Thursday, March 24, 2011

Playbook BlackBerry applications can run Android 2.3, confirmed

We read about the possible ending January, and it seemed a great idea without even knowing if it was going to materialize or the conditions under which they could perform, we do not have many details about it, but confirmation BlackBerry Playbook officer that can run Android applications. The way you make it through two applications, or perhaps we should say "players Applications" Android, which apparently will be optional and downloadable BlackBerry App World.

Kymera Wand, a wand to control your gadgets

He said the good of Arthur C. Clarke any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This morning we attended the presentation of the Kymera Wand, a device which, although perfectly understandable for those Tech News Buzz frecuentais, it might be considered something of witches among the 'Muggles' technology.

Said very briefly, the Kymera Wand is a universal remote control shaped wand to Harry Potter style. As well instrument wizard, Kymera used to run up to 13 different spells on any compatible device with an infrared remote control. The technical basis for Kymera Wand is very simple. There are no physical buttons whatsoever.

Pioneer introduced its new anti-noise headphones

Pioneer, one of the leading technology companies to sound systems around the globe, has launched in Spain its new SE-NC31C headphones that are capable of removing up to 90% of ambient noise. These headphones do not apply any renewable technology, it is the simple sound-making system and suppression of gang environment, ie a microphone picks up the signal from background noise and filters the signal of our music.

Medion MD86371, e-book at your fingertips

Medion also ventures into the market for electronic readers and gives us his lighter and affordable solution. Weighing just over 200 grams and priced at 149 euros, the Medion MD86371 not cost you much closer to your side. The screen size of the Medion MD86371 is basic. They are six inches, yes, electronic ink (no substitutes) with 16 levels of gray.

Also, the screen is touch-sensitive, and is accompanied by a pencil to handle with more ease, so surely appreciate consumers who want something simple to use. Just do not look for any wireless connectivity. The internal memory of this ebook is 2 GB, but we can expand with microSD or SD cards.

Medion launches new e-book

Medion also adds to the electronic book market, an interesting solution for those who do not want to spend a significant sum for a tablet, the company introduced the new Medion MD86371 to reach a very affordable cost. Medion MD86371 has a touch screen electronic ink 6 inches with 16 levels of gray with a pencil for better handling.

The gadget has an internal storage capacity of 2 GB which can be extended by microSD and SD memory. Supported formats are PDF, ePub, DOC, TXT, also has a range of 8,000 pages with its 1100 mAh battery. The big disadvantage is that it lacks any wireless connectivity but more interesting is its cost; we have our Medion MD86371 here in Spain from next week for just 149 euros.

The Pioneer SE-NC31C take away the external interrupts

Pioneer has brought Spain their latest headset for hard-core travelers, those who spend days between subway stations, airports or busy places. The new Pioneer SE-NC31C are headphones designed specifically for them by their closed-type design with an active system of noise cancellation. His performance is not different from other computers with the same system: a microphone picks up ambient noise and by cancellation of waves, it reduces by 90%.

Iomega Announces two new media players

Although no longer new media players, devices that allow us to play all multimedia files on your television, Iomega has introduced two exciting new models, one of whom has an outstanding storage capacity. Iomega has expanded the family of media players with two new models that make up the new ScreenPlay DX range, this is the ScreenPlay TVLink DX and DX ScreenPlay HD.

The ScreenPlay TVLink DX is a very simple player that has WiFi and Ethernet connectivity but lacks internal storage. It has a USB connection which can connect different types of flash memory, also has HDMI port, composite video and optical audio. Moreover, the DX ScreenPlay HD is a high-end multimedia player that includes all the technology at the TVLink DX with the addition of an excellent storage capacity.

Iomega ScreenPlay HD DX, new media players with and without hard drive

The market for media players to connect to the TV is pretty saturated, which does not prevent companies to improve the models already on the market. Iomega is the case, which just launched its new range of media players DX Iomega ScreenPlay HD. DX ScreenPlay HD family is composed of two devices. The first is the ScreenPlay TVLink DX, a player with internet access but no internal storage that can connect, yes, all kinds of memories and hard drives through its USB ports.

"Android has all the ballots to fill the void created by Symbian ', Interview with Liliana Bolós, HTC's Marketing Manager for Spain and Portugal

If there is a refreshing concept of all the tablets that presented at the Mobile World Congress, this is the HTC Flyer. The Taiwanese commitment to the extreme mobility with a device that will not go directly to Honeycomb and whose processor away from the monster-tablets from Motorola, LG and Samsung.

