Monday, February 28, 2011

Stop the Sony PS3 consoles in European customs, war LG

We are used to the patent wars are not only in bureaucracy and fines or settlements, what a surprise we have had to learn that European customs in order to retain is the new Sony PS3 consoles arrive. That's right. Blame it on a dispute between LG and Sony for the moment the court in The Hague has ruled in favor of the Koreans.

The demand for LG has ensured that the new consoles from Sony to reach European territory are held at the office ten days until the affair between companies reach a solution. There stay until you decide whether you can deliver, they must be destroyed or come to an agreement. The key dispute that has led to Sony PS3 consoles are holding back on Europe's borders must be sought in the Blu-Ray.

Fujitsu introduced a wireless display

The developer of technology products, Fujitsu has introduced a new 22-inch monitor completely wireless. This new device does not even require a power cable, is one hundred percent wireless. The technology for this miracle called English SUPA Smart Power Universal Access that was developed by the Instituto Fraunhofer, whose operation is based on magnetic induction.

The connection information is a classic wireless USB system has a range of up to 10 meters. The display will be officially launched during the CeBIT technology fair in Germany in those days.

Comes the "Kinect" for PC

Asus has introduced the new Asus Wavi Xtion, better known as the "Kinect" for computers, in fact it is a device developed by the creators who sold this technology to Microsoft to install it in his famous video game console. The new Asus Wavi Xtion is a PC peripheral using two devices that allow us to command our games without the need for controls.

This system comprises a motion sensor that sits above the screen and another that is responsible for designing the content to an external display wirelessly using WHDI technology. A lack of games developed for this technology, the device will come with one, it is MayaFit Cardio Lite, a game of exercise and sports that allow us to test the operation of the device and lose some belly in the process.

A tablet of 66 Euros

The Chinese are really cheap devices is a fact, but no longer surprising. The Chinese company technology product developer has submitted a tablet Chinavision really cheap. While there is a next generation device can not ask for much more for a product that costs less than 70 euros. This tablet features a 400 MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM and 2 GB of storage that can be expanded using MicroSD memory.

Cisco, router, wi-fi always "aligned"

If you have a contract for access to the Web via ADSL prior to 2008, chances are you're paying a monthly charge double or triple compared to those available today. So from 300 to 600 euro a year more. It supports the Point Topic, research firm that specializes in the English world of broadband. Each season, therefore, should remember to choose the operator more convenient.

In this dance of offers and counter-proposals, it may be have a comfortable wi-fi router as the E3000 from Linksys (Cisco), latest in a series of devices known for reliability. Connected to the modem, what in all likelihood there will be changes from one operator to another, allows you to keep the same settings for surfing via wi-fi or cable pc, laptops, game consoles, TV, iPad, smartphone.

Anonymous wonder about the "Operation Wisconsin"

There were Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and these days ... Wisconsin. The informal group Anonymous, which brings together spontaneously and temporary volunteer activists around one or several causes, has multiplied in recent weeks operations punch. Latest: # OpWisconsin for "Wisconsin operation," in protest against the policies of the conservative governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, who has angered unions and Democrats.

Sony Cibershot HX9V, first impressions

There are many compact on the market, but Sony Cibershot HX9V we had the opportunity to prove in the last annual convention of the company deserves a special mention. For my taste, we're probably at the best compact Sony that can be purchased today. The Cybershot HX9V has a medium size, with 104.8 × 59 × 33.9 mm and weighs 215 grams.

The dimensions are necessary to hold the powerful optics that for a change, not a Karl Zeiss, but a Sony G equipped with a 16x optical zoom and Optical SteadyShot stabilizer. Although not the longest zoom we've seen in a compact, the 16x of the Cybershot HX9V, combined with the stabilizer intelligent, offer spectacular results, with sharp images even with a pulse quite horrific and zoom to the full.

The web-blocking Libya cracks

After complete but intermittent blockades and increased filtering of the Web, Internet traffic in Libya appears to regain near-normal levels, according to the measures the company Arbor Networks. Figures corroborated by those of Google, which indicate a rapid increase in requests from the country for forty-eight hours.

The traffic growth is not the same everywhere in the country, according to Arbor Networks. If traffic from Tripoli remains low, the company noted a very strong growth in connections to Benghazi, one of the cities in the hands of opponents of Gadhafi. At the University of Benghazi, students say they have developed a system to circumvent censorship through satellite connections, but the volumes of evidence suggests a more comprehensive solution to the filtering has been found, or that the people fell back on social networks or video sites unblocked.

Xiilun, a basic desktop to your pocket

Thanks to ongoing improvements in performance, integrated teams (SBC, or Single-board computers) will be important over the coming years. Perhaps one of the major milestones that can be accomplished is to integrate computers into the sockets, which may still seem far away but to do so will simply be a matter of time.

