Monday, February 28, 2011

Xiilun, a basic desktop to your pocket

Thanks to ongoing improvements in performance, integrated teams (SBC, or Single-board computers) will be important over the coming years. Perhaps one of the major milestones that can be accomplished is to integrate computers into the sockets, which may still seem far away but to do so will simply be a matter of time.

Meanwhile, the miniaturization of computer systems is becoming more and more efficient, and today I want to introduce the so-called Xiilun, manufactured by Toradex. Under this name hides a tiny desktop computer, so much that their actions are only 60 × 89 × 16 mm. Very small, but nevertheless it is housed under an Intel Atom processor with up to 2 GB of DDR2 RAM, four USB 2.0 and HDMI video output.

A very basic equipment which can then be expanded using external peripherals through the many USB ports, adding WiFi connectivity, 3G and of course keyboard and mouse so necessary today. In regard to storage is based on microSD cards, which are already at very high capacities for use as basic as this.

In an 8 GB microSD can store a complete operating system and a lot of programs, and even with this removable storage system can have multiple microSD with different operating systems or users, each time choosing what meets meets our needs. Regarding the operating system is all about tinkering.

Since there is no internal storage is necessary that it be a bootable system on each boot time, and that it is best to use a Linux distro such as Ubuntu known, and more specifically their Live version, but there is market many more. Need to pass a microSD, but surely it can operate from an external USB memory.

For now there is no price or release date, although there is no doubt that this is a very interesting for certain utilities. Obviously exclude video games and professional applications, but its performance should be sufficient to execute simple tasks such as web browsing and office automation.

Even for video playback in standard definition. As this type of mini-computers will evolve even for high-definition video and much more. Track | LinuxForDevices. More | Toradex.

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