Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sony Vaio C Series, first impressions

This past Wednesday held the traditional annual convention of Sony in Japan that the company presented all its developments in computing, image and sound, cameras and electronic book 2011. In Tech News Buzz again we take the bundle over his shoulder to tell you first hand what they look like the new Sony models.

Almost inevitably begin with the new Sony Vaio C Series range, that stands out to tens of meters. The laptops of this family have opted for the design and color. They are the finest, or the lightest nor the most powerful, but certainly take the prize for the most striking and configuration falls short of being named Vaio.

A stroll in depth by Samsung Smart TV

Last Thursday we approached the headquarters of Samsung, South Korea where he taught us the news of its new online service platform for connected TVs, an invention called Smart Samsung TV. Basically, Smart TV is an interesting push by Samsung to equip their TV platform internet connection that goes beyond the sad widgets to which we are accustomed.

Samsung Smart Hub is the entry point to this gallery of services that include free shipping, applications, social network access and interoperability between devices wirelessly. Let's see them. As we discussed, Smart Hub is the entry point to all online services. The software that supports it will be available only in the television market this 2011, so we fear that the only way to access, if you have an old computer or other company, is to become a Samsung Blu-Ray new.

Open Hardware 1.0, the specification of the hardware license free is a reality

As we open software (FOSS), the same term was born this week with regard to hardware. Open Hardware 1.0, or OSHW (Open Source Hardware) is a specification with a set of principles for creating hardware components of free distribution that has been being developed over recent months. The idea, as we say, is the same as that of the free software: you can create your circuitry, document it and post it for any other interested person may use, study and of course better.

Vertex 3 OCZ become official, and are amazing

They were seen at CES 2011 and has now been a couple of months later, when they finally become official. The new generation of SSDOCZ Vertex 3 comes to market with an incredible performance over previous models. We speak of 550 and 500 MB / s read and write, respectively, operating under SATAIII interface (SATA 6 Gbps).

Used, as we saw, the new version of SandForce drivers, specifically the SF-2200 SandForce model is expected to be integrated into all new high end SSD will be presented during this year. OCZ Vertex 3 are type MLC (Multi-Level Cell) and distributed with capacities of 100, 120, 200, 240 and 400 GB for prices not yet official.

Fujitsu introduces new tablet

Fujitsu technology company has not wanted to stay out of the market in tablets and submit its own model next March in Hanover. Stylistic is the Q550, a tablet which has a 10.1-inch screen, powered by an Atom processor Itel art and working with Windows 7, will also have Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi and 3G.

Although official information has yet been revealed because it is being reserved for the 5th of March, the official launch date is rumored to hit stores with an approximate cost of 500 euros.

Sony Ericsson Zent and Xeta: Picture of the Week

The advantage of a concept is that we can dream freely with the features we'd like in our dream phone. Frank Tobias has resulted in the Sony Ericsson Xeta Zent and what he would want for an Android phone. And we liked so much that we put as pictures of the week. A meticulously detailed design, large screen more than 4 inches and raw power internal controls which would place the 3.0 version of Android.

Green Geek, the association for the free wifi "Internet should be a right"

In the Italian Emergency wifi where free network and e-transparency is still a mirage, the celebrations of 150 years of Unity are groped for the opportunity to reduce the digital divide. In Milan there is a group of 70 enthusiasts of new technologies, research and sustainable connections to grips with the organization of the Italian squad in support of the cause internet "wireless".

They are the Green Geek, a non-profit association composed of those who, through sharing of expertise and professionalism of the Time Bank, agrees that the Internet is recognized as a right. Carrying out projects of social equity, on the Together for Abruzzo, free information site, to the cutting edge of Gwifi to share the band through its wireless card and geo advertising for retailers that promote it.

MSI announces three tablets for 2011

The MSI technology manufacturer of a time now is developing its own tablet, but without much success as it has been delayed enough, has confirmed once and for all that will be three models of tablets that will launch this year . As reported by the Taiwanese manufacturer itself is about three 10.1-inch device which we could not get information about it, we could only confirm that there will be two models with Windows 7 and one with Android HoneyComb and all processors will Tegra 2.

A Sony color out

"We're expensive, but give quality." So summarized Pedro Navarrete, director of Sony Spain, the catalog of its products for the 2011 season. Sony trends this year are packed with vivid colors and 3G. The gray and black practically reserved for Bravia TVs, of course, 3G, Internet connectivity and your video store and Qriocity-SLR cameras, which in recent years have brought more positive side of the company.

50% of Internet browsing and the mobile

It connects several times per day, mostly at home and through a desktop or laptop. In time using the Internet, one to two hours a day, is aware of the latest news, Facebook connects, use one of your two accounts electrónicoy decorreo deYoutube enjoy. An Internet user for eight years and believes that the connection is too expensive and somewhat slow speed.

Broadly speaking, that is the profile of the average Internet user, according to data compiled Friday by the AIMC survey of Internet users. The survey, published annually by the Association for Research in Media, unveils a comprehensive profile of the Internet, and it makes use of the network connection cost, insufficient publicity and excessive speed are according to the survey of 2011, the three main problemasde Internet today.