Meanwhile, the miniaturization of computer systems is becoming more and more efficient, and today I want to introduce the so-called Xiilun, manufactured by Toradex. Under this name hides a tiny desktop computer, so much that their actions are only 60 × 89 × 16 mm. Very small, but nevertheless it is housed under an Intel Atom processor with up to 2 GB of DDR2 RAM, four USB 2.0 and HDMI video output.

"Video games and social networks are changing the relationship with space, time, construction of identity"

Ice Berg: "psychiatrist" did they find an increase in consultations for relationship problems or behavior related to early and growing use of screens? Yes, psychologists and psychiatrists are now available for use much considered excessive video games and new social networks. Pol: Do you understand the anguish of parents on this subject or are you disproportionately? Parents have reason to be worried, but not for the reason they believe.

Fired 30 intoxicated in he China factory components for Apple

Factory workers Wintek Taiwanese company, which supplies components to Apple, and in which there was a collective poisoning by excessive exposure to a chemical, reported that the factory now is refusing to renew their contracts, said today the official journal China Daily. Those affected are apparently thirty of the 137 workers who were poisoned last year by exposure to n-hexane, as a hundred of them left after receiving employment and compensation of between 12,000 and 21,000 dollars and sign a clause exempting Wintek to pay future medical expenses.

NewiPhone will have a 4-inch screen?

The latest rumors appeared on the net, seem to be convinced that the next iPhone will have a 5 4-inch screen, the latest news on the site seem to come Chinese iDealsChina which published a photo of the front cover, which was acquired by another company China. Given the nature of the site mentioned deed, the veracity of this information and photos, are very scarce, as you can see the cover seems to be that of the iPhone 4 with the lateral margins of the display thinner and more rounded the corner.

Facebook challenge with a virus and then it takes Zuckerberg

ROME - There is a new generation at work. It moves and lives in the web, created from the inside, the manager. It 'a generation that escapes the understanding of the majority, that follow their own rules and invented codes to access and recognition. His speech was translated to humans in the film by David Fincher, The Social Network, which told the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

WAVI Asus makes an appearance Xtion

The call Kinect to your computer and is ready to hit the market. Asus is actually called Wavi Xtion, but their credores are the same ones that sold the technology to make your Kinect Microsoft for the Xbox 360. The Asus Wavi Xtion is a computer peripheral device consisting of two, one being the motion sensor, and another that is responsible for carrying the content to an external display from your computer wirelessly via WHDI technology.

Blog - "Playtime Hits" basic obstacles, neo-hacktivism, the nightmarish creatures of Indjahl

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 comes as a tablet to work seriously

Fujitsu also unveiled as the second flagship product they intend to teach in this year's CeBIT fair in Germany. This is the Fujitsu Stylistic tablet professional Q550 which takes a few days and talking. This tablet with Windows 7 does not fool anyone and from the beginning is positioned as a tabletPC but without keyboard.

The truth in front first. Based on this idea and know what you have to abide, and therefore the number one objective of this tablet are Fujitsu workers who want to switch to a format more comfortable to carry from one place to another. The Q550 Stylistis Fujitsu integrates many aspects of computer security and data, including ATP and TPM protections.

"A Facebook profile to 70 years of futility hello? Well no"

They were 6.5% among those over 65 years in France (700 000) to hold an account on Facebook in December 2010, according to the Observatory uses Internet Médiamétrie - a proportion that has doubled in one year. Whether to maintain ties with their grandchildren, old friends, old loves, or keep up with technological innovations, more and more seniors plébiscitent social network.

Others have tasted ... and hated. To prepare a survey published in Tech Buzz News dated Sunday 27-Monday, February 28 on these new practices, Tech News Buzz. en had appealed for witnesses, we publish a selection of contributions received. "Do not join involves a break with the new generation," by Anne Do not want to join Facebook causes a break with the new generation.

Fujitsu shows its wireless monitor

Fujitsu has waited a day before the start of the CeBIT fair in Germany to give some hints about what we can see it in its stand. Tablet and a new focus on the world of enterprise security and, most strikingly, Fujitsu will display its new completely wireless. Released even the power cord. The miracle that makes this screen does not need the power cable is called SUPA (Smart Power Universal Access), and is a kind of magnetic induction setting high-power which the receiver is on the screen and the power supply remains integrated into the table or surface where it is placed.

Atlantico, a new information site, refuses the label "right"

A new information website has launched Monday, February 28. Atlantico is defined as "a facilitator of access to information". Besides the production of articles produced by a team of a dozen journalists, the site provides online contributions from experts or editors. Atlantico will also offer links to other sites: "If something is dealt with elsewhere, why remake it? These make the link", justifies the publication director, Jean-Sebastien Ferjou.