In exchange for this sacrifice of power, the HTC Flyer provides very fresh ideas to the segment, such as adding electronic pen or integration with games and movies. The Flyer and other issues talked with Liliana Bolós, HTC's Marketing Manager for Spain and Portugal. Tech News Buzz: In HTC have launched their Flyer, a seven-inch device that focuses on the mobility front of the main proposals of the fair.

Samsung talks about the next two generations of screens tablets

A Samsung has taken to point out and discuss future plans for today, first with the issue of 3D screens without glasses, and now it's the turn of the pixel density of the panels used in the screens tablets. The Korean company paves the way for her and for those who have to provide screens, so it has announced what their options within the next four years, and since this is one of the leading manufacturers, we used to see what will the technology in 2015.

Analysis of the TomTom Go Live 1000, perfect car GPS navigator

In the world of GPS almost profiles could differentiate between two very clear: the casual user who it was worth a GPS provided indications of the latest mobile phone (or not) generation, and second, the user profile almost professional GPS and gives intensive, especially in large cities. For them it almost mandatory to use a dedicated and quality.

The TomTom Go Live 1000 that we tested in Tech News Buzz necessarily have to place it as a perfect model for the latter. A hardware reliability, the proper functioning of the maps and technologies to help us on the road, this latest model of TomTom star gets away with its connection to the Internet which gives us precise information about traffic, weather and gives us information services related to our location.

Cases for iPad 2: Belkin releases their artillery

One of the charms that have the new Apple iPad 2 sure many think is the case SmartCover. It is true that is light years ahead of the company was placed in series (but through cash at a high price per kilo of plastic), but there seems to be too protect the tablet from Apple. Just the screen and little else.

Yes, it is "cool" in industrial quantities. So there you go again thinking about getting a model from another manufacturer. Belkin And there, as it did with the first iPad is stepping up very soon and already have their bags for the iPad 2, which are on sale from tomorrow. Among the new Belkin cases for the iPad 2 are models for all tastes and needs, from imitation how to work the Apple SmartCover up media to work comfortably in tablet of the block.

'Rebellious youth', remote demo "Too much manipulation"

And so, the 'rebellious youth' in interactive version comes from the scene. The Ministry of Youth, the video game developer dedicated to the unification of Italy 150 years, decided to remove from the site can download the demo version of the game. Which heralds a written, will return upon completion of download.

NVidia GTX 590, analysis

NVidia GTX 590, with all of you. Perhaps she expected a post explaining the technical features and specifications. No. Today we bring you a little surprise, analysis of the new NVidia graphics card is doing precisely official at this precise moment we post this entry. Yes, we have a few days testing the latest NVidia GTX 590 and we have already passed all the tests, which we show - as always - here.

India wants to block. Xxx

Indian authorities are planning to block domain names with the extension. xxx, which has been authorized by ICANN, reported on Thursday, March 24, The Economic Times. "India and many countries in the Middle East have already opposed the granting of this extension, and we will make a block on all the domain name in accordance with Indian laws," said an official with the Ministry of Telecommunications , quoted by the newspaper.

The European Commission reports cyber attack

The European Commission was the victim of a "serious" cyber attack on Wednesday on the eve of the Summit of Heads of State and Government, a spokesman for it. Officials have found problems with email and many Web sites were inaccessible Commission website. The attack has also affected the services of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs.

The attack was based on a virus, but it is possible that your goal is to obtain documents on the said summit which will discuss issues such as conflict Libyan euro crisis or nuclear safety. Earlier this month, the French finance ministry acknowledged a computer attack, but in that time, it was assessed that the purpose of it was spying on secret documents.

Samsung: our 3D TV without glasses will not be in the market in three years, but in ten

The first to commercially launch 3D television market was Toshiba, it did in Japan ending 2010, and thinking about skipping the border in less time than expected. A few days ago to inform you that Samsung would do so without such a hurry, as many as three years. But the information was not quite right and the Korean company has stepped forward to report that the technology that is currently playing have dominated, and there would be problems producing 3D TV "without glasses" in three years, problem is that they do not consider to be the ideal way to experience.

Mobile networks cut in southern Afghanistan on the orders of the Taliban

The four mobile operators in Afghanistan have cut their networks in the southern province of Helmand on the orders of Taliban insurgents, said one of the operators, Thursday, March 24, the Agence France-Presse. "The Taliban has again ordered all mobile operators to cut their network. That's what we did," said Mohammad Naser Nasery, a top executive of MTN, adding that the Taliban had threatened to attack its facilities if the company did not cut its network.

Price of Nintendo 3DS, "too for the first 3D console?

Nintendo 3DS, iPad 2 ... "I miss some interesting gadget goes on sale tomorrow in Spain? I think not. IPad 2 and we talked a lot in Tech News Buzz, so today we have to ask and reflect on the Nintendo 3DS output in Spain. You know that the Nintendo 3DS arrives this Friday, March 25 at a price of 250 euros.

