GB) hard drive configurations traditional or SSD (up to 160 GB in this case) and NVIDIA Quadro graphics without choice of AMD models.

"Boxee pataforma born as open and will continue until we ban the" Interview with Luigi Ong, D-Link

Although not exactly the most appropriate technology and home video streaming Box Boxee, the Mobile World Congress gave us the opportunity to chat with Luigi Ong, director of marketing and sales for Southern Europe from D-Link, the Boxee company marketing. During our conversation, Wen told us how he is running Boxee Box in Spain, and what are the future plans for this free platform, especially in these dark days in which anything that smacks to share video content online is at the point of look.

Amazon Prime Instant Video offers streaming over an ocean away

Amazon has already taken the final step to make good in direct competition with Netflix. Its expected video streaming system is a reality, but again we can only watch from the other side of the Atlantic or use a VPN service. The Amazon Prime service Instant Video is now an extra option available to customers only Prime which, with a payment of $ 79 a year, could receive free shipping on orders Amazon store within 48 hours.

ASUS PA246Q Proart teaches you colors such as

ASUS, in addition to models with TV monitors or for general use, has been strengthened with a new team for their professional range. The ASUS PA246Q Proart is a professional monitor P-IPS panel with 24-inch size and resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. In addition, as you can see in the image, the pedestal is adjustable and can place it vertically.

As for connections, tickets have DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D and D-sub, USB ports and card reader. The color reproduction is the strong point of this monitor, capable of reproducing 98% color space of Adobe RGB, sRGB mode counting also. Also, is calibrated to offer a color difference Delta E less than 5.

Revenge of the nerds nerd power

NEW YORK - And so in the end they won, the guys with glasses, the first of the class stayed away from all those who do not go out tonight, nor tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow, because the world is all in my bedroom in personal computers, nell'iPad in the cloud, in the cloud that now unites us all in the virtual world of the web.

It took half a century, that word - nerd - appeared for the first time in 1951 right here in America in Newsweek, to go around the world and meaning: turning from a "loser" in "cool". But not just a matter of slang and languages. The latest generation - the "evolution of the nerd," as experts call it - is poised to literally change the world with brand new ones, but peaceful atomic bombs micidialissime calls, for example, Facebook and WikiLeaks.

A French company joined European complaints against Google

A French company has added to the lawsuits against Google by abusing its dominant position to the European Union, which has opened an investigation into this matter without any implication that has taken any decision on the veracity of the allegations. The plaintiff company, 1PlusV, is dedicated to the opening of specialized search engines.

One of their sites, eJustice. fr, introduced last year one of the first complaints against Google, accusing him of harming competition by providing the list of results of specific searches. 1PlusV has ensured that it has submitted a further complaint to Brussels to present more evidence "further abuse" of Google.