The anonymity of Braveheart

Have you noticed? Fell comments, here on Done. But not the players, who instead grow. What happened? E 'was introduced the requirement for registration. To post a comment you must register. Mamma mia ... that fear! I had written a few months ago. The great merit of the Internet is to democratize communication, make it interactive dialogue horizontally and vertically.

The great defect is to allow many anonymous straparlare to open your mouth and give him breath, so we're all invisible, untraceable. (Which is not true that we are invisible. On the internet than ever are identifiable, retrievable, traceable in the bowels of the wiring that seems to hide.) In this age of communication there are few ideas that we are ready, I say to fight, but say our name.

Intel Z68, the heir to the X58 chispet for Sandy Bridge E

Tuned because coming curves. We hardly recovered from the shock of the Sandy Bridge and Intel may already be thinking about their new platform chip high-performance home, the heirs of current i7-900 based on the Intel X58. Actually talking about a range greater than the current principle that Sandy Bridge will offer performance well above the current most powerful Intel CPU, the Core i7-2600K.

Under Armour E39 arrives, the cyber t-shirt

For athletes from around the world has come a new, Under Armour is called E39, and is the first cyber t-shirt, which constantly monitors the biometric data of our body, when he supplied the American football players participating in the NFL Scouting Combine. Under Armour has E39 in the chest by one Zephyr Technology which houses a tri-axis accelerometer, a processor and 2GB of memory involved in collecting and storing data and then transmit them via Bluetooth to coaches and doctors to assess the technical quality and physical players.

Twitter valued at $ 4.5 billion

A fund managed by the U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase is preparing to take a 10% stake in the microblogging site Twitter, in a transaction valuing the $ 4.5 billion (3.25 billion euros), according leFinancial Times , quoting, Sunday, Feb. 27, sources familiar with the matter. The newspaper said that such participation would not be acquired on a platform of secondary trading, or the type SharesPost SecondMarket, if it materializes, this would be through direct investment or by purchasing the shares of investors and shareholders with the approval of Twitter.

AMD PowerXpress Switchable Graphics, NVidia response Optimus

It was hoped that sooner or later hit the market response to technology AMD NVidia Optimus. And that product is now marketed under the name of AMD PowerXpress Switchable Graphics, present even in a handful of notebooks. AMD PowerXpress Switchable Graphics has released in the last MacBook Pro, as well as in some recent models of HP laptops.

Basically it is a mechanism for exchange of hot GPU, similar - or identical - to bid for the competition. Enable, without rebooting the operating system that your computer's GPU running exchange between the integrated processor (Intel HD Graphics 3000) or dedicated (AMD or AMD 6750M 6450m).

Telecommunications: A union is worried about the Orange Tunisia

The union fears CFE-CGC/UNSA France Telecom, Sunday, Feb. 27, a "partial nationalization" of Orange Tunisia, a joint venture of the French operator. The Tunisian authorities have in effect transition announced Friday the seizure of movable and immovable property and assets of 110 former employees and family members of deposed President Ben Ali.

His son, Marwan Mabrouk, is listed, the agency Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP). However, according to the CFE-CGC, UNSA, "Marwan Mabrouk is a shareholder with 51% of Orange Tunisia," so that "all indications are that the majority stake in Orange Tunisia is concerned by the seizure. It would therefore a partial nationalization of Orange Tunisia.

The Nintendo 3DS sweeps in Japanese output

The doubts that hovered over the release of the Nintendo 3DS, are blurred by a stroke at least in Japan a day after its official launch. This weekend, between the reserves and people rushed to Japan to the doors of the stores put on sale the Nintendo 3DS, the video game company has placed 400,000 units in Japanese homes, according to data stores.

The company would have had to expand the availability of 3D units of the console the same day. With this good start of sales and other untapped markets of the Nintendo 3DS up in a few days (especially interesting are the markets of Europe and the U.S.), the figures of 4 million units the company had expected before end of March could be met without much trouble.

Google goes to war against sites in "bad quality"

The Google Group announced Thursday, Feb. 24, an update to its ranking algorithm for its search engine. The goal is to demote sites "poor quality" by downgrading sites "on demand" also known as "farm content". "We launched a sizeable improvement of the algorithm in our rankings - a change that affects 11.8% of searches" -, said engineers from Google and Matt Cutts Amith Singhal, the official blog of the group.

Malfunction: Google loses nearly 150,000 e-mail accounts

And suddenly they're gone: Google users complain of missing e-mails. Their accounts are completely empty - if they can sign up at all. Google explains: We are working on the problem. On Sunday, it fell on the first Google customers. The Help Forum complained a user of the e-mail offers: "All my mail, folders, and so on are gone How can this happen How can I restore everything.?" The bad news is that the user can only restore probably nothing, if he has not taken a backup of all messages.