Is it an expensive price for a new console today? Keep in mind that we are not talking about a handheld anyone but the renewal of a myth, with a huge marketing campaign behind it has done that before their departure and meet many people not related to the video game world and electronics and do not forget that 3D stands, like it or not, attention.

Farewell to the canon digital ... for now

Today we must say goodbye to the digital canon. At least he has been suspended since the National Court has just declared invalid the ministerial order on digital canon, which refers to fees, equipment and media subject to the fee, not the law itself. The reason is a defect of form in that order, so that its adoption would not have been carried out correctly and would have missed mandatory procedures and an opinion of the State Council.

Yahoo! starts the real-time search

Yahoo on Thursday introduced a new version of its search engine, including new services to thwart the latest developments from Google. "People are not looking for links, they are looking for answers," said Shashi Seth, one of the leaders of Yahoo, during a press conference Wednesday in San Francisco.

Search Called Direct, the new service displays suggested results in a window that is updated as and when the user types his query. Google had introduced its service last year Instant Search, which modifies the results as and when the user types his search. But this development is primarily an alignment Bing, the engine that Microsoft uses Yahoo! technology.

Mountain GTM 2000, analysis (IV): AMD benchmarks, part

And we continue with the analysis of Mountain GTM 2000. Quarter in which we discuss the performance of the AMD 6800 family, comprised of 6850 and 6870. We begin by early 6000 Series AMD market, two quite affordable models 160 and 190 euros with good performance, though behind the NVidia GTX 570 that includes the Mountain base GTM 2000.

It was logical, since AMD models are significantly cheaper. The two cheaper graphics cards of its current generation AMD have performed very well in the Mountain GTM 2000, at the height of the Ti NVidia GTX 560 and below the GTX 570, as expected. Obviously these two 6800 Series are below the basic configuration of GTM 2000 and NVidia GTX 570.

The European Commission is the victim of a cyber-attack

The European Commission has been the victim of a cyber-attack "serious" on Wednesday, the eve of a summit in Brussels Heads of State and Government of the EU, announced two of its spokespersons. "All staff have been advised this morning" that "access to e-mails from the outside were more operational" and that "several pages were inaccessible" on websites of the Commission ..

A spokesman said the attack had also hit the services of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, who still depend for the time of the computer system of the Commission. Another spokesman for the Commission confirmed a "serious attack", via a computer virus, on which the security services in the EU were working.

ARM is working with Microsoft in the next generation of Windows products

ARM has been working closely with Microsoft in the development of processor architectures, unfortunately do not give us more information about the work they have done together, but we understand that have been setting key objectives for Windows is welcome. The information comes from the mouth of Philip Lu, president of ARM Taiwan in the division.

The leader left us a few strokes at a conference held in Taipei on Tuesday 22 March, we shared with you: He made it clear that the information was confidential and involved original developers of hardware (MDGs) and third party manufacturers (OEMs) interested in Windows software that works on hardware fashion, based on architectures designed for them.

Batteries that recharge in a blink of an eye

"Ay," the batteries. Surely one of the nightmares that all technology lovers have every night. And as a dream, that recharge is not a task rather than seconds or at most a couple of minutes. Well, that's the mark of time, researchers at the University of Illinois have achieved in his later works on batteries, not only lithium but also nickel, which until now had not been able to reduce the recharge time of them at levels more than interesting.

The NEX-FS100 camcorders are aimed at the interchangeable lens

amateur first attempt, now confirmed as a full-blown success for the company. This type of frames are now a reality rather than a challenge to the losers, such as Canon says. The fact is that if Panasonic is the promised happy with their first camcorder with interchangeable lenses, the AF100, Sony has had to sour the day with his answer, which at first will cost a little less.

Both price (hovering around $ 5,000), as in the appearance and features, the Sony FS100 does not come down on the field semiprofesinales camcorders. Its sensor is equivalent in size to a Super 35 mm and is of type Exmor, which also won good performance in low light conditions, it is capable of recording with a minimum luminosity of 0.28 lux.

Firefox 4 exceeds five million downloads on the first day

In less than 24 hours has exceeded five million downloads and already has over nine million installations of the new browser version, Firefox 4. When they released the third edition of the number of program impact, the first day he entered the Guinness Book by getting 8,002,530 people to put the program on your computer.

Last Tuesday, Microsoft released Explorer 9 reached 2.35 million downloads in its first day. According to the Mozilla Foundation is forecast to more than newborn to his brother, not so much by the initial impact, but if you take into account that not only is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows, but also has a version for phones Android, the mobile platform for further growth.