JP Morgan wants 10% of Twitter

The tech bubble continues to grow. For the steps taken by Goldman Sachs to enter the capital of Facebook social network, now it is the giant JP Morgan Chase. The largest U.S. bank, two weeks ago created a specific fund to invest in firms in the digital age, wants a slice of the popular Twitter micro blog.

Specifically, elFinancial Times reveals, the entity is preparing to spend $ 450 million in the dot-com through Digital Growth fund to take over 10% of the capital. That is, the bank would be valued at 4,500 million Twitter. It, along with Facebook, LinkedIn and Groupon, a company that is generating more enthusiasm on Wall Street.

New iPad 2, photos and features we can expect

Features of the new iPad 2 as well as photos of his appearance, focusing our attention as we begin this week at least until Wednesday, will the new future of Apple tablet as the first item in battle. The first pictures of the new iPad 2 and its possible features show that at the time in which we find is difficult to catch.

IPad 2 Images teach you today are in fact models for the manufacture of these cases which often occur shortly after a new Apple product is presented. The design may change slightly, but we can see from weeks ago, the new iPad 2 seems to have the look that is now coming to light, as has happened recently with many of their products.

The Bletchley Park museum acquired a collection of articles by Alan Turing

A collection of scientific papers of the mathematician and computer pioneer Alan Turing, with handwritten notes of the researcher, was acquired by the computer museum at Bletchley Park, following an auction. Alan Turing, considered one of the largest contributors to the creation of modern computing, has remained in history for his work on the "Turing machine", one of the first computers, his reflections on the artificial intelligence, and especially for his decisive contribution to the decoding of secret codes used by the German Navy during World War II.

Nintendo sold 400,000 consoles on the first day 3D2

The new console from Nintendo, 3DS, whose uniqueness is the maximum range of three-dimensional images without glasses, had a good start shopping. Was released in Japan on Saturday and several media say the company has sold 400,000 units. The company's forecasts are 1.5 million units sold in Japan until next March 31 when it ends its fiscal year.

Confirmed the sales figures for the first day, had already reached nearly a third of its goal. European market will come on March 25, two days before the United States. The output of the console market has brought also the first demonstrations that can unlock for the moment, play games from previous Nintendo consoles apart, of course, the three-dimensional effect.

Patriot also points to the SSD truck with the latest powerful SandForce

Because not only industry Vertex 3 lives of the SSD, the new Patriot Wildfire follow the line marked by OCZ to bring a spectacular performance. Indeed, the chipset also have SandForce SF-2200 and thanks to him, transfer rates around 500 MB / s are insured, in addition to course 6 Gbps SATA interface to take advantage of these dizzying speeds.

Of course keep the 2.5 "and in this case the capacities vary considerably: Wildfire Patriot will be available in three models of 64, 128 and 256 GB. Like OCZ competition prices are unknown, but equally it will aim high. This information will be very interesting since the SSD is expected to begin to be affordable over 2011, and hopefully the last chipsets Sandforce help it.

Can I become anonymous in any self-publishing?

Hasan Elahi's story came on the scene tell the Lift conference begins to be known. It was particularly popularized by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi in the introduction to his latest book, Bursts, and the numerous exhibitions of the work of Hasan Elahi. Hasan Elahi (Wikipedia) is an American artist whose life changed June 19, 2002 at the Detroit airport when he returned from an exhibition in West Africa and a customs officer stopped him and takes him to the detention of immigration services from the airport.

Tablets cost of the labor Android Arnova

If two weeks ago knew to tablets rich Android, begins already movement for marks want compete another league, that of tablets poor. Archos is positioned in that range again with a brand new, Arnove, presenting three tablets flights with Android. New Arnova 7, 8 and 10 inches maintain good design and finish of the Archos products but they come with a number of limitations on the more advanced tablets to lower their price to less than even the 100 euros.

Bing enters the button "like it"

Microsoft's browser Bing has confirmed it will use the "I love" among the search results. The Internet may indicate the links with the known function of Facebook. At the moment the feature is available for the U.S.. Microsoft has quickly responded to Google's announcement to increase the presence and interaction of its search results with Twitter.

Microsoft also wanted to add a touch more "social" to their searches with Bing. For this has gone to Facebook, social network that has a portion of the property and maintains tight relationships with Google. Users may indicate a search result by clicking "I like it." Do have a dual function.

Sony Vaio S Series, first impressions

If we spent yesterday reviewing the Sony Vaio C series laptops today do the same with the Sony Vaio S Series, a new family of computers that are committed to sobriety and ultra low weight compared to the colorful design of series C. Available in white, black and pink, the Vaio S series are small size equipment, with 13.3-inch screen diagonal 16:9 to resolution 1366 x 768 pixels.

The casing, made from a single piece of magnesium reduces the weight of just 1.75 kilos portable, battery included. This weight is slightly higher than many netbook and feel the hold is extremely light for its size. The S Series keyboard is very similar to those of Series C, Chiclet, good size and backlit in white.